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I'm back. *looks at to be read list: o.O*


The Winds of Change · 2:23am Apr 27th, 2020

Change. It's a constant.

It's hard to believe that it's already been 6 years since I joined this fandom...and since we lost our brother. My last post here is about him, and it's kind of appropriate of a note to carry on with, as he was always trying new things.

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Always glad to see another watcher, and extra-glad you liked what I did at PonyFest 2.0! :3

Well, I'm not sure it's just an impression but I've heard of many great writers from Nyronus, so probably him. :D

Who told you I was a cornerstone? Just out of curiosity. :heart:

You're very welcome! I've heard that you're one of the cornerstones of Ponydom, and look forward to reading your work!

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