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Jasper Earnshaw. Prominent Veilstone City businessman.

He protects Veilstone City from the greater evils, though his methods are... not exactly legal. But that's a minor detail, in his opinion.

So, how does an individual like this arrive in Equestria after Arceus performs his little Rapture? Well, he isn't quite sure, but he does know one thing: After waking up in the nigh lawless town of Stalliongrad, he sees an opportunity to start fresh.

He will become a necessary evil once again. But underneath his dark exterior, is he truly as bad as he makes himself out to be?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 46 )

...hello Poke-verse Batman. Nice.

Now...this is nice

Im rather pleased with this intro chapter and am looking forward to more. Continue on good sir!

I'll be tracking this closely.

The cane is a bit odd, there are now far more practical ways to punish naughty boys. Oh well, he's just getting used to it.

Yup, I see promising things in this story's future. That summary I wrote looks good too~

5434343 I confirm that Ausbrony wrote the summary, namely because I suck at writing summaries myself. A downfall of mine. T_T

5434349 - S'all good. I can't wait for the next chapter. Oh, and I love Maud~

This looks like it has quite a bit of promise, please continue,

That summary is a bagillion times better than whatever I could come with, thank Arceus for Aus' awesomeness!

And so it beggins... also: WELCOME TO EQUSS!

Oh good, some one picked a more unique place. Hope you continue this.

once again, lots of promise.
....does he know night slash or steel wing?'if so, do you think he can experiment with it?
i.e. cause the glowy parts to cover his entire body instead of only his wings?
or focus them onto only his feathers, pluck a loose one and give it to maud to use as some kind of sword thing?
also, i wonder if he can carry Maud around? Hontchcrow can learn fly, which can carry Humans around, so a small pony shouldnt be that different....
keep up the good work

It must get tedious to have to write every single line he wants to say.

5440864 Practice from paperwork comes in handy. Who knew?

I'm enjoying this side story. A little darker than most other of the New World fanfics, but still a good read.

AMAZING chapter as always.
i was expecting a...uh....
....come to think of it, besides a Growlith and arcanine i cant really think of anything...
anyway, keep up the good work

Excellent work. This chapter certainly did well in mixing some humor (even if some of it was borderline Black Comedy) into this fic. I greatly look forward to the next chapter.

Can i just say that Jasper is the best character so far, he is just downright hilarious

5441074 Well, Arcanine's already been done, and as similar as the Jennies are, we need to be original somewhere. I'd have used Braviary if possible, but they're purely male.

okay now give me more! i must know what's next!

Oh hi there! Just an FYI, the griffon lands are known as The Griffon Empire.

5485405 What part of the word 'fanfiction' seems to escape your grasp, dumbass?!

For the record, to any readers who think I'm being harsh, I've had to deal with this guy on SV before. Needless to say, my patience is zip to nil.

Maud shrugged indifferently. “It’s a family trick. Anyways...”

I love that line! :pinkiehappy:

okay, now that i'm finished, i'm scared of what will happen if he appears in Hoofington before what's going on there is stopped

5493914 No worries, he intends to remain in Stalliongrad for the foreseeable future.

amazing chapter as always
...they are going to eventually go to Ponyville...arent they?
keep up the good work

Jasper's quite classy isn't he? Asking for a lawyer. I don't understand how Jenny was able to shake Peace Keeper's conviction with that argument. You can't arrest someone for acting smug.

Natural Resources? Why don't I like the sound of that?

5494704 Well, he did agree to behave in Ponyville, and he doesn't seem like one to go back on his word. Hmm, though technically he only agreed "no business".

Just for future reference, it's Griffinhiem actually. Not trying to be nit picky or anything, just saying

5496882 FACEPALM! Right... not my world... sorry... I'll fix it as soon as I can, though to be fair, that blue scuzball's been a pain in my ass every time he's popped up.

Well this has been interesting so far. And I feel like picking a fight with Maud would be a very, very bad idea...

*why? Because Maud is strong?*

Nope... her sister...

Cross you heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in your eye.
Should you make Pink's sister cry, you can kiss your ass goodbye~

Maud is a bad ass. Or would that be bad flank?
Bad plot?

Different. I like it!

Damn you cliffhangers.

5493953 sir first I would like to say I like both of your stories , I had dreamed of a pirate being raptured but a mafia vigilante this is one of the most interesting takes I have seen of this story.

*pokes you* Update. *poke* Update. *poke* Update. *poke* Update. *poke* Update.

5745010 Yeah yeah, just in a bit of a slump. I'll get back to it, that you can count on, just have patience.

5745140 I'm working on some characters that you could use. The mafia type setting is just about perfect for them.

5745150 Oh hoh? Well then, color me interested. Open a PM. And please, focus more on ponies. I've got the Pokemon side covered.

5745212 But hey, hey, don't get discouraged! I'll take whatever Pokemon you can toss me. I need other families and whatnot for further down the line anyhow.

5745213 Alright, I just have to wait to hear back from V-Oblivion as he's the one who gave me these characters to create.

Man, I REALLY hope this story continues at some point. It's pretty dang interesting.

Another FYI, this could have been written before that episode aired. It did take six seasons to finally give us a griffin country.

And so another promising "A New Way" stories dies, may it R.I.P

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