• Published 25th Aug 2013
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An Apple A Day - Esle Ynopemos

A collection of thirthy-minute short stories about the rootinest, tootinest farm-filly this side of the Everfree. There'll be a chapter a day for thirty days. I ain't no fancy arithmeticker, but that adds up to a whole month of good, health

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13: To Share a Closet With a Zebra [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

“Well, this is mighty awkward.” Applejack would have rubbed the back of her neck, but her hoof was pinned between a striped flank and the doorknob.

The striped flank fidgeted uncomfortably. “Indeed, my friend, you've said it best. Could you please move your leg? It's digging into my chest.”

“Oh, sorry.” Applejack shifted her weight, trying to maneuver in the cramped space. Tails were stepped on, ribs were elbowed, and muzzles were stubbed before she and Zecora finally found themselves a position that, while by no definition could it be called comfortable, at least minimized any painful crowding.

This position unfortunately left very little distance between their faces. Zecora wrinkled her nose. “Just so you know, among the potions I brew, I also make mouthwash. Perhaps I could give some to you.”

Applejack turned her head so she wasn't breathing directly in her face. “That's, uh, real kind of you to offer.” The closet went silent for a while. Applejack felt an itch start to form on her back, but there was no way for her to reach it, so she just fidgeted, training her eyes on anything other than the zebra in front of her.

Finally, Zecora cleared her throat. “If I may ask, dear Applejack... why is it you were hiding in my clothing rack?”

Applejack sighed. “I... well, I was hidin' from Apple Bloom.”

“So you hid in this closet we both now are in,” Zecora said. “Tell me, what cause had you to hide from your kin?”

“I didn't want her to know I was followin' her,” Applejack said. “She's taken a shine to ya, an' she comes out here more often than I'd like. I jus' don't want her to get hurt.”

Zecora cocked her eyes. “You do not approve? I thought my trustworthiness I'd already proved.”

“No, no, it ain't you.” Applejack shook her head. “It's just the forest I'm worried about. Lots of things out here that can be dangerous to a filly wanderin' about on her own.”

Zecora nodded. “I see. You fear for your sister's safety.”

“She's everythin' to me, Zecora,” Applejack said. “I can't stand the thought of her gettin' hurt. 'Course, because I'm a blockhead an' startled ya like I did, now the only two grown folk who could be lookin' after her while she walks home are trapped in a closet with a cauldron jammin' the door.” She pushed on the door, more in demonstration than an earnest attempt to open it. “I don't 'spect you get many visitors, do ya?”

Zecora shook her head. “Almost none but your dear sister Apple Bloom. I fear we will not get out very soon.”

“Great.” Applejack's ears sank.

Zecora smiled. “But you need not fear for your sister's safety. I can promise you, she's as safe as can be!”

Applejack tilted her head. “How can you guarantee that while you're stuck in a closet?”

“I scatter sprigs of wolfsbane on the trail every day,” Zecora explained. “The smell of it frightens forest predators away.”

“It does?” Applejack let out something somewhere between a sigh and a chuckle. “So I was hidin' in here for nothing, then.”

“A sister's love is never nothing,” admonished Zecora. “Misguided though you were, you tried to do the right thing.”

“Thanks.” Applejack tried to stretch her leg, but did not have the room to do so. “Now if only somepony could let us out of here.”

The front door to Zecora's hut swung open. “Oh, I almost forgot!” Apple Bloom's voice rang like a bell. “...Zecora? Where'd ya go?”

“In here, dear filly,” Zecora called out. “Come let us out, and be warned, we look a bit silly!”

The cauldron clanged as Apple Bloom rolled it out of the way. Zecora and Applejack fell out of the closet, groaning as they stretched their sore limbs.

“Sis?” Apple Bloom blinked at her sister sprawled out on the floor. “What are you...” Her eyes shifted. “Now, when you were tellin' me all about closets an' whatnot, I thought you were bein' metaphorical!”