• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Thirty Minutes of Fabulosity - Esle Ynopemos

A collection of short stories and vignettes featuring everyone's favorite fashionista.

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26: A Rare Bloom [Romance]

((Prompt: One (or more) of the CMC is crushing on one (or more) of the Mane Six. No incest or Scoota-Dash (not that I would have, anyway).))

Apple Bloom was filthy. From the tips of her ears to the bottoms of her hooves, she was covered in grease stains, soot, and paint spatters. Rarity could clearly see the outline of where her protective goggles had been, leaving a raccoonish ring around her eyes. And she bore the biggest, brightest grin this side of Sugarcube Corner. All of this could only mean one thing:

She had finished another piece.

Rarity smiled, giving her messiness an exaggerated sigh. “I'll get my hat, darling.”

Rarity still couldn't believe just how tall the young mare was now, sparing her a glance as they trotted together across Ponyville. Applejack's 'little' sister was now taller than either of them anymore. As soon as she had earned her cutie mark, she had sprung up like a weed. Applejack had often joked with Rarity that Apple Bloom's special talent was actually bumping her head on the tops of doorways.

Apple Bloom slowed a little, looking back at Rarity. “Ya comin'?”

Realizing she had been idling, Rarity picked up her pace. “Of course, dear. I'm right behind you.” She knit her brows in thought for a moment. “Apple Bloom, I've been wondering.”

Apple Bloom tilted her head, but did not let up on her canter. “What about?”

“Well, whenever you make another of these, I'm always the first pony you come to,” Rarity said. “I'm certainly not complaining, in fact, it makes me feel rather special. But I am curious why it is.”

Apple Bloom shrugged; a motion that nearly cost her her balance while her long, lanky legs were already engaged with walking. “Ya got good eyes, Rarity,” she said. “I trust 'em more'n I do my own. You got a better appreciation for this kind of stuff than anypony in Ponyville, an' if I'm goin' down the wrong track, you're able to let me know.”

Rarity could hardly argue with her logic. Having somepony to provide reliable critique was important to any artist. She smiled. “I'm glad to know you value my opinion so much.”

The cobbles of Ponyville passed underhoof, eventually fading into the dirt road that led out to Sweet Apple Acres. As the red barn and farmhouse rose above the green hills, they passed Applejack, busily hammering on a loose plank in the fence.

“Well howdy, Rare!” she greeted. “Bloom's showin' you her new, uh... thing?”

“As I understand it, yes,” Rarity said. Apple Bloom nodded excitedly.

Applejack grinned proudly. “Well it sure is somethin', lemme tell ya. You think you'll be stayin' over fer supper again?”

“We'll see.” Rarity waved to Applejack as Apple Bloom led her on into the orchard.

They had built a workshop for Apple Bloom out behind the barn. It was a squat, sturdy structure with a tin roof. There were scraps of metal strewn about the place, and Rarity could still see the scorch marks along one wall from the time Apple Bloom had nearly burned it down. Hanging from the eaves above the entrance was her first piece, the bronze and iron apple that had earned her cutie mark.

As beautiful as it was, the earth pony's work had only gotten better since. Rarity privately admitted to a certain amount of excitement, getting to see the budding artist's next piece.

Rather than leading her inside the workshop, however, Apple Bloom led her around the back. “It's too big to fit inside the shop,” she explained as the two of them approached a shape covered in a sturdy tarp. Apple Bloom trotted ahead and took the corner of the tarp in her mouth.

“Don't hold back now, ya hear?” Apple Bloom said as she tugged the canvas away. “I wanna know just exactly what ya think about it.”

The air left Rarity's lungs. The sculpture was made of gleaming white ceramic and expertly welded steel airbrushed to a deep purple. It was a flower, on the verge of blossoming. The steel stem was anchored firmly in the ground, supporting the metal and ceramic bud above. The shining petals were slightly parted, like a lover's lips after a kiss. The whole thing somehow had the silhouette of a heart, casting its shape as a shadow on the grass. And atop the edges of each petal, glinting like dew...

Rarity gasped. “Are those diamonds?”

Apple Bloom rubbed one foreleg with the other. “They were tough to get my hooves on. I was gonna ask you to use your gem-finding magic to help me, but I sorta wanted it to be a surprise.” She grinned sheepishly. “So what do ya think?

Rarity did indeed have good eyes. She caught the color scheme of the piece immediately. She knew Apple Bloom's style, and could tell that the heart-shaped silhouette was definitely intentional. And underneath the grime, Rarity's sharp eyes caught a hint of color on Apple Bloom's cheeks.

Rarity smiled and drew the young mare closer to her with a hoof, soot and all. “It's beautiful, dear.”