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    I don't have that many followers, and I almost never blog. I tend to focus my activism elsewhere. But this is a point in history where people are looking for support as our country is rocked by tumultuous events, and I don't want anyone following me to feel left out in the cold. I am tired, and this will be quite rambling, so don't expect any eloquence from me today.

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Iqqelverse Breakdown · 5:50am Jan 9th, 2016

Here's a list of all of the stories in the "Iqqelverse", the fictional universe inspired by Prane's story Cheersalis, in suggested reading order. Stories marked with * are considered solid stand-alone stories; if you dive into one of those, and want to read the full set, just jump back up to Cheersalis or The Queen and I Book 1, and start from there.

Original story by Prane:
1: Cheersalis*
2: Snowboardling*
3: TQ&I Book 1: Ponies and Changelings*
4: Fidanity 1: Fidanity*
5: Love is Blind 1: Harsh Light*
6: Reaching Out 1: A Door Opens*
7: Infusions 2: Tea*
8: TQ&I Book 2: People and Problems
9: Love is Blind 2: Soft Glow
10: Fidanity 2: Fading Embers*
11: Reaching Out 2: If Fear Divides, Courage Unites*
12: TQ&I Book 3: Friends and Family
13: Dichromatic*
14: Reaching Out 3: My Language is Music
15: Infusions 3: Hot Cocoa (Or: Tales of a Gallant Knight of Equestria)
16: Fidanity 3: Love Fears Loss
17: Love is Blind 3: Faint Glimmer

Cheersalis, Snowboardling and Dichromatic are by Prane, who conceived of this universe. The Queen and I was my sequel story to Cheersalis, and the rest of the stories are sidefics that are also by me (SoloBrony).

The names of the sidefic sequences (Fidanity, Reaching Out, Infusions, and Love is Blind) refers to thematic elements; all of the stories in Infusions, for instance, deal with people drinking some type of warm, infused beverage. Each story has 1 sidestory of each sequence associated with it (But Infusions 1 is attached to The Queen and I as a prologue, so it's not listed on its own).

Hope that clears up any confusion!

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Hope that clears up any infusion!

Damnit. There are 8 entries in the cykle that I didn't read yet. I feel deep shame...

3674276 Well hey, I'm really glad I could help, then! It's been so long since these stories got any major exposure, I didn't think anyone would really notice this post, heh. I haven't put up the last sidestories for Book 3, yet, though I've been uploading other stories (Librarian Twilight stuff).

3674572 You clearly don't belive in yourself.

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