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A compilation of short stories and vignettes about Rainbow Dash, each written in thirty minutes flat!

Will update daily until there are thirty chapters.

Part of the Thirty Minute Series. Find Rarity here, Pinkie Pie here, Fluttershy here, Applejack here and Twilight here.

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That was... odd... I don't think I like the prompt either, you don't have time to actually use the change to any great effect. The last line was good though:rainbowlaugh:

Interesting. For having been written in thirty minutes, the writing is more than passable. In fact, I might even dare to call it "good". I quite enjoyed Rainbow Dash's perspective on the world from up high; you described it well.

Have a thumbs up. You deserve it.

My regards,


Ooh, interesting way of explaining cutie marks. I like it! :pinkiehappy:

2589123 Some of the other writers did decently with it (Especially Donny's Boy, but when is Donny's Boy ever not amazing?). But the prompt just failed to really tickle my fancy.

At least it produced one good line.

2590344 Thanks. The imagery comes from when I was a kid and my Dad took flying lessons. He'd take me up in this little single-engine airplane, and it left an impression on me to look down and watch everything shrink below us.

2591497 I like to think it would be a very Celestia thing to do, staking the fate of the world on her faith that her little ponies would keep on learning and growing and improving themselves. I wanted to focus more on this aspect, but the Mane Six's antics that formed the framing device for it took up too much time to really go deeper. Ah well, maybe I'll have to write a standalone story sometime if I really want to explore the idea.

Very beautiful. I suspect the music in the background had a very profound effect on me. in retrospect I should've read the fic then read it with the music but no biggie.

Very touching and sweet yet intensely painful. I used to be on the school track team and i recall many nights where I would get so upset and angry and frustrated that I would just go and run til my legs gave out.

you managed to (Very elegantly I might add) capture that feeling.

*grins* Interesting but definitely lacking in time. It needed more to flesh it out but you did quite well nevertheless.

My inner nerd won't shut up til I mention that stallions don't have um exposed genitalia. they have a sheath that hides most of it...so Rarity makes it sound like dash is aroused and showing.:twistnerd:

i'll shut up now:twilightsheepish:

*Grins* Cute, very different tone from the other prompts and very fun too. The ending was a nice bit too:pinkiehappy:

*Grins* Very nice. I like that little take on things. I can't decide if it was benevolent of Celestia and Luna to do that to help them or if it was slightly manipulative since it means they could be stuck in one career or misinterpreting cutie marks or even just stressing over not having one. I mean in one fell swoop she completely changed their lives without even bothering to ask. A true old school deity in deed:rainbowlaugh:

2592450 What events did you do? I ran the 1600 and the 3200, and I know what you mean about taking it out on the track. It helps when you can make yourself too tired to be angry anymore.

2592463 I did not know that. Y'learn something new everyday. :twilightsheepish:

*Grins* Interesting stuff, I would've liked more explanation of what unreasonable things each was asking of the other but nothing that was a dealbreaker n_n

2598598 *Grins* ooh you were a distance runner. My specialty was the sprints 50 and 100m to be specific.

Yeah, you do enough horseback riding you pick this stuff up, namely you look at the new foal and ask your teacher what the pink thing is. You get either a lot of embarrassment or an amused explanation:twilightsheepish:

That ending shouldn't be that funny.

*Grins* Very fun, honestly it didn't feel too rushed.

That one is brilliant. Twilight keeping herself a series of occasions where she can go back to to relive the times with her friends is so much her I'm suprised noone else has thought of it. My favourite so far, along with the raridash one.

Twilight, you fool, nobody can take on all the spelling mistakes on the internet! Not even if you post corrections for a THOUSAND YEARS-- Wait, what, you're done? Jeez, about time. :rainbowhuh:

If you're interested in RariDash and angst, might I suggest Salvation?

In any case, nice job -- I could feel the tension.

2604288 Glad you think so!

2609637 I seem to like playing with Twilight and time-travel.

2616496 Salvation is one of my favorite stories ever. Cold in Gardez is an incredible writer, one of the very best on the site. You get internet points for mentioning it and reminding me how good it is.

*Laughs* In my house, Dad was the cook and Mom would order out. The opening about his name was a perfect touch.

Hmm, mysterious and cute. A perfect job n_n

I confess I'd be rather interested to see more in this universe. I personally figure AJ is being honest in saying that the plants genuinely can't grow.

2654682>>2653022 Both of these prompts gave me an opportunity to do some world-building, which I quite enjoyed. In Shadowbolt in particular, I liked the idea of Dash becoming this boogeyman-style figure as the captain of the Shadowbolts.

I agree with the ferret, I'd love to see more of this sometime. :pinkiehappy:

I am now trying to picture croaking radically.

2659202 If anypony can pull it off, it'd be Rainbow Dash.

Epic words to say after nearly dying! Ah, liked this one, yush. :pinkiehappy:

Nice Story! This one and Story 1 are the bests :twilightsheepish:! *Reads the others*


Well s/he did just wake up.

God I love this one. Genuinely love it. As soon as I saw the prompt, I was intrigued. Coming-of-Age stories have always been a personal favourite of mine. It being about Dash and Fluttershy... how you handled their friendship... yeah.
My favourite out of the great bunch.

This chapter is awesome - because a) scoots and dash is always a good thing, especially when done well like it is here and b) bastion. You've managed to get the feeling of the narrator for bastion perfectly - assuming that's what you were going for anyway :p

2667104 I'm glad the narrator came through. It was a bit tricky making it follow the narration style of Bastion while keeping it in character for Dash--Applejack would have been a lot better fit for the voice. I had to settle for something somewhere in the middle between Rucks and Rainbow to make it work.

2665476 Funny enough, I hate coming-of-age stories, but I still enjoyed writing this story. It was a lot of fun building the pegasus cultural history in this--the way the tradition came from their need to escape predators, and how it evolved into a symbol of finding your place in society, and how Dash decides that it means her place is wherever Fluttershy goes.

2662647>>2662195 :rainbowderp:

That's very depressing. I like it.

I think she'd get more readers with the Spitfire story.

2682577 I dunno, captain badflank sounds pretty amazing.

I can see it now. "What's with all these thumbs down? We don't even have thumbs! How can anyone not love Captain Badflank with her mysterious identity and flowing rainbow mane?" :pinkiehappy:

And of course, Commander Hurricane and Daring Do are also thinly-veiled Rainbow Dash ripoffs, in a way. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

2683307 Somewhere in this story has got to be a secondary character remarking on how they're all re-colors of each other.

Woah. Nice Chapter. More things of this style!

*Grins* Very nice. I do love Twilight's (Possibly very outdated) ideas on mating. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Twilight doing research.

Is she.. A zombie?! Well, or maybe she's just a bit bashed up. Iiiii think I'll hope for the latter. :pinkiesad2:

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