• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Thirty Minutes of Fabulosity - Esle Ynopemos

A collection of short stories and vignettes featuring everyone's favorite fashionista.

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17: The Princess's Name [Sad]

((Prompt: Twilight Sparkle's middle name.))

Rarity balked. There was something about a stern frown on the face of an armed royal guard as big as Macintosh that invited no further argument.

She hung her head and took a step backwards. “Of course, if she's busy, I understand. I can just leave this with the receptionist...”

The guard's face remained unmoved. He towered over her like the palace itself did. Rarity had never felt so small and foalish. She coughed just to fill the lengthy silence. “Ahem. Indeed. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

With one more glance at the door behind him, Rarity turned around and made her way back down the marble hall. The package on her back felt silly. She had designed the dress within as a gift for her dear friend, but walking among the splendor of the royal palace, she couldn't help but feel like the dress may as well be polka-dot pajamas. It didn't fit into Twilight's new life. Rarity didn't fit into Twilight's new life.

A miserable frown etched its way into Rarity's face as she handed the present off to the receptionist downstairs, asking her to give it to Princess Sparkle when she could.

Sure, the guard upstairs was being unnecessarily zealous, and he would no doubt be in trouble when Twilight heard he had turned one of her friends away. Twilight herself would have invited her in, no matter what sort of affairs of state she was entangled in.

But he had something of a point, as well. The Princess didn't need that kind of distraction. She was engaged in important things, delicate things that could not afford to be dropped in the name of a visit from an old friend. As much as she still looked and acted like the same old wonderful pony Rarity had shared so many good times with, Twilight Sparkle was now a critical part of the machinery that ran Equestria. It was not right for Rarity to simply drop in unannounced and expect to get to sit down and have tea with her. It was downright dangerous, the thought that if it were up to Twilight they would do so anyway.

Because while Twilight's life in Ponyville was certainly a part of her, it didn't define who she was like it had the year before. Twilight wasn't her first name anymore. It was her middle name now; still a part of her, still important, but no longer the first thing ponies said when they spoke of Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Rarity turned to make for the exit, but in a bright flash of light, she found her way barred by somepony for the second time today.

The guard had been intimidating. He had been frightening. He had been an implacable mountain armed with golden horseshoes and a shining spear. But Rarity would have sooner bowled him over and trampled him into the ground than refused a command from what stood before her now.

Twilight Sparkle the Princess stood there, chest heaving from exertion, her wings spread wide and the beginnings of tears forming in the corners of her eyes. And Rarity was not getting past her without a good tight hug, and probably sharing a cup of tea.