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Was that me? Or was it... somepony else?


Howdy! Why don't you sit a spell, and let me tell you a story or two. I promise it won't take long, or I'm not an Apple!


A collection of short stories and vignettes about the rootinest, tootinest farm-filly this side of the Everfree. Each entry was written in thirty minutes, and there will be a chapter uploaded every day until there are thirty chapters. I ain't no fancy arithmeticker, but that adds up to a whole month of good ol' down-home tale-tellin'!

This is part of the Thirty Minute series, which also includes Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Twilight. Go check them out as well!

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Lol, poor Tayler, er, Golden Harvest..............

“Besides, it ain't like Golden Harvest ever beat me for the Best Orchard..." Of course she doesn't win Best Orchard. You can't win an award you're not eligible for.

Green Apple Smith. Why'd you change her name?



Because she was a filly, once, and must have been called something other than 'Granny' at one point.

3101116 Who knows, maybe she has a few rows of strawberries she grows as a side project.

3101012 :duck:

But why change Smith Apple? Why change the last name at all?

Oh god, the friggin' Kanye thing... Why? Why would you do that to us? :raritydespair:

3101225 Meh. I think it's more fun if her given name is "Granny Smith." They named her after the cultivar. Maybe it was awkward before she had grandchildren.

3101255 Now I'm confused. In what way do you think I changed her last name?

Wait, for clarity's sake, what are you saying Granny Smith's name is supposed to be? Because it doesn't seem like an incredible leap to go from Granny Smith to Green Apple Smith.

You went from Smith Apple to Green Apple Smith. That's pretty far off.

3101401 Poor G. S. would've been teased a lot by her peers.

Ohmygosh, Conspiracy Theory time! What if she's not actually AJ's grandmother? She's just an aunt or something, and they only call her Granny because that's her name?

3101436 Where do you get "Smith Apple?" Where does that come from? When has she been called that, and by whom?

3101437 I read a story once where she actually de facto adopted all three of them and that's why their parents aren't around.

Like she found Mac after a train crash and AJ and AB were both abandoned at the Acres.


Yeah that's right, Bookplayer.

She's called Granny Smith. They're the Apple family. Cut the Granny. What do you get? Smith Apple.

3101479 I... :facehoof: Okay, I see where you're coming from, now. That's one possible interpretation of her name, yes. But it isn't the only one. Not everyone in the Apple family necessarily has "Apple" as their last name.

My headcanon has always been that Smith was her last name, and she's a part of the Apple family by marriage. The thought never occurred to me that Smith would be her first name, as it really isn't first name material.

Dang, pony names get more complicated than you would think...

3101565 I've always figured that they aren't suppose to have last names. It's a common thing in our society, but it wasn't always, and there are still cultures that don't really do surnames. For instance, in Iceland children typically take as their "surname" one of their parents' name followed by "son" or "daughter." "Danielsdottir" or "Bjornson."

So it makes a load of sense to me that they don't have them at all. Twilight Sparkle isn't Twilight from the Sparkle family, she's just Twilight Sparkle. That's her full given name. Some ponies have two word names, others don't.

I'm pretty sure it was the writer's intent to make Granny's name a reference to the apple cultivar.

3101699 Yes, that's obviously what her name references, but that doesn't make her name "Smith Apple."

...Look, I'm getting tired, and this is a really, really minor point that doesn't affect anyone's life. Can we just agree to disagree here?

3101635 I dunno. I mean, you have families like Twilight's, where her name and her brother's don't have an obvious connection. But then you have families like the Cakes and the Pies. They share surnames within their families, so... are they exceptions, or do most ponies have surnames that we just don't hear? Depending on the formality of the setting, you can go a while without hearing anyone's last name here in 'merica, but people still have them.

I figure using surnames is a pretty harmless bit of fanon for the most part. (Except when it sparks arguments like the above, I guess...)

3102102 Strictly speaking, only the Cakes actually apply in that example. We don't have any in-show names for Pinkie's folks, and Pinkie is the only one named Pie, unless you count the off-hand reference to "Granny Pie" that is never elaborated on in any way. So other than the cakes we really don't have any concrete, in-show example of a "surname." And the cake thing could simply be a naming thematic (And in the case of Carrot and Cup, possibly a coincidence)

Anyway, I don't really care until people start stretching their asses off to slap a surname on everyone. Like when they start calling Shining Armor "Shining Armor Sparkle," and crap like that. THAT gets annoying.

YES. YES YES YES. THIS IS FINALLY HERE. =D :ajbemused: :ajsleepy: :ajsmug: <- all the Applejack.

Thank you for writing this. =3

I really wish there was a way to like individual chapters, because this one would deserve such a thing.
So, what I did... I unliked the story, changed to this chapter, then liked it again. I hope this suffices.

3111180 That works fine. I'll keep it in mind so I don't panic when I see the like count dropping.


ApplePie. I like pie! :ajsmug:
Too bad 'tis a sad Apple here... this 'ere Apple needs some cheerin' up to do!

You continue to be an odd duck.

Also, there's a standard diagnosis for vampirism? How common is it?!

3120553 :duck:

Oh yes, undead-Equestrians constitute a significant, often overlooked minority in Equestria. The AFTBP (Association for the Fair Treatment of Blood-sucking Ponies) has been pushing to move the school day into the nighttime hours, because while living children are able to attend school at night without bursting into flame, the same cannot be said of vampire children in the day.

Huh, guess it's not uncommon to come across a "vampony"... though I have to wonder, do "vamponies" sire their underlings? And if so, do they follow a set of rules like in Vampire: The Masquerade? Cause then, I'd wager this "pale pony" sired without permission. :twilightoops:

Only you could have got THAT title from THAT prompt....

It starts with apples, it ends with apple. AJ, Alpha and Omega, the beginning, and the end.

And I was pleased, for it was good. :ajsmug:

That... Fucking... picture book...

3125860 I have the overwhelming urge to read Appletheosis again

For a moment I thought it was going to turn out AJ was playing Sim City or something >_>

Did she nab them for Celestia? :trollestia:


Hi again. ^_^ I hope you don't mind (again) but this story tickled me pink and I just had to do another audio version. I hope you like it.

Arcade (Architecture)

Ah. I see. Got it. Took me a few minutes to find this actually.

3135885 Another excellent reading. Thank you!

3131264 Sorry. As much as I love Apple Pie, I sure don't make it easy for those two, do I?

3137445>>3137033 As a linguist, I'm awfully curious about how 'arcade' got from one meaning to the other. Perhaps the earliest gaming arcades were always in arched halls?

3137549 Etymology Dictionary - Arcade

1731 (as arcado, from 1640s), from Italian arcata "arch of a bridge," from arco "arc," from Latin arcus (see arc). Applied to passages formed by a succession of arches, avenues of trees, and ultimately to any covered avenue, especially one lined with shops (1731) or amusements; hence arcade game (1977).

:twilightoops: All of the creeped out.

Wait, why would ponies have leap years? :raritydespair:

A mystery! Must solve! MUST! Need... answers... bad... :applejackconfused:

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