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A collection of short stories and vignettes written for Thirty Minute Ponies.

They aren't all in the same continuity, but they all feature everypony's favorite fashionista.

Part of the Thirty Minute Series. Find Rainbow Dash here, Pinkie Pie here, Fluttershy here, Applejack here and Twilight here.


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*grins* Very nice. I definitely need one of those.

Cute idea but the ending didn't really pan out for me. I wasn't really getting what the point was supposed to be....

Pfft bwahahaha. I dunno I can honestly picture Twilight enjoying writing tax code. All that order and logic XD

*Grins* bit confusing in spots (Too used to italics meaning internal thoughts and all.) but very cute.

2345583 I take it you've never actually seen tax code then? I haven't either, but I'm still fairly certain that order and logic do not factor into it.

It could use a bit more distinction between the two characters' thoughts (I had to look at it a couple times before I figured out that's what it was), but very good otherwise.

2345579 The idea to the ending there is that Rarity made jewel-studded clothing in apology for taking their gems. I agree that I could've been clearer about that, though. Sometimes that's the nature of this type of writing; not enough time to explain some things.

2346384 Raripie is infuriatingly cute surprisingly often.

2348171 (and also >maskedferret) Yeah, formatting is the tricky bit for this one. I could probably make the POV break stand out more with a *-*-* or something. The italics, though, are tough to make any clearer what's going on. It'd be annoying to put all of the monologuing in italics so the spoken lines could be un-italicized.

Aww! It's even better 'cuz it's RariPie, since I never see that often enough. :yay:

... I forgot how much this one made me laugh the first time.

This is just plain amazing. The last line is probably my favorite part... the idea that a line of ponies against this upstart yokel is hilarious. And you know she's going to own them all at their own game.

Ouch. This one really hit me, right in the chest.

This is why you don't mess with Rarity. :raritywink:

2364881>>2364991 It's the same moral as there was in the diamond dogs episode:

Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned not to f:yay:k with Rarity. She will straight-up ruin your sh:yay:t.

2365429>>2364917 When I was planning this prompt out, I had to decide between taking this angle on it or doing something silly with it. I'm kinda glad I decided to go this way, because this is the kind of feeling I had (and still get from time to time) after heading out to college. It's rather cathartic to get those emotions down on paper. (Or, uh, on the computer screen, as it were. Dangit, words and expressions in the English language! Why can't you keep up with the times?)

2366954 English expressions can deal with it...

You can continue to use 'on paper' well into the hologram age. You've earned it, you awesome person you.

This is brilliant and at the same time so totally evilly funny.

This is so heartbreakingly sweet.:fluttercry:

I love the twist that the office is actually Rarity's. Girl can certainly get around, damn. :moustache:

Aww. Unrequited love always hits me harder in ponyfics when Pinkie Pie's involved. :fluttercry:


Why is there no Tragedy tag? I mean, it's about Rarity spending her days in a mine, covered in dirt. It's appalling. :raritycry:

But yeah, this was a pretty good 'what if?' scenario. A bit confusing at the beginning; it took me a few lines to figure out that all the dialogue was Rarity's. I get the feeling that was intentional, though.


Possibly the highest Win/Word ratio I've seen in a fic yet. We have a criminally underused ship, a cake made with extra diabeetus, the Cake twins playing a role in a Pinkie shipfic for (in my experience) the first time, and a cake-proof dress, all packed comfortably into 624 words. Improbable, but awesome.

2392043 I hemmed and hawed about whether to tag this one [Sad] or not. My reasoning for leaving it be is that this Rarity's life isn't really better or worse here, just different. (Though she had better get that case of miner's lung looked at as soon as she can...)

2392049 Come to think of it, I don't think I remember seeing the Cake twins play a role in any Pinkie shipfics, either.

Well, strictly speaking, here on FiMfiction you're supposed to use the classical Shakespearean definition of [Tragedy] as "A noble pony brought low by her own flaws", not the vernacular definition as "double-extra sad." But, that's kind of a stupid rule that nobody actually pays attention to.

This one was fantastic. Rarity's train of thought is incredibly believable, and her see-sawing from hopeful to self- loathing seemed incredibly in-character. I'm very glad that Rainbow got the job done in the end, and I can't wait for more of these!

To apologize for (accidentally) stealing a massive lodestone, Rarity used the gems from it to make really fancy clothes for Pinkie's parents.

If not for the question mark after the "Sad" tag, I would have assumed that Sweetie was dead or something.

2405894 Ah, I'd love to suggest editing the story to reflect that but I'm assuming you're trying not to go back to them.

2406688 Indeed. It makes the "thirty minutes" part a bit less genuine if there's a "plus however much time I like to go fix narrative problems" added to it. Editing for typos is all right, but if I'm going to fill in plot-holes in any of these, it will come as part of fully expanding them into standalone stories.

This is so terribly perfect. Poor Rarity.

I'm never sure. I kinda prefer not knowing the twist but at the same time having forewarning for a tag is appreciated. I freely admit this one totally threw me.

Damn. This felt a bit like a twist ending again, I honestly thought she was dead ><

I confess I feel much the same. If Rarity was truly such a selfish creature before she met Twilight she never would've embodied Generosity. Still I like the attempt and applaud you for being wiling to share it despite your dissatisfaction.

*Grins* An old idea masterfully executed. I'm really enjoying these.

Very touching, you seem to really succeed at pulling off unexpected endings. I freely admit I was terrified that the ending would not be what it was.

2348502 Oh, well, that's better than them mugging and costume-skinning a bunch of foals after the school play! Wait, that came out grimdark. Okay, maybe they just repossessed them. :pinkiehappy:

2406967>>2405979 Yeah, that was the point of this one, to try and make you think Sweetie was dead. I think maybe I lean on twist endings a bit too often. But I did enjoy building the gloomy atmosphere in this one to reinforce the idea of tragedy.

2406982>>2405695 It seems I have stumbled upon something that has been done before? I'm afraid to admit, I didn't know this was a classic joke; I just wanted to come up with something that strayed away from the kinds of stories I expected everyone else to write for the prompt.

2405863>>2406995 Waiting for someone when you don't know if they're okay or not is one of the worst feelings in the world.

So of course I inflict it on Rarity. :raritydespair:

To be fair, twist endings are pretty common in stories that are this short. I think it's because having a twist occur in chapter 55 out of 60 makes it hard to be believable, whereas in a short story the lack of information means there are less inconsistencies.

Yep. Yep and all the yeps. I never had a huge interest in investing too much effort in moments that presume a ship already exists. I want to get involved with the TMP stuff very badly, but I never broke into that community. I tell myself it's not my thing, yadda yadda--but that does not mean I can't appreciate reading these. In fact, precisely because I lack the skillset to write something like this, I appreciate them all the more, and this here is a fantastic little nibblet. It's a tiny chocolate with a creamy filling. Thank you!

I love all of these, thus far. Thanks so much for submitting for all the prompts you've submitted. :twilightsmile:

2415181 Thank you for running the thing! Other than the last-minute rush to finish SaP before its deadline, I've never been as productive as I've been in the last couple weeks!

2414969 :eeyup: Yep.

There is no way you can possibly convince me that this would not become a RariLight. Just sayin'...

But seriously, I loved this one. It hurt, especialy after rereading a few times, but in that beautiful, make-you-feel-deliciously-alive way.

So awesome. I love your take on the prompt.

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