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Equestria and Everglow have brushed against one another through the course of their histories, each time fleeting, but memorable to those involved. Many many years later, the unaging Twilight captains a space vessel to explore the universe and encounters some old memories of the past she had almost forgotten.

Everglow ponies were supposed to be in a whole other reality, but, perhaps, traveling far enough through the stars served the same purpose?

Equestria/Ponyfinder crossover that does not require reading anything before enjoying this tale. This story is being funded by a loyal Patron.

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Another story? Welp, more reading for me then. ^_^

Huh, that reincarnation thing is bound to be confusing. Hell, this first chapter is confusing as fuck. But I'm willing to give it a go.

I'm sorry to hear that. I tried to keep it fairly straight. Where did I go wrong?

Probably is just me trying to remember those characters from years ago, or expecting different reactions, but I was constantly trying to understand just what's going on. The ancient apparitions/holograms in Twilight's ship didn't help on that aspect.

But then again, maybe it's just me.

Ah, so not directly my writing, but understandable. I am trying to give characters a chance to be learned over again. It's not like Twilight or the Everglow ponies really remember clearly either. It's like a fresh meeting with benefits.

I wonder when Octavia will show up, since she is listed in the tags.

Regenerative Arc ship? And thats with FTL? @.@

Twilight touched Vinyl? I would have thought given the length of time with her freinds that not only acoustic based hardlight forms, but a decent crystaline processing core with self learning, given the apparent literal lifetimes duration of travel, the database would be comprehensive enough to be alive?

As for Pinkie. Mr Spock once built a Chaos Computer, something made out of random asorted items, that Evrefree witches, or at least Discworld ones, call a Shamble? I presume it works by being closer to the underlaying reality, and quite possibly that there is only one chaos computer, and all nodes are but facets. A principle of Generalised L-Space Theory. :pinkiehappy:

Spike not a Space Dragon yet? or is still gaining XP for his next evolution level up stage? :moustache:

Ah, that was it, based on the Aricebo message, a block of binary thats the product of multiple prime numbers, so you can do simplified printed text, comparisons, diagramatic representations etc, and with self decriptive metadata as well? Still working on that.:twilightoops:

So...Starfinder or Starjammer?

Twilight moved over to Twilight and gently pushed her aside.

Vinyl, I'm assuming.

"Read." Her horn glowed and several thin lasers came from the walls, syncing with her magic. "Target locked. Begin tran--" They vanished.

I mean, I know Twilight's a bookworm and all, but activating the teleporter by saying "Read"... that's typo... er... I mean, epic.

And on a different note:

Spike smirked wickedly. "When a father pony and a mother pony love each other very much."

Oh Spike... you have grown STRONG in the snark. Well done, Spike... well done.

I'm not sure it matters to the narrative tooo much but I'd lean towards Starfinder.

Fix fix fix, thanks for the reports.

9551005 Trick question! Starjammer has a Starfinder version now (in addition to its original Pathfinder 1E)! :trollestia:

I am le defeated!
(dead horse noises)

Does this mean Ponyfinder's getting a space opera expansion?

"willed over" means to leave something to your inheritors in your last will and testament. Is that really what Twilight was doing with the statue?

"I... uh..." He put a large clawed hand behind his head, rubbing softly. "We made it official... After... It's a long story."

"We're married," explained Twilight, blushing brightly. "He took my name... Ahem, anyway! Hello! Hello hello hello! Oh Celestia, Hello. I am... too excited... A real alien species! We are so happy to meet you."

I... alright.

Lashtada be praised?

So, some logisitical... things. If they are out long enough for regular ponies to die, without contact from other races, how do they keep sustaining? Food and water? And then, how do they not go insane without anyone than each other to interact with?

... could it have been that they started this not married?

And then does the Everglow Champions ship also not contact others?

I bet it's cloning, to make new generations.

I actually doubt they have much romantic passion flowing between them, but love comes in more flavors than that.

Hmmm. I'm feeling mixed about this story. On the one hand I love the premise ( I expect Discord to show up and put Equinity on trial), and love the idea of seeking out new friendships and new civilizations, boldly going where no pone has gone before.

On the other hand, Twilight marrying her stepson that guy she raised from an egg? Makes me a bit uncomfortable. I guess we'll see how this goes.

Huh. This does raise the question of how this interacts with Octavia and Vinyl on a postapocalyptic dustbowl Everglow. Still, this should make for some very fun sci-fi. Looking forward to it.

Seriously Twilight no weapons at all?! We all know what happened to John Harriman he let his ship leave dry dock without several nessary components namely a tractor beam and a medical staff. Why in all the name of Harmony would you not have at least something for defense!!

Hmm how about a chapter based on one of my fave st voyager episode with the holograms and nazis and the hirogen or the ds9 episode if wishes were horses

With a bright flash, a new pony appeared. Grey in color, with both wings and horn, the relatively tall pony exhaled loudly. "Thank heavens.... Those blasted things ate my appearance." Octavia shook herself out, seemingly in good condition, minus being exposed as the queen she had been reshaped to be so many years prior.

The SR-71 doesn't have any weapons either, and was never lost to enemy ordnance. Maybe the ESS Friendship was designed to outrun threats rather than fight. Something it couldn't really do with the command crew off ship.

So the real question is, why did Twilight and Spike leave their ship? The answer, of course, is to set up the plot. It's an idiot ball moment.

Why wouldn't they leave their ship to meet with a friendly new, very first ever, alien species? They clearly hadn't run into anything else hostile before then.

