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Mystic Storm

Hello Everypony I am just your normal average writer. i may not be good at it but i still write for the inspiration in my heart and for the people who like what i like. Thanks to all of you by the way


I Have A New Idea · 11:48pm Jun 11th, 2015

Hey guys I have something to say to you. Since the Summers is here i've been thinking that i could do a couple things that just might work. So i have came up with some more ideas, good ones might i add you, that i have come up with. Now your probably wondering. "Mystic what are these ideas that your, big, stormy, Brainstorming, pencil and paper, huricane-ee, thundering, writer of a brain is thinking." well that is exactly what i am going to tell you. So we have number 1 which is that i

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I know you will never see this. You have been off forever. Anyway, what happened to you and your story? Damn shame we lost another good member of this site....

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