• Published 17th May 2013
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The Thirty Minute Dash - Esle Ynopemos

Nopony's faster than the Dash!

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28: Ten Seconds, Give or Take [Slice of Life]

((Prompt: One year after they met, the mane six attend another Summer Sun Celebration.))

Rainbow Dash gave her best daredevil grin. Last year, only Twilight and Spike had been present to witness her feat of stupendousness and weather mastery. Which, it had been totally worth it to see the stunned look on Twilight's face. But this year, as Ponyville geared up for its first Summer Sun Celebration since Nightmare Moon had crashed the last one, Rainbow had a crowd of six there to watch her perform her miracles of cloud-busting.

“All right, Rainbow Dash!” cheered Spike, waving his claws in the air. “Way to teach those clouds who's boss!”

“Except, um, don't be too hard on them,” Fluttershy said. “I mean, I know clouds don't have feelings, but they haven't hurt anypony.”

“Darlings,” Rarity said to the two of them, “I don't believe she has started yet.”

Rainbow let out a confident snort. “I may as well have,” she said. “Those clouds are as good as gone already. Nine seconds flat this time.”

Twilight glanced at the sky. “Nine seconds? I don't know, Rainbow Dash. It looks like there's more clouds out here than there were last time.”

“Doesn't make a difference,” said Rainbow. She pawed an eager hoof at the ground. “I've been training ever since then. I'm a year faster, a year leaner and meaner—”

“—A year more full a' pies an' cupcakes,” Applejack teased, elbowing her in the side. “Pinkie had an awful lot of them set out at her party this mornin', an' I know I didn't eat 'em all.”

“Ooh!” interjected Pinkie. “I know who ate them all!”

Dash's confident smirk didn't fade from her face. “You got the stopwatch, Twilight?”

Twilight held the item in her magic grip. “Ready when you are, Rainbow.”

Rainbow Dash spread her wings and dropped into a crouch. “I'm always ready.”


With a crack of her wings against the air, Dash was off. She was a hot blue knife on a plate of white cloudy butter. She was a rainbow-maned shark in a school of fluffy fish. She was... she was some other way to say that she was awesome, and totally kicking some cloud-flank.

Bank to shorten her turn radius, kick off to keep her momentum off of that cirrus, loop around to catch those three nimbuses at the right angle to clear them all at once. Buck this cloud, kick that one, let the other one just fall apart in her wake.

Dash landed back in front of the others. Her wings tingled from the sudden exertion, and her lungs ached for oxygen. “Well?” she panted, “How'd I do? Eight and a half seconds? Eight flat?”

Twilight peered at the stopwatch. “Ten point eight seconds,” she read.

“What?” Rainbow said. “No way!”

Applejack laughed. “Guess yer gettin' slow in yer old age, huh?”