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What do Spike, Garble, and Smolder have in common, besides being dragons? They've been summoned to another world at the behest of a needy adventurer who thinks her fortunes are turning with their arrival. No one involved is ready for what comes next.

Done as a collaborative effort with a patron (RadicalDishonesty)! Will be updated weekly.

PS: This means you can blame all the typos on them, muah ha ha ha!

PPS: Lovely picture done by Dragonpony, thanks!

Chapters (85)
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Hmm. Interesting. It reminds me a bit of Zero no Tsukaima.

A great 0 0 appeared, one over each die. A single one appeared just to the left of them and the younger squealed, faltering back a step. "What does it mean?!"

"That most feared and desired outcome," said the elder, "one legends are made of."
"DM's choice."
(Yes, yes, wrong kind of RPG, but I couldn't resist.)

I found a summon in the grassy fields. Do you have any idea how low the odds of that are?"

"Those are some of the stingiest loot tables on the continent!"

Hoo boy. Sandra iust accidentally uncovered an ethical catastrophe... assuming the dragons can get her to believe them. And even then, society at large likely won't be willing to believe the word of a few magical constructs and a low-rank nobody.
In the meantime, there are raids to grind!

Also typos to collect:

I’ll show you whose in charge!


Ha! I was right. That was not my typo. :heart: Good to have you on board.

I’m loving this so far and cannot wait for more.

Quite the pickle for our dragon pals here, can't wait to see what happens next! :moustache:

In before "not enough pony".

She snorted a little to herself. “Can you imagine how awful it would be if we just stole creatures from their normal homes and forced them to fight for us?”

Oh this will have hilarious ramifications, I can tell :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe I’m just dense but is this based on a particular fantasy world and i overlooked it or is it a custom generic MMO gacha type setting.

“What… no!” Sandra protested, but she composed herself and pointed directly out. “You three are the end of my bad luck streak and the beginning of my rise to the top (or at least not the bottom) of adventuring! So come on!” She began to march out, before stopping, and turning back to them. “Besides, there’s nowhere to send you back to . Summoning creates monsters from magic itself, it doesn't pluck a creature from somewhere real.”

Ummm yeah I can see 3 scaly ones that might disagree with you there girl! :facehoof:

"Not at the lava flows," finished the brown-scaled female with purple fins, crossing her arms impatiently. "Hey, you, whatever you are." She was looking directly at the girl that was gaping at them with open wonder. "Where are we, who are you, what are you, why are you, I'll throw in for good measure."

>brown scaled
Smolder's got orange scales m8

Slate class?

Oh crud.

I really hope Sandra doesnt think The Great Tomb of Nazarick would be a good place to hit.

Garbles the tank, Smoulders the sweeper, Spike is the dragon with human mentality which currently puts him as one of the most deadly entities in that realms existance?

Given gaming experience, I wonder how hard it would be for Spike to learn Magic Missile. given combination of firebreath and targeted message delivery?

If the dice sides are asymetrical, then they might have ten sides, but the probability of rolling a 0 is a lot less than a tenth, so you can easily be looking at millions to one for a double roll.

And to Discord, millions to one occur 9 times out of 10. In Octal. :derpytongue2:

Well, thats the starting point. Lets see how long it takes them to get out, or thrown out of town, if its not an isolated temple?:moustache:

She snorted a little to herself. “Can you imagine how awful it would be if we just stole creatures from their normal homes and forced them to fight for us?”

I can't tell if that is a jab at Pokémon or if that is just what she did. Either way I don't think Twilight would approve.

There are countless games where you take creatures from where they were and expect them to fight. D&D was doing it way before Pocket Monsters made it cool.

So... is this some kind of a crossover?

If you can call an entire genre a crossover, seeing as this is not a specific MMORPG they have stepped into.

