• Published 26th Jan 2017
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Cold - Script Singer

Twilight had gone through many adventures. But she never could have made without her friends. Until a terrible accident occurs.

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(10) Coma

Twilight sat in her bed, still screaming. Celestia was trying to help with the pain, but had been unsuccessful so far.

Cadence ran back into the room with a nurse behind her. They rushed over to Twilight's side, Cadence grabbing her hoof tight, her mind entirely focused on the hope that they wouldn't lose her.

"Hang on, Twilight..." she said.

Twilight tossed and turned, the pillow becoming drenched with sweat from the event. She continued her screaming.

Her ears began to ring as she slowly opened her eyes, finding Flash flying above her, light surrounding him. She watched him slowly flap his wings and envisioned herself reaching out her hoof to touch his soft face once more.

"Flash..." she whispered. Her brother and friends appeared next to him, "Shining Armor... girls..." Twilight gave out a soft tired smile as she slowly shut her eyes, the ringing growing louder by the second. A small ball of light enveloped through the darkness forcing her to open her eyes.

After the brightness faded and the ringing stopped, a field of green grass with flowers appeared around her. She looked around with amazement, finding her friends in front of her on a path. She smiled as walked up to them, and when she had arrived beside them, they walked all together down the path toward a large beautiful castle that shone in the daylight.


Cadence held Twilight's hoof, staring at her with concern. She had been awaiting for the doctors to give her an update for nearly thirty minutes now.

"Well?" Cadence uttered. "How is she?"

The doctor looked at the results and took of his glasses with a sigh, causing Cadence to grow more concerned.

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but..." The doctor muttered, struggling to deliver the bad news. "She's in a coma..."

Cadence let out a gasp, turning to look at her sister, laying there unconscious. Tears welled up into her eyes as she wrapped her hooves around her and cried into her coat.

Twilight followed her friends, giggling and talking about their old adventures together. They were talking to help pass the time, but a chuckle brought her out of her thoughts. She heard a familiar scream through the distance behind her.

"Cadence..." Twilight thought.

She tried to turn around, but every step she took, she would move slower. She tried to run faster, ignoring the signs of change from the location.

Twilight found herself and her friends in Chrysalis's dungeon once more, her companions screaming out in agony. She tried to run to their side to help them, but found her brother being swarmed with changelings. When she tried to move, she saw Cadence lying on the ground looking weak, just like she had before.

Chrysalis turned to face Twilight, levitating the necklace onto her neck. Twilight couldn't find any strength in her body to move as the necklace grew closer and closer.

She fought the spell hard, refusing it to take over once more, but she couldn't keep up once her friends appeared in front of her.

"We can be together again, Twilight." Flash said. "We can make the life we wanted, the life we deserved."

Twilight felt her vision grow dimmer as she stared at her friends, thinking about her choice.

Memories from Twilight and her friends adventures appeared in front of her. She looked at them, tears formed in her eyes.

Twilight could hear a familiar faint giggle. She looked at the memory of when she first met Flurry Heart, the small alicorn spreading out her wings and giggling at her aunt.

"Flurry..." Twilight whispered, slowly shutting her eyes. The memories of her and her niece played through her mind, stopping at the first time she said her name when she was pointing to the picture of Twilight and her friends. Twilight gave a sniffle at that, tears forming in her eyes.

But before she could fall into the dark embrace that surrounded her, her ear twitched at a new sound. It almost sounded like someone was calling her name.

Twilight opened her eyes wide, finding her friends dissolving into nothing.

"No!" she yelled reaching out her hoof, but was too late. Twilight found herself back at Chrysalis's hooves. She looked up toward her face, glaring.

Before she could react to anything else, Chrysalis ignited her horn, letting her begin to sink into the floor.

The darkness consumed her quickly. She shut her eyes tight, wishing not to find herself in the same routine.

Twilight felt herself slam hard into a wall, unsure of what was happening. Before she could think anything else, she was slammed into the wall once more, repeatedly.

Her head grew fuzzy as she felt something wet drip down her head, the distant chuckles echoing through her head.

My plan is almost complete! a voice whispered.

Twilight looked up with what strength she had left to find Chrysalis standing above her, on a floor that she couldn't reach and still in the same spot as before. She appeared to be talking to someone in the room with her.

Soon, you and the others will be done for! Chrysalis let out an evil chuckle.

She shot a blast at the pony, causing them to grunt out in pain as the blast hit them. Twilight tried to tune out the horror that was going on out there.

"Cadence..." Twilight whispered as a tear fell from her eye, hearing the sobs from her sister.

Twilight felt herself being flung toward the wall once more, giving up on trying to stop whatever it was.

She received a hard impact, feeling the warm liquid drip down her head more. Her eyes grew heavy as she saw the memories of her life flash through her mind in an instant. Her coat color faded and eyes shut completely, floating motionless through the darkness.

She could hear nothing but the sounds of Chrysalis's laughter echo through her mind, the dying screams from her friends, and the sobs from her sister.

