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I know I'm weird but normal people are boring anyway.


Garble was orphaned at a young age. Although the dragons of his village helped him, where they could, he mostly raised himself. He had to learn to be tough, strong, and most importantly how to fend for himself.

Even with his life he couldn't help but have a fantasy about one day finding his parents lost egg and raising it himself. Too bad that egg turned out to be Spike.

After Kidnapping Spike and revealing his heritage, surely the little hatchling would never want to leave again. Who knows maybe Spike can teach his brother that it is okay to be soft. At least in some ways.

Spanking, Yaoi / Gay (Spike and Garble have a purely brotherly / parental relationship and although there are several same-sex relationships, romance is not the focus. This is a family focused fic), Dragon species and characters used from "How to Train Your Dragon" and other franchises (just so I can avoid creating a lot of original characters)

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Holy freaking crap! That was......odd. I don't know what to say. I like it though!


Thanks, that's how my stories tend to go. Weird as Tartarus but interesting and I hope enjoyable.


I'm definitely going to continue this story. I had a lot of fun writing this first chapter and it's the only story I've written on here that hasn't been met with controversy. Which is weird cuz it's the only story I didn't plan out. I just doodled the first chapter and decided to let the rest flow naturally.

Any suggestions about where readers would like to see this go would very much be appreciated.

As for collab I've never done anything like that before but it might be fun

7852115 They added character tags for Garble, Ember, and one simply for dragons.

love the stoey keep up the good work

i have notices that there are references to a movie series titled "how to train your dragon"

night fury is a dragon from that movie, hiccup is the owner of the night fury whose name is called toothless.

i know that the Alpha you referring to is the big dragon in "how to train your dragon 2".

i'm very very surprised that no one take notice of it at all.

even though the story seems good but it will be better if it is not a crossover story.


As I said in the description I'm using dragons from "How to train your Dragon" that way I don't have to create a bunch of Dragon OCs but it's not a real crossover, just uses the names and types of dragons but there is no dragons warring against Viking ponies or anything like that

Ok I'm interesting in the story

Ooh !! I cannot wait for more !! I love this story so much !! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

You know that Garble can be selected in the characters right?


I couldn't find him earlier but thanks for pointing it out

please continue, I'm really like this fic.

Cool chapter. Like the Direction that Spike is heading, him been a magical dragon.

An interesting take on dragon biology as well as Spike flames... nicely done... even and interesting flip on the one gender species.

Magical dragon huh? I like this.:pinkiehappy: it will be interesting to see Spike as the Twilight Sparkle of dragons.

Love this fic. I love stories where Spike can do magic. I hope Spike stays with Garble and comes to love him.

Also I'm not cruel but I also hope Garble has to give Spike a spanking a few more times.


Don't worry. This is a spanking fic. Even if Spike's bottom is spared most chapters he is going to get it occasionally Xp


Thank you. I was actually inspired by the Fic "Small Scale" for the Dragon Biology but I turned it into my own thing


Thank you, who doesn't like magical Spike

Out of curiosity have you decided what the name of Spike's species will be. Because quite frankly I can't wait to find out. And on the subject what are the names of Garble and Lava Frost species. Since you've taken inspiration from How To Train Your Dragon I'll guess. With Garble I'll guess Monstrous Nightmare. With a name like Lava Frost I have to think Ice dragon so Bewilderbeast.


Wow, such pressure to come up with a proper name! I'm still working on ideas but they aren't very good Xp it probably won't live up to your expectations. But if you have any ideas MP me.

As for Lava Frost and Garble's species, yep yep you got them right. I'm going to play around with Garble bursting into flames later Xp

Pretty interesting story so far. Keep up the intriguing work!!

Interesting, please continue writer. I like it

glad to see more of this story I like the details so far

Love this Cahpter! Thank you for using my suggestions. I look forward to seeing more of Horrorcow. And I agree with Bluedrangon Spike will make an excellent Eastern Style Dragon. Here's hoping Spike eventually comes to love meat.

I really am enjoying this story partially because I enjoy stories where spike is considered important and has "powers" but I also really enjoy the details about the dragons such as living styles, ages, work, dating, and dragon type.
I can't wait to see how twilight reacts when she finds out spike can't return.

I was wondering, since garble told spike that he is gonna have a nursery would this mean that spike will be treated like a baby, toddler, or very young child by garble and possibly the rest of the dragon community?


Well Spike is a "baby" dragon. I plan for him to be treated like a very young child but not exactly like a toddler. He won't sleep in a crib but there will be rails on his bed in a childish room. He'll often have to sit through lectures from Lava Frost about dragon history and culture well also 'learning' his ABCs and colors in a less formal structure.

Obviously Spike won't like any of this and the "grown-ups" will interpret this disapproval as "tantrums"

This is a very good story I love it.

I am looking forward to that. Here's hoping Garble Babies him quite a bit, but not too much. Garble does want Spike to grow up right after all.

Horrorcow blinked. She stared at Spike suspiciously a moment, "Well dragons are an omni sexual species. We're supposed to be just boys who can lay eggs. Girls are considered birth defects!"

Glad to know the Garble's "all dragons are boys" isn't a thing. Confuse me a lot about ember. Speaking of Ember what about the "Gunlet of fire"?


I'll get to Gauntlet of Fire and have some plans regarding The former Dragon Lord (given he is the reason Spike wasn't brought back immediately to dragon society) but that's a long way off

As for Ember, I have it in my head that she is kinda a celebrity among female dragons (being the Dragon Lord's daughter and all) and will have Horrorcow idolize her

Honestly that letter Spike sent got me wondering two thing’s how the mane six will react before they get word from Celestia and how they will act when they come to Dragon island. I hope they let Spike visit to do the whole save the crystal empire thing.

I'm so happy to see another chapter from you. I swear, this story is soooo good, at least in my opinion.
I saw a few tiny errors while reading the story but it really wasn't that big of a deal. I'm just happy that I'm able to continue reading this.
if you'd ever like some extra eyes to look over this story and proofread, just let me know!
~Sincerely Jordan Olson

Great chapter, Spike has to eat meat eventually I hope he loves it. And it would be funny to read about Garble getting spanked. I hope Spike does realize how much trouble went too though.

Actually.... (Puts on my smarty pants glasses) the reason Spike is so small is because he isn't greedy

Curse you real canon! Getting in the way of fics everywhere!

Lol hope you enjoyed it anyway. I'm going to address Spike growing in that episode and it won't be for the reasons ponies thought. Yay retcons!

Lol just stating facts! Love ur story:heart:

Thanks for the support. This silly story is really fun to write

Can't wait for next chapter!!

What great chapter lover all of the characters especially Celestia. Glad you are back.

Great chapter I love how Lavafrost used logic and pointed out Spike needed some friends who would live as long as him. I honestly hope Twilight and Celestia can say something to make this change eaiser for Spike. And I'm looking forward to them meeting Spike and maybe Garble and or Horrorcow. Who knows maybe Garble's meeting with the ponies will go well but somehow I doubt it.

Good to see this story still going:pinkiehappy:. next part is when Garble meets the ponies, right?

Great chapter! And I still hope Garble does get spanked.

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