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I'm working hard to take this off of hiatus.

This is in the same universe as Stage Fright

The Apple Family Part 1 (meaning there is 2 more stories to finish this one)

What Happened to Applejack's Parents?

After the newest addition to the Apple clan, life seems to be looking up. Young Applejack, especially, is thrilled to have a new baby sister to shower with the same love which she feels for her parents. But when tragedy strikes not long after little Apple Bloom's birth, the family must learn how to cope with the massive weight which now rests upon their shoulders. This is their story.

WARNING!!! In chapter Manticore, there is mention of blood. Not too gory or anything.
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Notes: There might be a possible sequel!

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I'm the first comment... why am I the first comment AFTER FOUR CHAPTERS?! Why is the like-dislike meter hidden?! Why does this have so few views, and more importantly...


No, seriously, why am I the only comment? Consider this liked, faved, and followed!

:applecry: Well, I'd say Applejack's parents died a good death and as a wise man once said:

7776617 what do you mean by all this?
Pm me.

7776641 Wait until you read the sequil... :pinkiecrazy:

7776617 Most of my writing kinda stinks so that might be why

really good!!!!

7857578 Thanks... :twilightblush: :twilightsmile: I work really hard on this stuff. It can be tricky like the argument with granny

The Tragedy tag is POSSABLY not meant for this story since I'm still kinda new with tagging things.

If this story has a unhappy ending, then it should have one. I say give it one.

7876504 Not sure if it might have one or not. I have two more stories to finish this one.

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