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"All it take is a beautiful smile to hide an injured soul" - Robin Williams


Now with a reading by Lotus Moon

I really wanted to write a heartfelt Pinkie fic, since she is my favorite pony. So I thought of this.

Ratted Teen for mentions of self harm.

My editor, Griphongirl_Ellie and I wrote this together. I may know Pinkie Pie, but nobody knows her like she does. She helped me add some really good parts that really helped the story come to life.

Dedicated to my friends Sketch, Tomohiro, Bookie, Ellie, Mom, Fire Bloom, and Lotus Moon. You've seen me at my worst, but still love me despite me feeling like I'm not worth it.

Another thank you to Ellie for helping me write and edit this, along with adding the shading to the cover art. Love ya, girlfriend!

Original art

Cutting myself is the only way I can express my frustration and anger. The only way to say how I feel. It also feels like an addiction. The adrenaline is like a high so I just keep doing it, because the low feels unbearable.

Pinkie wasn’t stupid. She knew a lot of things about her friends, sometimes she pretended not to so that they wouldn’t be hurt, but this thing was hurting because she couldn’t bring it up without hurting her friend.

Two friends, one problem, and it seems the only solution is a hug.

EDIT 8-21: Thank you SO much everyone for all the positive feedback on this, it really means a lot to me, and it makes me so happy to see how far the story has come in the past few days. THANK YOU!!!

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I really liked it. It feels like a sort of therapy, you know? I'm proud of you for putting your thoughts on paper. I'm proud of you for thinking it should be okay.

Hugs are a very effective medicine for many ailments of the heart I've learned. And so are friends, for that matter.

Yeah. I'm the types of person that loves to give hugs

I'll always be here to give you the hugs you need

It's true. Hugs are lovely and warm when you're cold and hurt on the inside. The best remedy for it. This story was sweet and therapeutic in its own way, a nice read.

After a failed attempt on taking my own life three years ago, I can tell you things do eventually get better. You'll find the light eventually. Writing to get out of your own head for a while does help, if only a little. :heart:

Peace and love, Script Singer. 💛

Thanks! I also agree, she would have more than one element.
Thank you, I haven't really been myself in a long time but writing helps me.

I'll take a look at that, looks interesting!

it taught me a lesson.

No matter how hard things are, just keep smilling

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