This is interesting for sure. I think one of the biggest things need to be the relationship between the dragons and the human for sure. I mean the biggest problem is that they are seen as nothing but servants in this world. By her dismissal of everything they say and their feelings it is clear this will be a long going issue between them and Sandra. I will be honest I would have loved it more if that were brought there and not bound to someone and we just had to see the three of them deal with this world on their own. I do also kinda wish Spike wasn't so.... hmmm what is the word..... belittled in this so far. I mean he clearly showed he is smarter than the other two dragons by him figuring out WHO it was that knew more and the mentality of Sandra just from a glance. That means if anyone is going to be able to figure out a way out of this contract best chance it will be him. And her treating him like a baby I REALLY hope it ends soon. While by dragon age he is young he is still best chance older than Sandra is. I am interested in where this story will go from here for sure. It is a silly thing but I honestly care more about the dragons than this Sandra person by far seeing how in the eyes of the fans she is just a slave owner who is holding the characters we like as slaves and will make them do things they don't want to do. I mean come on just by the hints we have gotten so far it is showing she is already shit at all of this already. I fear the damage she will cause the three of them by her mismanagement. I wouldn't be shocked if Spike takes up being the lead, seeing how he has been a DM before so he knows party management VERY well and best chance the second smartest of all his friends, that is counting the mane 6 as well.

No clue on the anime, but very piqued by the starting chapter. Looking forward to reading this!

She snorted a little to herself. “Can you imagine how awful it would be if we just stole creatures from their normal homes and forced them to fight for us?”

:facehoof: And here I thought it was always the summoned ones who were dense and oblivious in this kind of stories! Seems it’s less that she has good luck and more she managed to transfer her bad luck to the dragons.

So, is this based off any isekai in particular like Familiar of Zero or no, just isekai in general?

I wonder if this is going to end up like a story I’ve read called I believe it was Demons of Astlan, in which the “demons” that wizards summoned were really humans from other worlds who were twisted to look like demons due to the summoning spell. The wizards didn’t believe them of course and their treatment of them caused the humans to basically become demons in mind as well as body due to how cruel the wizards were.

So I wonder if all the summons are summoned trim other worlds, it’s just nobody does(or wants to) believe them due to the ethical issues?

I love this story but there are a couple things.

I like that the girl doesn't really care about her summons and doesn't because she doesn't think they are real creatures. That could be an interesting discovery when she realizes they are from another dimension. She must have been reading from a different kind of book then her school uses.

However the stats... those might need a retcon. Spike was able to beat the Gauntlet of fire because of his brains combined with Ember's strength. Spike is often shown to be brilliant but just doesn't think about common sense issues (which is a common problem for brilliant minds).

Also Smolder's Stats. The show often implies that despite her size she is actually stronger and tougher then most teen dragons, including Garble. This was shown when she was able to successfully intimidate Garble's friends.

Note the picture. She and Spike are higher level than Garble and that was not a mistake. She can hold her own because she has attitude and experience and is willing to reach for more while she's at it.

Spike was noted as having higher mental stats, and is already acting it, as another reader noted. The summoner brushed it off, and this should not be surprising. Who cares about the Int stat on your young dragon? They're here to rip things apart and set them on fire, right? So she shrugged past it and focused on the physicals. This is her mistake.

She snorted a little to herself. “Can you imagine how awful it would be if we just stole creatures from their normal homes and forced them to fight for us?

I can see their summoner is of the "hears, but doesn't listen" variety. That's... going to make it difficult to get the idea that they are very much real and would like to go home through her skull.

Yea I agree with all of that. One thing tho that we have seen that I feel also shown that Spike, while not prone to physical displays of might like the other two dragons is FAR more powerful with his fire or at least his control of it. He has magic fire by his use of teleportation he uses with it. But also the mass of his fire has shown to outshine anyone who isn't a adult dragon. I reference the Equestria games. When he breathed a HUGE fireball to save EVERYONE in the stands. It was so big and dense that multiple ponies couldn't slow it down and he also held the fire for extended amount of time. Long story short I really can't wait to see where this story will take the gang since it felt like we haven't had a new good Spike and gang story in a long time.

This isn't my usual genre of story to read, but I'm a sucker for Spike stuff, and this isn't a bad way to start. Though I admit I was having a bit of trouble until that last bit. Up until then, the humans seemed a little too okay with plucking sapient being out of their world, but with it firmly established that something very bizarre has happened, I'm on board for seeing what happens next.

Sweet new story picture, it fits the 3 of them perfectly! :pinkiehappy:

Heh. The other adventurers technically weren't wrong. Sandra did manage to summon an entire adventuring party. Of course, she's not going to question that kind of thing so long as the XP keeps flowing. But if she presses her luck...

