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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.


The Muse will do anything to bring her lover back from death. She will learn that nothing is greater than love except regret.

[Cover art by Huussii, audiobook by Illya Leonov]

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Wow, and I thought I could write a depressing story. This reads like a fable, a story full of so much sorrow and loss.

this might be the best thing I've read on FIMfiction yet. I cannot express the good tidings I give you for this story, Corejo. keep it up.

This is brilliant


Now that I've left it sink in, I can say with all security that this is an incredible masterpiece, and that it is, by far, one of the best things I've read here.

Please do more like this oh good sir.

something to think about as i go to sleep now.
an interesting story, very depressing and moving.

This story cannot be described by mere words alone. In a way, this simple tragedy took on a deeper meaning as the Muse made her journey to the Underworld, I felt mixed emotions throughout this story from bliss, to inner sadness, to guilt, and finally a seething anger. This may be one of the finest tragedies I've ever read.
6/5 stars.

Awwww, sheeyit. I'm so far behind...I still have to re-read Transcendence from start to finish (I held off once it entered the re-write, and didn't want to continue until it was totally finished).

And then this one. You tragedy/crossover/incomplete stories drive me to drink!

What mesmerizes me isn't the stunning retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice, but the prospect that there is more to come in this incomplete story.

This is a great idea, and really well done. Really chilling.
Does a retelling of a classical story count as a crossover? I generally avoid stories with the crossover tag where it's unclear what they're about, as I don't want to start reading, and find I need to know about some film or video game which I've never seen - and they're usually not very good. I wonder if any potential readers were deterred from reading this great story by an unnecessary tag?


I can say that it took me a bit to try reading this one because of the Crossover tag. It always makes me nervous.

The only better Orpheus/Euridice crossover I've read is The Ground Beneath Her Feet. Well, and the original myth. This is brilliant. :heart:

Ah, the story of Orpheus. It's without a doubt one of my favorite pieces from mythology. Totally by it's own merit and not in any part due to my arguably unhealthy obsession with Persona 3.
In any case, I really do love the story of Orpheus. I'm a big fan of tragedy, and as far as that goes, it's a nice story.
I digress, this was great, but I can't help but notice you left out the part at the end where he was mangled by Maenads. :trollestia:

I've never seen a crossover that goes quite this far back, but awesome! It makes a lot of sense too; the first place I learned what a lyre was was in 3rd grade mythology class, and when I first heard Lyra's name when I entered this fandom, I immediately thought back to Greek myth. Neat to see someone else did too.

That said, I was so, so so hoping that it would be happier.

This adaptation is superb in execution and tone. It absolutely made my night to find it. Wonderfully done, you!

The story of Orpheus is my favorites too, though for me it's because of Hadestown

Dude, this absolutely needs more views. I wonder if you've gotten hosed by an off-prime posting time, or maybe the Crossover tag is a turn-off, since people will be expecting a game or TV show cross. Either way, this is one of those sparkling gems that people don't know they're missing.

Thanks! It's great hearing this from someone who wrote one of my top favorite fandom stories.

From what I've heard the crossover tag is usually what does a fic in. Oh well. It's not like I can lie about it being a crossover just to get more views; that wouldn't be very forthcoming.

I think people just get the expectation that something labeled crossover is going to involve a video game or tv show. I'd argue that using mythology isn't a crossover. It's so ingrained in our culture that it's more or less a crossover with real life, and you wouldn't label an HiE that way.

I randomly stumbled upon a song by Cyril the Wolf after reading this story...
Even though it's a remix from Cave Story, it shares some resemblance.
You'll notice what I mean if you pay attention to the lyrics.

By the way, loved the story. It even made me cry like a little girl :twilightblush:

*Epic sad face*
Great story though!

Author Interviewer

Was a little disappointed that this was just Lyra-as-Orpheus, but it was still a very good read and the ending gave me chills.

You know about the reading, right?

You know about my blog post, right? :twistnerd:

Glad you liked it. I wasn't sure how far from the Orpheus myth I should stray, but I think I ended up hitting a happy medium.

Author Interviewer

Only asked because it wasn't linked in the description. :B That tends to happen.

I probably should link it up in there...

I was desperately hoping this wouldn't just be Orpheus's story rewritten with ponies, and while I was disappointed on that front, the story was written very well, especially with this guy reading it. Have an upvote.

This was very beautiful.
A retelling of a classic, but it still had its own grace that really swept me away. I felt the prose was very well done and made it feel all the more epic, awe-inspiring, timeless, romantic, and tragic at the same time.

This was wonderful. Thank you.:twilightsmile:

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