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"All it take is a beautiful smile to hide an injured soul" - Robin Williams


Inspired by one of my new fave songs in my fave show. Also inspired by others.

Edited and Proofread by atronosthelast and Griphongirl_Ellie
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Rated Teen for Violence

It has been a few years since Twilight and her friends had given up the Elements of Harmony. They have been through so many adventures together with or without the Elements. Twilight knew even without the Elements, she and her friends would be able to come over whatever was thrown at them.
Or so she thought...

I have made a group to post stuff related to this story, but I'm still working on building it up. If you would like to go ahead and join, feel free.

As many of you know, music can make a big impact in people's lives, including mine, so I want to share with you my inspiration list. (not all of it is complete yet)

Chapter 1 - Helping with Flurry Heart: Friends In My Heart

Chapter 2 - The Sleepover: Best Friends Until The End Of Time

Chapter 3 - They're Back...:

Chapter 4 - The Plan:

Chapter 5 - Failure: Roxas Theme

Chapter 6 - Goodbye: (The song that inspired the story,) Cold

Chapter 7 - Not Again: Destiny

Chapter 8 - How Could He...?: Ventus's Theme

Chapter 9 - Nightmares:

Chapter 10 - Coma: All Our Days

Chapter 11 - Shock:

Chapter 12 - Not Giving Up Yet: Wings

Chapter 13 - Night Time Fears: You'll Be in My Heart Music Box Version

Chapter 14 - The Big Attack Part 1: All Things Must Die

Chapter 15 - The Big Attack Part 2:

Epilogue: Home

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... I was prepared for trouble, but not like this...

7959580 Oh, what I said was a reference from the first Pokémon movie, when things got depressing at the end.

7959363 wait until u read the end.... :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

7961201 there is going to be a sequel, but I don't want to spoil too much

7974471 yeah, working on it. My editor is still working on the next chapter.

8053939 me too. I've really improved with how I was originally going to write it. I'm also trying to fix the paragraphs.

8053939 I am HOPING to post the next chapter before April

8054556 Not 100% sure, depends how IRL goes and how fast I finish polishing the chapter
I'll try my best :twilightsmile:

8056889 I think it was worth the wait. :twilightsmile:

8079213 I'm eager to see what happens next even though I'm writing it!

8096332 It's going to be a little harder to update though, if you have'nt seen my latest blog post

8096336 I did see it. I hope things go well. <3

I'm a little confused... is Shining Armor dead?

8113563 yes, sorry my stuffs can be confusing.


She looked up, finding her friends in front of her, glowing faintly, but still bright.
her friends all appeared next to her, putting their hooves around her neck and allowing more power to flow through.
allowing them to fade back to where they were needed. While they may have vanished, she could still felt their energy thrive through her body

I was going for a type of ghost/spirit thing.

8115590 Ah, I see. I must have put Shining there with them, in my head

He technically was there, but it's a little hard to explain... I hope to clarify it at some point of the story

How confusing will this story be? I won't read it if it's too confusing.

What do you mean confusing? And do you mean the sequel?

Boring. Every last word.

Well, what can I do to improve it? I've been trying to fix up the story so feedback is appreciated

I meant if it's difficult to understand. I mean both this story and the squeal. Also, does it bother you that Authentic Italian didn't respond to your comment?

A little but I try not to let it bother me. Also, I'm rewriting Cold so it's less confusing. Also it's not as confusing as I thought it was going to be

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