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Ever since the Twilight Time incident, Twilight has wondered why the foals in Ponyville would be hesitant to approach her without an introduction, and learning that she is apparently the most popular princess from Sassy Saddles - despite not having seen evidence of it herself - only served to reinforce her concern that ponies were avoiding her due to her status. Her suspicions are confirmed when she attends a royal function and notices guests getting nervous as she draws near.

Twilight decides this needs to be addressed. Wacky hijinks ensue.

(Inspired by Appellation Mountains and Twilight Verbs Article Nouns. The concept could almost be considered a mashup of the two.)

Now with added sequelitis! Librarian Twilight's Plan Gets Bodychecked By Rainbow Dash

Reading the full description of the story, and realizing the author may one day update their fics, fills you with TWILIGHT SPARKLE

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Well, this is entertaining thus far. Not sure where you're going with it, but it doesn't seem like it's headed anywhere sane. This should be fun.

6787208 I make no promises of sanity or any other altered mental states.

Comment posted by Demiequus deleted Jan 8th, 2016

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Luna is definitely going to take this too far. By the time this is through, Twilight may be begging for them to roll out the red carpet.

Good. Luna had the right reaction here I think.

Comment posted by SoloBrony deleted Jan 8th, 2016

Ah, deflection. Here, Rarity, you like the spotlight, don't you? Soak it up!

6799797 Trust Shining Armor's sister to know all about deflection.


That author's note tho.

"And when everypony's important... Nopony will be."

Solodric, your story improves and intrigues me, but you meme too far!

Stop now, man, before it is too late!

6800610 No, Nyronus! I can't give up now! These memes are the future of bronies and Internets! I have to stay determined!

<3 Act
<3 Comment

* You leave a witty, insightful comment. You clearly don't know how to use the Internet properly.

Undertale references aside, I have to admire AJ's common sense here. The situation is worrisome and ridiculous, but at this juncture, there's really nothing more she can do. Best to prepare herself for when she can influence matters again.

6800812 Sorta the idea, yeah. I originally was going to have them push the issue, and then I was like "Wait no"

6800812 Granted I originally just had Rarity there, not with AJ, so.

6800812 Wait did I just imply Rarity doesn't have common sense



6801000 !!

>No commentary on fic itself detected

>Initiating author meltdown sequence

Yes, pretending you're spies and whispering to the pony five feet away from you definitely makes you less of a dork. :ajsmug:

A very sweet scene. I do like how Dash feels the need to go the extra mile even when she's wrapped up in the warm fuzzies of doing something for someone else. Just because she's not getting recognition for her actions doesn't mean she shouldn't give them all a great show.

6802189 I have to admit, I was worried that the scene would come across as too serious, too sappy, too dramatic - whatever. Just not RANDOM-COMEDY enough for people. I originally intended for it to be funnier, but, well, this story has not really been obeying me; it sort of does what it wants (And a friend of mine pointed out "Well it is tagged random after all").

I was strongly considering making the next chapter the final one as a result, because I figured it may be better to quit while I'm ahead, rather than run the risk of more scenes doing awkward things. But reading your comment has convinced me that it's worth giving a shot towards everything I had originally conceived for this fic.

You could say it filled me with determination.

"Now announcing... Ponyville librarian, Miss Sparkle,"

Wait, what? :rainbowlaugh:

"You should be announced as 'Stubborn Twilight Sparkle, debater of everything' next time. I know that's one thing I like about you."

Cadance chuckled a bit at that, but stopped when she caught the thoughtful look in Twilight's eye.

"That's not a bad idea..."

Ohh boy :facehoof:

It'd be hilarious if she came up with a different title absolutely every time she needed to be announced somewhere :pinkiehappy:

A few minutes later, she was entering the ballroom under the announcement of 'Twilight Sparkle, Tutor of the Cutie Mark Crusaders'

Oh you magnificent bastard.

By the end of the month she'll be Twilight Sparkle, Changeling Queen (of announcement titles) :rainbowlaugh:

Luna shook her head. "But you are not their peer, Twilight. You are their ruler."

Really? I don't think she actually rules over anything... :rainbowwild:

"That never seemed so important to me. I mean... I'd rather have their friendship than their admiration, you know?"

Which is pretty obvious, actually, as "Princess of Friendship" :applejackunsure:

Luna looked like she was a thousand miles away, her mouth hanging open slightly, and her gaze directed at the sky slightly. She opened and shut her mouth a couple of times wordlessly before finally responding.

Hah. She broke Luna?

6803682 Words are funny...

... sometimes it's the bluntest ones that cut like a knife.

6802189 The next chapter was ultimately the final one, but not because I got discouraged. I feel it works better this way; while I did have other ideas for a chapter, everything feels like an anticlimax after the Dash chapter.

We need an epilogue!
where celestia goes:"so, about your 'latest crazy scheme' then?"

See, Twilight? This is what happens when you explicitly refer to your plans as "crazy schemes." The worst possible ponies hear you do it.

Hmm. I'm not sure if this quite works as a conclusion. It tries to tie up everything a bit too hastily, leaving out the aftermath of the more outrageous moments like Fluttershy performing at a major conservatory. Still, I can't begrudge you deciding that the story came to a natural conclusion here. I'm glad I was able to help inspire this.

