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How suck/not-suck is this cover art? · 1:39am Apr 20th, 2015

Hey folks. Next story is coming along, despite the kinks Season 5 is throwing in its path (Seriously, Babs Seed got her cutie mark? Off screen? For hairdressing? There's no way I could've planned for that). Chapter 1 is close, and I'll post it once I have Chapter 2 ready for editing so there hopefully won't be too long a break between updates.

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Table for a guest, plus call for editors · 8:20am Mar 12th, 2015

Have you heard about Kitsune Risu's new project? No? Have you heard of Kitsune Risu? You should. He's one of the most underrated authors on this site. Roughly one third of my library of Criminally Underrated Stories were penned by this guy.

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Bitter Harvest mini-prequel of sorts · 7:01am Feb 13th, 2015

Some of you already know, but I have been hosting weekly writing prompts over at Thirty Minute Ponies. Each prompt is always posted with a mini-fic alongside it, sort of as an example, but mostly to keep myself writing alongside the participants.

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Contest results, and an apology · 6:15am Dec 23rd, 2014

This is embarrassingly and inexcusably late, and still half-assed and incomplete, but...

The It's My Birthday and I'll Ship Ponies If I Want To contest is over! Like, more than a month ago! Timing!

I am really sorry about this. You folks who put effort forward to make something nice deserve better than this.

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It's my birthday. Gimme stuff. · 7:33am Sep 21st, 2014

I get to re-use something I've already drawn!

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Writer's Block Party, Part Thr--Just kidding, I wrote something! · 10:03pm Aug 31st, 2014

Hey, does anyone remember that one person that used to post stories on this site now and then? Elsa Ylollipops, or something... wrote a story a while back about carrots? I wonder what happened to them. It's like they just stopped writing.

Oh wait, that was me. I stopped writing.

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Writer's Block Party, Round Two, Fight! · 8:42pm Jul 17th, 2014

I would put words here, but... meh, too much effort. :ajsleepy:

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Writer's Block Party, Part One · 9:02am Jun 3rd, 2014

Howdy hey, readers, readerettes, and all other shades thereof/undecided! I bet you're all wondering what has become of your favorite author on the site, huh?

Not sure why you would expect me to know, though; Cold in Gardez is that-a-way.

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A Confession · 6:57am Apr 1st, 2014

I have been here for almost two years now, and if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed there is something I have carefully avoided mentioning about myself in all this time. In all my blog posts, every comment I've written, every authors note, and even every off-site account of mine I've ever linked to, I have closely policed my use of personal pronouns in reference to myself and those close to me. I have sidestepped every question about my gender that has ever been directed at

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The Bitter End · 7:27pm Mar 6th, 2014

After four weeks of posting, the final chapter of Bitter Harvest is up at last. I know there's a few of you out there who like to wait until a story is all the way complete before you read it, so this is your cue to go have a look if you like.

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