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Esle Ynopemos

Was that me? Or was it... somepony else?


Short stories and vignettes about the Pink Party Pone, each written in thirty minutes.

Daily updates for thirty days.

A whole month of parties. What more could you possibly ask for?

Part of the Thirty Minute series. Find Rarity here, Rainbow Dash here, Fluttershy here, Applejack here and Twilight here.

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Huh. I figured this was gonna go more into AJ and Blinkie. I'm not disappointed, really, but still...

Nobody really seems to touch Pinkie's family with a ten foot pole, really. For more than a scene or two at a time anyway.

2727984 There's not a whole lot of canon on them. In the show, they are only ever shown in flashback form while being referenced indirectly. Both times, by notoriously unreliable narrators. That leaves an intimidating amount of blank space to fill in.

Also, I wanted to do at least one actual Apple Pie for the Apple Pie prompt.

Don't worry, though; the other Pies are going to show up more than just this.

*Grins* Very cute, I suspect Twilight would really love to hear this is how Pinkie's mind actually works.

Interesting...I'd be up for seeing more of this ship.

Arbor day... You can't sneak that one by me

2732094 Can't sneak it by Applejack, either.

2731868 If one of the prompts gives me a chance, I'll try and come back to it. I find there is some appeal to the idea of Blinkiejack as well.

Pinkie's Pinkie Sense didn't go off either way, and sure enough the coinflip came up with a null result :twilightoops:

2739338 Maybe Pinkie's Pinkie Sense doesn't predict the future... it makes it happen!

You said slice of life, but I'm still shipping this. It's adorable and I'm shipping it.

Geez. I liked a lot of the stories posted in this 30 minute thing. I've most of the time felt like "This is great, if only this was a full story!"
This one? I honestly feel like it could be submitted to EQD as is. Excellent stuff.
Also, am I right to assume Maybe it's better that way made you think of Paper Jam?

2745101 Heh, thanks. I think that some of my best ideas have been inspired by these prompts. I am really grateful to the folks who run TMP.

Minimum word limits are the sticky part to publishing any of these on their own. Very few of these reach the 1,000 word minimum required by FimFiction, and none of them come close to the 2,000 words required by EQD. I have been working on editing and polishing an expanded version of No Storms In Canterlot to submit as the first standalone story to come out of this, but it's a challenge to expand these things while retaining the original feeling of them.

And actually, I don't believe I have ever heard of Paper Jam.

Glad you liked this one, though!

Oh goodness...
I think she wins.

Initiating program FACE_DESK.EXE

*Raises a hand shyly* Um...I'm not sure I understand...could someone explain please?::applejackconfused:


I will explain if there's time.
See, 'orange' is a tough word to rhyme.
But Pinkie did it with style,
pizazz and a smile,
and has now earned herself a pretty dime! :pinkiehappy:

2751414 *Laughs and applauds* Very nicely done, I'm glad to hear you're better at poetry than I tend to be. Which is why there is no rhyming here, though you could argue it's atonal or somesuch.:pinkiehappy:

I see what you did there, and I like it.

What JetstreamGW said. Even if he has the wrong symbol for a thumbnail pic. :P

This one makes me so sad. Yeah, Clyde's being a total prick about it, but I can see (sorta) why he'd think this way. I can also see why Pinkie has abandonment issues, though. Scary, yet amazing.

“Love, silly,” Pinkie purred into her ear, stroking a hoof through Applejack's golden mane. “I need love.”

Changeling! :pinkiegasp:

2761927 Changeling Pinkie is amazing...

Also I loved this so much


I thought it was obvious that Pinkie's always been a changeling. I mean, she has abilities that seem improbable for an earth pony, she's constantly seeking to draw out positive emotions from ponies around her, and when she doesn't get them, she has trouble maintaining the integrity of her disguise, in the form of her mane deflating. Also, when the one changeling in Canterlot indulged her request of "Do me! Do me!" she remarked that she had seen better... because she does a better job of it herself every day!

2764465 I've been Changeling-ing-ing Pinkie for a while now. It would explain why the mirror pool was quite so faulty with its copies, and of course, "All [she] really need's a smile, smile, smile"

Cute. Dunno about the prompt here though. Not much wrath from the twins there.

Hah! Pinkie, this is why you are best pony. Why play by the rules when making them up is so much fun!

Once again, Esle, you prove tht Pinkie is amazing and means business in everything she says and does.

This one makes me cry all the happy tears.


Oh man, that is perfect, like seriously perfect.


Oops, I haven't published that one yet. In a week or so, you'll get to see what that's referencing. We'll call it a brick joke.

This shouldn't make as much sense as it does.

This, Esle. This is the story you should be expanding upon. Just because it's cockamamie.

Mind blown! Beautiful. Just beautiful. :pinkiehappy: Y'know, a happy life filled with laughter and spreading joy is just what Celestia needs after millenia shouldering everyone else's burdens.

Eh. My personal OT3 is Twilight, Pinkie and Fluttershy :pinkiehappy:

2793736 Aw, but fourth-wall humor gives me a headache. :raritydespair: I wanted to hit myself for writing this!

Ah, voice actress jokes.:twilightsmile:

D'aww...such a sappy ending *grins and rolls eyes*

Oh my god, I love it! This is a fantastic comedy of errors, and Sweetie Belle and Pinkie are so cute together.

I totally called it. Still awesome though.

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