• Published 17th May 2013
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The Thirty Minute Dash - Esle Ynopemos

Nopony's faster than the Dash!

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21: Tenacious Dash [Comedy] [Random]

((Prompt: This is not the greatest fanfic in the world, no, this is just a tribute.))

“Sharks.” Twilight leveled an incredulous expression at Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah, sharks!” Rainbow waved her forehooves open and closed in imitation of a pair of enormous jaws.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “But you said she was a mile in the air.”

“She was,” Rainbow said. “These were flying sharks.”

“Flying sharks,” Twilight repeated.

“I know, isn't it awesome?” Rainbow grinned wide. “They're just as dangerous as regular sharks, but they can fly!

“Uh huh.” Twilight tapped her hoof on the desk.

Rainbow dug under a pile of papers. “I forget how she gets out of that one, but she does, and it's really awesome. Where did I put it?”

“You know,” Twilight said, picking up a pile of discarded papers. She winced as she found some of them stuck together with bubble gum. “It wouldn't be such a problem to find this, um... 'piece of literary history' if you kept your place better organized.”

“Yeah yeah.” Rainbow waved her hoof. Her head was completely buried in her desk as she dug for the missing document. “I don't have time for any of that stuff when I'm 'in the zone.' I get that burst of inspiration, you know, and I just gotta write it out. I can't be wasting time putting it all in neat stacks!”

“No, clearly this is a much better way to do it,” Twilight said, rolling her eyes.

“Aha!” Dash stood up, a stack of papers clenched between her teeth. “Pfound itbh.” She dropped the manuscript on the desk in front of Twilight, who began reading.

“Spitfire let out a long, languid moan as the sure, steady hoof traced a circle around her heaving...”

Rainbow snatched the paper away. “Oops, that's the wrong one!” she said, a faint touch of red rising to her cheeks. “I mean, that one's awesome, too. Of course it is, I wrote it, but it's uh... it's not ready yet.” She pulled open a drawer and shoved the manuscript inside.

Twilight cleared her throat. “Well, maybe it might help you find it if you said what the title was?” She highly doubted the stacks of wrinkled, ink-smeared papers were arranged alphabetically, but who knows, right?

“Oh, yeah!” Rainbow Dash grinned. “It's called 'Daring Do and Commander Hurricane and the Fountain of Eternal Awesomeness.' Guest-starring Captain Badflank.”

“Captain who?”

“Captain Badflank,” Rainbow said again. “She's my own original character. Nopony can tell her real identity underneath her Wonderbolt uniform.”

Twilight resolved to try and refrain from rolling her eyes so much. She was getting tendonitis in her eye sockets.

Rainbow went back to digging through the reams of paper. “You're gonna love it when I find it, Twi!” she promised. “It's my masterpiece. The best fan-fic ever!”