Well, hopefully she'll think twice about poking ornery dragons.

Love the way Spike kinda played Garble into getting him on this game till they figure how to get back.

Also sweet monster action between him & the slime, was not expecting him getting XP for it instead of Sandra so yeah this will probably bite her hard later.

Can't wait to see what happens next chapter!😀💖

Everyone in the party (all three dragons and Sandra) got xp from the slime. Yay party spoils!

“What’s there to appreciate? All this fru-fru and people building their own stuff, it’s all lame…” As a large tan skinned adventurer, somehow larger and bulkier than Garble, with a wicked looking axe on his back walked by him, it drew Garble’s gaze. “... Mostly lame.”


The slime seemed to notice it was being spoken to, two great projections curling up then flopping, forming lop-eared bunny-like limbs as fine slimy whiskers grew from a sudden mouth. It was a rabbit slime. "I can usually take down one or two of those in a day before I had to come back. Let's see how many I can do with you all."


Spike can one shot an XP Slime? :rainbowderp:

Lets see how big a CR they can take out with a Tripple blast FireSwirl Tornado attack?

And what they cant burn or claw, they can eat? Physical HP regen on damage inflicted?

Just circle the town until sunset or until you get tired or bored, especially if you find monster farms that drop cash as well as XP.. Any items, oh yes.

Be suprised if theyre still Slate by the evening.:moustache:

I can't wait until our ragtag band of adventures start taking down some of those jerks.

"Wait… You're not supposed to have those. Summons… don't advance on their own…"

That happens when, instead of actually just getting coalesced magic in a battle form, you summon actual sophonts from another world/universe :derpytongue2:

Hmm... I wonder if the trio would know how to use Dragon Greed if confronted with a foe they're not strong enough to face? And would they be able to come back? :rainbowhuh:

Sweet, even more awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Wonder if we'll see Smolder jump into the monster fighting soon? :raritywink:

I love this story so far it has a lot of potential. And better yet Spike.

I know Sandra is an Elemancer but I'm kinda curious to what that is, other then a spell-casting class. What are her strengths and weaknesses. And honestly I'm looking forward to finding out what classes you're going to be giving the three of them. And whether or not Sandra will have any control of the classes they advance as, or the skills they learn.

Oh, Sandra.

It's time for you to learn how to become a Pokémon Master to train your Dragon(s) to benefit from the magic of friendsummoning!

The denial is strong in Sandra. Summons talking back to you? Oh well, that just means they're special. They have their own XP bars? Pff, probably means nothing.

....Well, I can’t wait for the ‘But... Summons don’t get Class changes... WAIT, YOU’RE REAL PEOPLE?! ...I HUNG OUT WITH REAL PEOPLE AND THEY LIKED ME?!’ scene. Definitely gonna be interesting. Still curious as to the magic system, though.

So, the first kill goes to Spike, eh? I wonder what this will mean for him. In any case, I find it interesting that after talking to the other adventurers, I immediately want Sandra and the dragon squad to show them up. How quickly sympathies change.

Sandra may want to get her eyes tested. Astigmatism is one heck of an accuracy debuff.

In any case, it's clear to see why she needed the help. Hopefully two thirds of said help won't mind being in that blast radius. And the grass won't ignite. Pretty sure you don't get loot or XP for starting brushfires.

Oh boy, I know dragons are fire-ressistant but still can't help but worry for Spike & Smolder there. In any case I'm pretty sure they are not gonna be too happy been blasted right alongside that tree monster. :pinkiegasp:

Also hope Garble doesn't go into a GIB (Greed Induce Bigness) with all of that slime-smashing, if Sandra had a hard time keeping him in control before I wouldn't want to be her when he goes monster size! :raritywink:

I feel sorry for Sandra a little bit. She got very lucky in getting these three but instead of her being able to sit back she must work to get anything done. Now let's see if these three can get her to go up some levels.

Sandra isn't very good at this, is she? A fun chapter that provided exactly what the title promised.

"Where are we, who are you, what are you, why are you, I'll throw in for good measure."

What, no "how are you", just to cover all the bases? :rainbowlaugh:

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