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Is that a Hermes Blastia converting massive quantities of aer into your pants... or are you just happy to see me?


Luke has always been a One Piece fan and one day he found himself lurking around the Amazon website. To his surprise he found an amazing, crescent shaped, white mustache on sale. Luke had to have it. His Edward Newgate cosplay was finally going to be complete for the upcoming Comic-con.

It was too bad he would never actually make it...

On the plus side he is living a fan's dream right now, and getting his fill of adventure too! Now what to do with all these weird looking people telling him they are actually ponies...

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Sonata wanted to prove to the other Dazzlings that she too was responsible and grown up. That she was not just the ditzy third singer in their (former) band. So when she overhears a conversation between Adagio and Aria, she makes a decision to show them up and let them truly see the grown up inside her.

So she gets a tattoo.

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Equestria, after recently discovering the radio, once again has a revolutionary technological breakthrough.

A certain pony invented the television and soon it gained widespread popularity. Ponies of all ages bought this brand new device and a new market was soon born. Television channels sprung up like daisies each showing what kind of popularity can be gleamed from television stardom.

And Discord wanted a piece of the action.

Inspired by Discord's Underground talk Radio

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I am... or rather was your average twenty year old male brony. But let me introduce myself first, my name is Mi-... gah! dangit! was Mitchell and my favorite My Little Pony background character is Vinyl Scratch (or DJ-P0N3 for some). One day comic-con showed up in my hometown and instead of going as some silly anime or game character like all the other plebs, I went as the Equestria Girls version of Vinyl Scratch. I know, I know she is a girl but... it IS funny seeing the faces I get.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I bought the last missing piece of my cosplay, which was really just a pair of headphones that looked just like the ones the EQG Vinyl wore during the "Music to my Ears" short. That got me sent to Equestria many years in the past and, after a series of events (It was an accident!), I got myself stuck in stone.

I got out thanks to Dissy. And now that I'm free, I'll be here to spread the wubs! If only those uncool Daft Punk looking ponies would just leave me alone...

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