Off the top of my head? Their friendship could be a facade, and they might not want to risk putting themselves in their new contacts' power. In any event, they would be outnumbered on the new contacts' ship. They could have met with their contacts by bringing one over to their ship, or finding a nearby planet (yes, space is big, but this is fiction, there's always a nearby planet).

But really, the motivation is easy to see. Two ships are redundant, and there's more chance for the characters to collide off one another if they're all sharing the same space.

They recognized Fast Shadow, I remind, who also recognized them. Twilight was also convinced friendship was the way. :heart:

So why would they be scared of the new ponies?

Twilight cant use the time spell to go back and stuff a bug out bag if only one trip, and if repeatable within enough duration, head back and port it clear of the ship for later collectiion?

Does Twilight have personal information storage with data representatives, communications protocols, logs etc actually on her? Or just relied on the ship around her for all that?:twilightoops:

Flutterpony borg? Awesome.

Oof. Well, I hope Twilight never planned on going back. It's not like Equestria's going to be in this ship's star charts.

Also, very interesting inclusion of Octavia. Especially since her Everglow experience was in a different timeline. Whatever adventures are in store, they're sure to be fascinating.

That said, the cosmic flutterswarm left some typos in their wake:

"Is Twilight and Spike here?"


inclined an ear.

forgot a word.

Fix fix. We can assume she was drawn by destiny and the presence of Bullette Belle.

Sad to see No Name couldn't make it. Plus I love how Spike shows how much he has learned and pointing out the obvious.

Spike, making sure at least someone doesn't think like a wizard :rainbowwild:

She was seated on her haunches in front of the great form of a horse-sized pony with snakes for a tongue. "She is still a queen," sang Bullette with amazed tones. "I have avoided her."

"Ya shouldn't do that," sighed out one of the snakes. "I bet she'll be happy to see you," added another. "At least you're still there."

Belle frowned at her big friend. "You are still there too," she argued with discordant tones.

"Belle, you know that ain't 100% true." He stood up and casually walked through her as if he were a ghost. "I'm only here because you want me to be."

"Is that not a sufficient reason?" she asked, turning to keep him in view. "Do you not enjoy our time together?"

"You know I do, but ah'm just an echo, not the real thing. He died, you know that."

"He did not," she argued with a raising crescendo, a smile on her metal face.

"Bullette Belle," came Fast's voice on the intercom. "To the bridge immediately."

Belle swiveled an ear with faint internal clicks. "I must go, they need me." She bounced up and came down facing the right way. "Cease unhappy thoughts. I will return with the lost puppy."

No Name watched her go quietly, sighing despite the lack of air inside him. "At least you'll have a new friend, a real one." He flickered out of existance, holograms not needed when there weren't others around to enjoy their presence

Can I just say that Bullette is just the best, as always?

Fast smiled gently. "Intelligent life is certainly worth finding, but even the smallest of life can unlock secrets to the workings of this vast universe the Author saw fit to bless us with."

Spoken well! :yay:

A wild planet has appeared.

Which is more violent? the standard decontamination procedure, or dipping in high temperature fluidic aliminosilicate lava?:moustache:

Great to see 'Tavi and Belle reunited. Shame Friendship Points don't accumulate compound interest

And that's how Spike invented the hazmat suit.

In any case, Bullette apparently has cross-continuity cloud computing. That or we're post-postapocalypse. Either way, it's good to see the perfectly normal filly. And a vestige of her best friend, if nothing else.

Star pressed a button with an actual hoof and everything went dark inside the chamber a moment, a strange shudder passing through all three { }of them.

While I'm sure Star is amazing, her pressing a button likely did not invoke a 'when'.... dark or otherwise. As well, there is enough space outside their ship, the extra in the brackets should probably be returned to its natural habitat.

Otherwise, Bullet is being adorable again and I look forward to future erupting space shenanigans. Nicely done.

I can find no extra spaces, but the other bit is fixed.

Abruptly, the comms ceased. :twilightoops:

Fast waved a hoof at the both of them. "Spike, you're on physical guard duty. Under, investigate and provide Aetheric backup. Twilight, gawk and take notes."

"Hey!" It wasn't as if that wasn't exactly what she planned to do, but, "The way you phrase that... Where do we get suits?"

In other words,

Under pointed to one on the far right. "Try that one, and blame Wandering Note. He felt it remotely possible an antean could join our crew, though most of us felt is quite unlikely."


"New user detected," she could hear electronically in her head, far more even in tone than Belle, a neutral female voice. "Adjusting... Measurements complete. Expanding." The belt began expanding just as it had with Under Score, becoming a full covering of the strange space-age plastic from top to bottom, clear over her face. Despite being fully sealed, she could breathe normally.

Fascinating tech. :raritystarry:

"New user detected," spoke in his ears as the belt went through similar steps, expanding out over him to create a protective suit of plastic." Spike spread his wings, testing how to suit reacted, but it seemed to be clinging to them perfectly well, allowing him to flap without a lot of hinderence.

No need for that.

"I was first here," she sang out. "I call dibs on naming it."

Can't argue with that! :rainbowlaugh:

Hah... copy and paste managed to typo for me then. YAY! That simply means that they're now actively trying to cause trouble.
Well done, your story has angered the typo gods and they are sending their minions to sow confusion!

"Right, bodyguard." He moved to the fore and began leading the way. "While we were on that ship, practicing how to scrap was basically all I had to do when I wasn't re-reading old comics. Well, and talk with Twilight. Love her, but that gets... interesting after a while."

Actually, I imagine it gets less interesting over time. Might want to rephrase that.

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