You know, I've spent the last hour between Undertale comic dubs and listening to the One Punch Man theme on repeat, trying to think of something to say to this. I wanted to quote some flowing, beautiful Shakespearean platitude on friendship, and just couldn't think of any... I wanted this because this fic, in the end, said something beautiful and true to me, and I just wanted words beautiful and true enough to match it... and I am left, unfortunately, bereft.

Thank you.


Oh my. For all that you guys seemed to like the story, it seems you desire more! Well, I will take that under advisement. I was considering doing a few standalone sequels in a sort of serial fashion; that's where most of my remaining ideas will probably go. I generally lean towards it being better to write too little, than to write too much and overstay one's welcome, but in the context of other stories it's not such a big deal.


But come off of the fence and tell us how you really feel.

Alternatively: so what you're saying is that reading this filled you with TWILIGHT SPARKLE


I will kill you in your sleep you memeing son of a bitch. :flutterrage:

6804763 Knowing that I will one day sleep, and you will kill me, fills me with OVER NINE THOUSAND 20% COOLER BRACE-YOURSELF-WINTER-IS-COMING TWILIGHT SPARKLE MEMES nope just chuck testa SHOO BE DOO SHOO SHOO BE DOO

And she wants me here with her! That's right, ponies of Equestria! Whom does a princess take along when they want to impress?! Rarity, fashionista exquisite!

Imma go out on a limb here and predict she'll be sorely disappointed :rainbowwild:

Pfffhah. She left her there? :facehoof:

"Well, sure it is, but... the article's kind of weird. I mean, they don't even mention that Twilight's a princess - this whole thing makes it sound like she's just some small-town librarian and tutor!"

Hehe. She's at it again.

"Oh, sorry about that. I was just thinking about friendship. Let's get back to work."

lol. "just thinking about friendship". aka, Generic Princess-of-Friendship Excuse :rainbowlaugh:

This seems a bit short... not much happening here :unsuresweetie:

Welp, again, really short chapter... but now we do know Rainbow Dash is Part of the Grand Scheme :moustache:

From about five feet over, perched atop the same cloud, Twilight nodded

Pfff dammit Twi :facehoof:

This was what had always captivated Dash when she flew at night; just because it was dark didn't mean there wasn't a rainbow after it rained, and when the lighting was right, you could see it, brighter than during any day.

Wait, so... it's a rainbow produced by the lightning shining through a curtain of rain?

Dash zipped away to the rendezvous point - that was what Twilight kept calling the meet-up spot - and landed.

Ahh, if only the other princesses would realize what kind of militaristic mind they allowed to join their ranks. Surely, nothing good can come from that :rainbowderp:

Heh... you're welcome, ya stupid eggheads.

Come now, Dash. they're eggheads exactly because they're not stupid :twistnerd:

"Would you summon me here to Ponyville if you wanted to discuss my latest accomplishments?"

"What? No! I wouldn't impose-"

Hee. You're being treated as an equal, Twi :rainbowlaugh:

"It seems that Rainbow told Luna, because she realized she had common ground with her. They've been goofing off together all over Canterlot!"

And thus started the Tale of the Epic Night Prankster Duo!

"But I didn't run across those problems, because I had a great teacher."

This is such a d'aww chapter. Just... all of it :heart:


Eh, I rate the whole thing a 5/7.

I'm not usually one for random comedy fics but I really liked this one, and it even sorta kinda has a moral at the end, which is nice. I think it was a clever idea, having Twi go from downplaying her princessiness to using the power it gives. Go show :)

6808427 Aww, thanks! You might want to check out The Queen and I (Different fic by me) if this appeals to you. It's not a random comedy fic (Though there's comedy in there), but it otherwise has a lot in common stylistically, and it sounds like it would appeal to you!

6808427 Of course I'm just angling for another one of your comments :P

6808492 haha, its all good my friend. I've put the first on on my read later list, as I'm currently trying to finish Earth and Sky (such a long fic but so good). The Queen and I sounds interesting, and I'll give it a look soon.

Friggin Twilight. Going around, being Socrates of social self-consciousness.

No no no. It seems I was mistaken. She's the Socrates of Importance.
This is the dialog of Importance. Importance is a virtue, right?

6803539 It was originally unclear to me at first whether or not she was being announced at a new event, or simply left and returned to be announced under a new title.

I was completely blown away by this fic. I still can't get over how pitch perfect this story is. The characters, their interactions, the fast paced plot, and the emotions and values expressed are all a perfect match to the show. This would be an amazing episode and is an amazing story.
The only complaint I have is that the story summary doesn't really match the story. The summary's wording and tone highlights makes it seem like Twilight gets a silly idea and goes overboard with it, causing problems and misunderstandings. I can understand this story is a subversion of that cliche, and you might want to use the summary to draw attention to that cliche. However, I put off reading this story for weeks because I wasn't interested in reading that type of cliche story then. When I started reading it I was expecting much more random comedy than there actually was. I much prefer what you wrote to what I was expecting. Anyway there is some tone dissonance between your story and the summary. Sorry for the rant.

6908295 To be honest, I wrote the summary first, and I intended for there to be more random comedy in there. I just seem to be incapable of writing crackfics. I am glad you enjoyed it so much, however; now I'm curious to see what you think of the rest of the stuff I've written.

It's so weird reading a story of yours that's in third person... eh, I can get used to it.

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