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Thirty Minutes of Fabulosity - Esle Ynopemos

A collection of short stories and vignettes featuring everyone's favorite fashionista.

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Bonus #2: A Thing [Romance]

((Prompt: Two or more of the Mane Six move in together.))

Commitment. Was it truly so frightening of a word? Was it really so terrifying that the great, fearless Rainbow Dash quaked at its mere mention? All it meant was that a pony had a plan, and was willing to act on it. All it meant was that Rarity was no longer content with a pony that, after three months of dating, was unwilling to call what they had anything more than “a thing.”

Rarity huffed. A couple of gradeschool foals holding hooves were a thing. Peanut butter was a thing. There was literally nothing in all of existence that wasn't, in some sense, a thing. If their relationship meant no more to Rainbow Dash than its mere existence as a definable concept, then perhaps she was kicking at the wrong cloud. And what in the name of Celestia were her socks doing on Rarity's bedroom floor?

“Rainbow Dash!” she shouted. Her telekinesis held the socks by their tips at the very edge of her range as she carried them down the stairs. “The floor is not a laundry chute!”

Rainbow glanced up from the newspaper article she had been reading at the kitchen table. Beneath the news was a mug of coffee with her cutie mark on the side—no coaster beneath it, naturally. “My bad,” she said. “You wanna throw 'em in your hamper for me?”

“My hamper?” Rarity repeated. “Do you not have your own laundry?”

“Well yeah, but yours is way closer.” Rainbow took a swallow of her coffee. “Plus, I only wear them when I'm here, anyway.”

That was a fair point. But still. “I'm your marefriend, not your maid, Rainbow. Put them away yourself.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes and set the paper aside. “Okay, but keep an eye on the eggs for me.” She pointed to a pan sizzling on the stove. With a flap of her wings, she snatched the dirty socks from Rarity and darted upstairs.

Rarity inspected the eggshells on the counter. Goodness, that mare could make a mess. “Four eggs seems a little excessive, don't you think?” Sure, Rainbow was an active pony and would burn through it quickly, but at this rate she would run Rarity out of eggs before she had a chance to go to Fluttershy and ask for more.

“Half those are for you,” Rainbow's voice called down from the stairs.

“Oh.” Rarity noticed that two of the eggs were over easy the way she liked them while the other two were scrambled. “Well then. Thank you, darling.”

Rainbow Dash returned to the kitchen. “No prob. I got it from here.” She took a spatula under her wing and flipped the eggs. A little globule spattered out and hit the end of Rarity's muzzle. “Oops.”

“Ack!” Rarity reared back. “Be careful!”


“I'll need to wash it out before it stains,” lamented Rarity, rushing to the washroom. To her relief, it only took a bit of warm water to get the egg off of her face. Hers was a coat color that stained so easily, after all.

She sighed as she took note of the dried globs of toothpaste around the rim of the sink. “Honestly, dear, is it so difficult to use a tube of tooth... paste...” Her eyes slowly widened as realization dawned on her. The clothes on the floor. Cooking. Dash's toothbrush. This was... She stumbled out of the bathroom and plodded back to the kitchen table, blinking.

Rainbow set a plate of eggs before her. “Breakfast's ready,” she said. Taking note of her marefriend's dumbfounded expression, her ears perked forward. “Something wrong, Rares?”

“Rainbow,” Rarity asked slowly, “when is the last time you slept at your own place?”

Rainbow put her hoof to her chin and thought. “Let's see. There was the Wonderbolts show, and then I crashed at your place... Then Pinkie had that all-night party... Then I didn't feel like flying back up to the house so I stuck around here... Gosh, I guess it's been a couple weeks.”

Rarity nodded. “Rainbow dear, I don't wish to alarm you, but I think you have moved in. We are... we are a couple that live together now.”

Rainbow Dash grinned and shrugged. “Well yeah. I wanna spend more time with you, Rares.” She leaned across the table and gave Rarity a peck on the lips. “We're a thing, remember?”

Author's Note:

Originally entitled, "Angst Followed by Makeouts," but neither of those things really applied to the story.

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Context is everything.

Ah, Raridash...


Lovin' your stuff!

Raridash. ill read anything with Raridash I'm a slut for best ship I obviously enjoyed this one :D

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