Suddenly, Twilight's horn sparked, flickering and dying. After repeating a few times, there was finally enough power to allow her magic to flow through properly, levitating Twilight out of the darkness, and toward the ceiling where Cadence was. Twilight opened her eyes slightly.

She poured all of her strength to move her hoof through the clear ceiling and reach out for something, to help her climb her way out.

While reaching, she felt something grabbing her, pulling her down into the darkness. She started to panic, adrenaline giving her the strength to attempt another push.

"Cadence!" she tried to scream, but felt herself being pulled down, unable to breathe, as if she was underwater. A chuckle echoed through her ears.

You will never be able to accept it! Nothing will stop me now!

Twilight shut her eyes with defeat. She stopped struggling and allowed herself be pulled down deep back into the darkness, landing hard with a thump.

She let out a huge gasp for air, coughing from the lack of oxygen and resting herself on the floor, panting heavily. She felt her strength and magic die away from her body, leaving her weak once more, and giving the attacks no resistance.

She was hit hard and slammed into the wall once more, grunting from impact and fall.

"You can't control me any longer, Chrysalis..." Twilight grunted. She was thrown again toward the wall, then beaten repeatedly. "I don't care what you do any longer, I've accepted that my friends are gone..."

The shadow that was attacking her morphed into the form she recognised as Chrysalis, glaring down at Twilight. The queen fired her horn at her, the green magic flying towards her at a breakneck speed. But instead of resisting, Twilight shut her eyes, accepting the attack.

She heard Chrysalis cry out, in another direction further from her. Twilight opened her eyes, finding her body glowing brightly, strength coursing through her very being.

She looked up, finding her friends in front of her, glowing faintly, but still bright. They all smiled at her, Twilight smiling back. She turned back to Chrysalis, lying on the floor but slowly getting up.

Twilight ran toward her, her horn glowing brightly. She fired an incredibly powerful spell throwing a beam of magic forward. Chrysalis responded with a beam of her own, letting the two beams slam into eachother. The epicenter of the magic moved little, neither side gaining any ground.

Twilight grunted, growing tired from all the power she was using. However, before she could exhaust herself, her friends all appeared next to her, putting their hooves around her neck and allowing more power to flow through.

Twilight pushed herself harder, the beam growing closer to Chrysalis, finally making contact with her horn and throwing her to the floor.

Chrysalis got up yet again, that stare of pure hate still aimed at Twilight. She quickly cast a spell, bringing it around herself and generating a huge amount of light. Twilight braced herself against the glare, covering her eyes.

When the light dimmed, Chrysalis had disappeared, her hooves galloping echoed behind her. Twilight let out a sigh, turning around to face her friends smiling.

She gave them all a hug, tears of joy falling from her eyes. She had finally come to the realisation that they were always with her.

Take care of Flurry Heart for me, okay Twilie?" Shining Armor asked, pulling himself out of the hug. Twilight smiled.

"Of course I will, BBBFF." Twilight said as Shining Armor put himself back into the hug.

Twilight backed away from her friends when the goodbyes had been given, allowing them to fade back to where they were needed. While they may have vanished, she could still felt their energy thrive through her body. She looked up toward the ceiling, trying to figure out how she was going to get up there. Steeling herself, she spread out her wings and flew toward the top, the pressure building and making it harder and harder to fly to the top.

She closed her wings, using her last resort, magic, to finish the way. She stretched her hoof forward, trying to touch the top of the ceiling, her hoof just barely making contact by an inch, allowing the message to reach her sister.

Cadence sat asleep in a chair next to Twilight's side holding onto her hoof, tired from the constant attacks that would cause her monitor to go off.

She woke up to the sudden feeling that something was wrong. She looked at her sister as the sound of her heart monitor beeping rapidly. Cadence jumped up and stared at her sister, clinging onto her hoof tight.

She quickly ignited her horn, her heart thumping hard as sweat dripped down her forehead, worrying she was going to lose her.

But instead of fading, Cadence could feel her sister regaining her strength, giving her the capability to awake.

Cadence ceased the magic flowing through her horn, panting and hoping that it was enough. The heart monitor returned to the natural heartbeat, displaying that Twilight was okay.

Cadence shut her eyes as she caught her breath. It wasn't long after that she heard a moan from the bed, prompting her to look over at the purple pony before her.

She watched as Twilight slowly started opening her eyes.

"Twilight?" she whispered, refusing to let her hopes raise too high.

Twilight finally opened her eyes, clouded, but open. Cadence enveloped her sister in a hug, tears of joy falling from her eyes. Twilight gave out a soft smile.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked, finding enough strength to speak. Cadence was silent for a moment before she spoke again.

"You've been in a coma for the past year..." she uttered hanging her head. "We got so worried that you weren't going to make it."

Twilight let out a groan, still slightly dizzy from all the events that had happened, and processing the new knowledge she had. Her eyes grew tired, barely able to stay open.

"You should get some rest, you've been through a lot."

Twilight nodded her head, and shut her eyes, allowing herself to sleep in peace, like she did once long ago, Cadence sitting beside her at her side.

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