• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Thirty Minutes of Fabulosity - Esle Ynopemos

A collection of short stories and vignettes featuring everyone's favorite fashionista.

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18: The Blind Leading the Blind [Comedy]

((Prompt: Two or more characters must accomplish a task while in an environment with zero visibility.))

Rarity's eyes strained against the fabric, but she could find no gaps, no thin points to let light through, nothing. That was of course to be expected. Pinkie Pie had years of practice tying blindfolds for games of Pin the Tail on the Pony, and was something of an expert at it. “Come now darling,” she said, “can't you at least tell me where you're leading me?”

Pinkie shook her head. Or at least, Rarity assumed Pinkie shook her head based on the swishing sound of her mane whipping back and forth. “Noperoonies! It's a surprise!”

Rarity wished this surprise could involve fewer stubbed hooves. She sighed. “Very well, Pinkie. Lead on.”

Hooves clapped excitedly on flagstones. “Eehehe! Okay, follow my voice!” It wasn't very hard to follow Pinkie's voice as it streamed forth with giggles and nonsensical anecdotes like somepony had left a tap running.

In fact, a running tap was such an apt metaphor that Rarity could swear she could feel water splash beneath her hooves. Wait a minute. “Eugh!” Rarity reared back as she realized she had been trampling through what felt like it must have been the deepest, filthiest mud puddle she had ever come across. “Pinkie! A little warning, perhaps?”

“Okay,” Pinkie chirped. “Watch your step, you might find a mud puddle!” The words themselves sounded like a warning, but the tone of her voice portrayed it as one of the best possible outcomes a blindfolded trot across Ponyville could have.

Grumbling, Rarity traced her way around the edge of the puddle. She did not recall somepony placing a lake in the middle of the town square, but that seemed to be the size of the thing. After nearly falling in a couple of times, Rarity finally made it to a point where the damp menace was behind her and the voice of her friend was ahead.

“Keep going,” encouraged Pinkie Pie.

Rarity huffed and strode forward, only run nose-first into something tall and hard. A metallic clang rang out across the town square. She pressed a hoof over the end of her muzzle. “Pingkie Pie!” she shouted, her voice mangled by her stubbed nose.

“Oopsies,” Pinkie replied. Was she wearing springs on her hooves? Rarity could swear she heard a 'boing, boing' as the pony bounced a few paces ahead of her. “Watch out for... um, I think that was a street lamp? Yeah, watch out for street lamps and puddles. And also speeding apple-carts, be careful about those!”

Panic seized Rarity as her ears perked up, searching for the sounds of rolling wagon wheels. She heard no such thing. “Pinkie, I'm the one who is blindfolded. You are the one who is supposed to watch out for these things!”

“I am,” Pinkie replied cheerfully. “And so far I haven't seen any of those things! So we're in the clear, let's keep moving!” Her hoofsteps marched enthusiastically along.

“Oh, for Celestia's sake, this is ridiculous.” Rarity reached her hooves behind her head and undid the knot in her blindfold. The brightness of the daylight blinded her for a minute as her bleary eyes readjusted. As Ponyville came into focus, Rarity's jaw dropped and she sputtered. “What? Pinkie... you—I—why would you...”

They had traveled in a circle from where they had started in front of Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie stood a few paces ahead of her, grinning widely from underneath her own tightly-secured blindfold. “What?” she said. “I wanted where we were going to be a surprise for me, too!”

Author's Note:

Ah, this prompt brought back fond memories of writing Blinded by Fashion.

Good times.