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An author that is no longer writing. I loved and learned a lot from being here. Thank you for appreciating my words!

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a very nice, sad story... that's all I can really say


oh jeez...

I didn't want to make it that sad! Only... punctuate that sometimes sadness is just as important to feel as love or desire. I don't usually write sad!

But I am very glad to hear that you felt something from this. That's all I really wanted; I want people to remember they can feel things.

2311872 It's okay......they are happy tears.

To offset the feels I am going back to wiping out Changelings.

2312149 Well, it's more of a mop up operation now, as I have taken care of Chrysalis and her hive... somehow I don't think she can survive a nuke going off in her face.....so yeah, it's just the remnants that don't want peace being removed.:twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

It's so sad, but I love it. :twilightsmile:

:raritydespair:Fuckin beautiful!:fluttercry:
No actual tears from me, but it still touched my feels.
Poor Spike and his inevitable lament of outliving the cast (aside from the princesses)

sad but beautiful :fluttercry::pinkiesad2:

Just a tad raunchy, but still a greatly romantic piece of art. 4.5 out of 5.

That was beautiful.

But I didn't understand if it was, in order of least sad to most sad:
* Teenage Spike's fantasy
* Spike remembering a charged memory with Rarity, and he's not able to see her anymore.
* Or, this is decades after her death, and an old Spike remembers either an old fantasy or an actual occurrence.


Thanks you guys. I'm really glad that you liked it all. It is a bit raunchy, but I think intimate sex can be a great device to show real feeling.

I don't write sad things usually, so I am glad that I could deliver on that front in some small way.

Sir, a Feels Missile will impact in! 3...! 2...! 1...! impact. Feels overflow.

T_T but still :heart: :moustache::heart::raritywink:

2317562 sir, the extreme feeliation from the feels missile has gone so critical it has infected the entire world, feels are spreading all across the globe.

This was beautifully done. You are one of the very few out there with a gift of expressing emotion so well.

Hmmm... Your meant to interpret this in different ways aren't you? Vague, so its open.

You can. The intent of this story is to just give something to those who read it. Whatever that is for you, that's good for me to hear.

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I like this and I can see this being the memory of a much older Spike visiting Rarity's grave with Twilight, he takes the time to think back on their life together and even X years after he still carries her memory close. It's beautiful and I can honestly say I cried a bit. No one should ever have to live with the pain of separation for so long, and Spike, depending on who you talk to, has hundreds of years to live and remember that painfully brief if completely fulfilling relationship with the mare he loved.

That was beautifully sad.

You are a poet and an artist...and writer of a fic that damn near made me cry at the end...damn fine job :raritydespair:

Damn... :fluttershysad:


It's always nice to read something with strong storytelling elements, maybe something along the lines of an adventure. Even if the grammar is off or the mechanics just seem fuzzy, good storytelling can override it for the most part.

It's also nice to read something that can teach a lesson, point an allusion to something else or can be served as an aid to understand something else, like something that has an allegorical theme.

But this? This is none of those things.

It's poetry. It's good no matter which way you look at it, because that's the beauty in this; it has the vague ambiguity that can elicit emotions of all kinds. And even to a guy like me who doesn't generally read stories on this site with the "sex" tag, the poetry works flawlessly.

Nicely done, Idylia.


I has a sudden sad now!

But in all honesty, I thought it was brilliant and touching. The ending took my by surprise, but also kinda not really.


Very nice. Left me wanting more, which is always a good sign.

Very nicely written.

My friend there are no words to describe how beautiful that was, this is wonderful you convey Spikes feelings for Rarity.

This is an incredible piece of writing. While it didn't make me cry you definitely hit me in the "feels". Kudos.

What a beautiful piece of prose. I love how you make the world flow through time with that effortless inverse rhythm; as the soft, soothing lyrics come closer together, the eventful and expository years grow farther apart. The story is a parabolic hill, from hope up to ecstasy and all the way down to borderline depression. Truly, an artful bit of literature.
I was going to ask where the poetry came from, having not listened to "40 Winks" all the way through in some time, but your note at the end cleared that up. I must point out that while I almost never cry, and in fact find it difficult, this story is one of a humble few to have dampened my eyelids. Thank you for writing.

absolutely lovely

A sparrow sheds a single tear, A final flight, A memory of flights before, A smile.:rainbowlaugh: Warm fuzzy with a splash of sad,:derpytongue2:

Excellent story. Poetic in a way. :raritywink:

Dear Celestia, why didnt I comment on this before? I forgot that this was also the first Story I loved that was a Sparity.

I remember, I read this before I made an account... Once of my first liked stories!:pinkiegasp: How did i forget this?

Wow so you are also the one that made me want to make an account and read more stories... well surprise, surprise.:twilightsmile: I should thank you as well for that. :pinkiesmile:

So, now to this amazing little story here. All I can say is it definitely captivated me. It pulled me in with every sentence and I couldn't even seem to care that it was a Sparity. The ending really did pull out a few tears and a smile out of me.:pinkiesad2:

All in all, I can say that this is definitely a great one shot and I couldn't be happier that I found it again.:twilightsmile:

10 out of 10 for Romance
10 out of 10 for Sad
10 out of 10 for grammar
10 out of 10 for overall story
I don't usually give perfect scores like these but your stories definitely deserve them. I will also like and fav this so I may never forget again. Lastly, because of this, I will also present you with a follow.:twilightsmile: I very much hope to read more of your wonderful romance stories regardless of the ship involved.:pinkiesmile:

That... was pretty amazing. I definitely liked how the story was written. So poetic and amazing! :raritystarry: It has certainly left me speechless and amazed by how you wrote it. Excellent job Idylia, simply extravagant. (Did not mean to get so wordy there, but I was simply taken aback by the way it was worded, so much better than I could get.) :twilightblush:

this was beautiful :raritystarry:

(ok next story lets see this next story try to top that ):moustache:

I was :twilightsmile: until the mention of the stone. Then it was :rainbowderp: and :pinkiesad2: until the end. Well done, you nearly got a tear.

I wrote a review of this story; it can be found here.

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