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After a rough day at work, Pinkie Pie recounts a tale from her younger days...

In the wake of the Storm King's attack on Canterlot, Celestia seeks to unite the world's leaders against further threats to hearth and home. This, of course, means that Pinkie has a party to plan! To do that, she needs to visit just about everybody to find their likes, dislikes, and anything else she can learn to help them have the best time ever.

First stop: Breezy Bastion, the home of the breezie species. The cutest, cuddliest, most fragile beings in existence. With Seabreeze as her translator, and Twilight's magic shrinking her down to size, she's fully prepared to spend some time living the breezie life...

Except that the breezies might not be as excited about the alliance as she thought.

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Funny made-up languages

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So no matter how much Seabreeze bitches about being High Pariah in the other stories it was ultimately a role he chose for himself.

Not sure if that gives him more or less right to complain.

A wild one shot appears! It's super effective!

Quite an interesting tale here. We haven't seen you write a story focused on Pinkie in a while, it's nice to see how she is doing.

So Thorax is king now? Might be some spoilers for Rhythm and Rhyme there.

Sounds like being deputy mayor is quite draining on her. Nevertheless, I feel increasingly confident in predicting that she will take over for mayor from Applejack soon. A political party just like any other potluck party, except the host asks for cash.

Pinkie breezie is really cute, almost as cute as the Rice and Patty Cake.

Interesting idea about Celestia wanting to form a common bond of nations to prevent future threats like the Storm Tyrant from emerging. The comics writers had a very similar idea themselves (though you wrote this 8 months ago and they published theirs in January). They called it the Convocation of the Creatures. (You might really enjoy this comic, it involves scheming and infighting between the Griffon Lords).

So is Bastion in the same dimension as Equestria, and the portal just visitors through the shield? Or is it part of some larger demiplane that has gradually been walled off as it becomes less hospitable.

I love Elder Fragglerock. I can understand why he would fear giants!

This story has some great relationship-building between Twilight and Pinkie.

I like how it all ties into the breezies becoming braver, but wow what terrible timing. This breezie is moving into Equestria at a time when the storms are getting more and more unpredictable. He's going to have to live in the spa and only travel outside in a box or something.

Well this was cute. Not often we get to see breezie stories on here, it seems like. This was a neat way to develop them, both in your own world and as a part of the show itself!

“The Breezy Bastion elders,” Seabreeze whispered out of the side of his mouth. “That’s Fragglerock, Widdershins, Flugelhorn, Fiddlefaddle…”

“…Bugaboo, Wobegone, Sobelieve, Ballyhoo…”

So many references.:pinkiehappy:

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