• Published 17th May 2013
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The Thirty Minute Dash - Esle Ynopemos

Nopony's faster than the Dash!

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5: Never, Again [Romance]

((Prompt: It's happening again.))

It was over.

Rainbow Dash had had enough. Rarity needed to get it through her pretty little head that she didn't own her. If that fussy fashionista wanted somepony to do whatever she told her to, whenever she said, without ever talking back, then she could just hang a rainbow wig on one of her ponequins.

Rainbow Dash was her own pony. She had her own thoughts and feelings and desires, and Rarity just treated those things like hurdles; things to get over in order to get Dash to do what she wanted her to do.

Well, no more. Dash was born with the blessing of wings, and by Celestia, she was going to use them today. She was getting the hay out of this Boutique, out of this crummy one-sided relationship, and out of Rarity's disgustingly perfect mane.

For good, this time. Those other times before, sure, she had been mad, but it was never like this. This was the last straw. She wasn't coming back this time. Rarity could just keep her fancy mane-curlers and her dresses and her stuffy social events. Dash didn't need anything Rarity had to give her. All she needed was out there, waiting for her in the blue sky.

She shot out of the door without a word—or maybe she did shout a word or two, she was too angry to really be certain whether she had said some of those things out loud or just thought them really hard. She didn't look back.


It was over.

Rarity was through. She asked so little of that belligerent ball of feathers, only the barest of decency and courtesy, but Rainbow Dash reacted as though she were suggesting she chop her own wings off.

Rarity didn't need this headache. She had been just fine before all of this. There was no reason to keep giving her second chances, and third, and fourth. Clearly, Dash didn't want them. She seemed to think that she could have a relationship without any compromise, that ponies would just change to suit her lifestyle.

Well, good luck to her with that! Rarity was certain Rainbow would find all kinds of happiness for herself with that attitude.

Rarity huffed angrily and focused her attention back on her dress patterns, not even bothering to watch the pegasus leave. She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her muzzle and stared at the papers, but shivered as a cold gust of wind brushed her shoulders.

Of all the things... That rotten featherbrain hadn't even bothered to shut the door behind her as she left! Rarity slammed her glasses onto her desk and stomped across the room to pull her door closed and keep the autumn chill at bay.

But she could not pull it shut. A blue hoof was wedged firmly in the door's way as Rainbow stood frozen in the doorway, staring at the welcome mat.


It was over.

Rainbow Dash really meant it, it really was over for good this time. It was just...

Well, there had been good times. They didn't make it okay that Rarity was always trying to manipulate her, but Rainbow still remembered all those times they had spent together not fighting. Seeing the Wonderbolts Derby together, and cheering as one for Fleetfoot as she pulled ahead in the final stretch. Sitting together, a wing draped over Rarity's withers on a hill overlooking a garden party to watch a sunset they could both agree was much more interesting than the party itself.

Those times didn't make it any less over, but maybe Rainbow owed those times something. She couldn't let all of that end on such a sour note.

One last kiss. That would do it. That was how Rainbow Dash ended her relationships. One last kiss to recognize the parts that weren't lame. Then it could be over.


It was over.

It surely was. Rarity was as certain of that as she was of anything.

And since she was so certain, what could one last kiss hurt? It was closure, good for the soul. Perhaps in time they could go back to being friends again, and put all this silliness behind them.

That would be nice, wouldn't it? One last kiss to seal the deal, like a contract signed on the dotted line. Put a capstone in it, and call it finished, and then the both of them could move on with their lives.

Rarity nodded her agreement, and two pairs of lips met. Old friends shaking hooves before going their separate ways.


It would be over, next time.

They had utter, sincere conviction in this fact. The next time would be the last, and then it would be over for good. Gone, and never looking back.

But for now, they both agreed, it was worth one more try. They could make it work this time. All they needed to do was try.

Author's Note:

Quite possibly my favorite of the bunch. Writing this has definitely made me more interested in RariDash as a ship, and it is very possible I might write a longer, stand-alone story for the pairing at some point. Glorious angst.