• Published 26th Jan 2017
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Cold - Script Singer

Twilight had gone through many adventures. But she never could have made without her friends. Until a terrible accident occurs.

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(9) Nightmares

Twilight opened her eyes, finding herself in the same brightly lit room. Her brother stood in front of her once more. She reached out her hoof to his face.

"I don't hate you..." Twilight whispered shutting her eyes tight in an attempt to hold back her tears. She had regretted what she had said more so than anything she had ever felt before. "I didn't mean that, I wish I could take it back..."

Shining Armor grabbed onto Twilight's hoof and held it tight, but before he could say anything, his coat began to fade, turning to dust. Twilight noticed this as she opened her eyes.

"Shining Armor, don't go!" Twilight cried. "I need you! Please!" She reached out her hoof once more as he continued fading, the dust flying toward the sky.

"Shining Armor!"

Twilight tried to run after him, trying to keep him from leaving her. She didn't want him to leave her, not with the way she had left him.

"Shining Armor!"

She watched the last few pieces of her brother finally fade away completely. When nothing remained, she sat on the ground and sobbed into her hooves.

Twilight opened her eyes tears streaming down her face and turned to Shining Armor, staring out the window next to him as the night sky glowed.

Shining Armor laid in his bed motionless. Twilight tried to get up, but the pain forced her back down. Before she could try again, she felt a hoof on her shoulder.

Twilight looked up to find Celestia giving her a soft smile. The solar princess helped her into the wheel chair, and wheeled her to her brother's bedside. She stared at him, tears falling out of her eyes.

"I'm so sorry that I did this to you, Shining Armor." she cried. Her face became wet with tears, but she was unable to do anything about it with her inability to move. "This was all my fault."

Twilight understood now why they would take her out of the room when his monitor would go off. It was because she was killing him through her mind, and when she tried to save him, it only finished the job. The nurses would try to stop her, but she wouldn't allow them.

Twilight turned her head away from her brother and shut her eyes tight, unable to continue staring at him any longer.

After a few minutes, Celestia and Luna had to go back to Canterlot for some preparations and left Twilight there.

Dinner time came for Twilight the next day, and she couldn't get her magic to work, so the nurse had to help her.

Halfway through the meal, there was a knock on Twilight's door. The nurse went to go open it, smiling as she greeted the pony at the door.

Cadence walked in, carrying Flurry Heart in her hooves. Twilight gave her own smile when she saw her niece, happy to see the one little bundle of joy she still had in her life.

Flurry Heart giggled when she saw her aunt, but appeared to grow curious about what was going on.

Cadence sat herself and Flurry in a chair nearby Twilight's bed.

"How are you feeling, Twilight?" Cadence asked.

Twilight just stared at Cadence in response. Memories were playing through her mind of her brother. She turned her head the other way, unable to look at her sister.

"Please, get out..." Twilight mumbled.

"I'm, sorry...?"

"Get out!" Twilight yelled, facing her with a cold look on her face.

"Was it something I said-"


Flurry Heart let out a cry from her aunt's outburst. She clung onto her mother's coat. "Twilight, you're scaring her. What's-"


Cadence stared at Twilight for a moment, then rushed out of the room carrying Flurry in her hooves, trying to not show her face. Twilight knew she was crying.

Tears streamed down her face.

"I miss you..." Twilight whispered.

Twilight ran as fast as she could. The darkness kept chasing her. It would grab her hoof, but she used her magic to shoot out a blast and dispose of it.

Hooves grabbed Twilight by the tail. She turned, letting out a shriek. The sight of her friends greeted her, each one trying to drag her into a dark pool.

Join us, Twilight.

"No!" Twilight yelled. She pulled her tail, the hooves letting go, and continued running. She saw her brother, trying to grab her, but she dodged him before he could reach her.

Twilight stopped when another pony was in front of her.

"Flash..." Twilight whispered, tears falling from her eyes.

Flash stood in front of her. He walked toward her, bringing her close. He felt warm, and safe. Twilight held him in return.

We can be together forever, Twilight... he whispered.



Twilight felt her hoof slipping inside something. She looked down to find herself sinking again. She squirmed, trying to get out of Flash's grasp, but he had a firm grip on her and didn't let her go.

...and ever...

Her friends appeared next to flash, wrapping themselves around the two ponies. The added weight left her sinking faster into the darkness.

However, before she could sink too far, a bright light descended from the darkness around her. A beam shot toward the shadows on top of Twilight, destroying them with ease.

Twilight looked up, finding her sister. She reached out her hoof, hoping that Cadence wouldn't hate her for the fight they had.

Cadence grabbed her, pulling her up, landing her safely in the bright room once more. Twilight breathed heavily, looking up at her sister.

"Why...?" Twilight panted. "After what I said... why would you save me?"

Cadence didn't reply right away, but gave Twilight a smile and brought her close to her. Twilight held her tight.

"You're my sister, I will always love you no matter what."

Twilight felt safe and warm once more as her sister held her in her arms. Tears streamed down her face.

"I was so scared...." Twilight cried.

"I know." Cadence uttered, looking at her sister pulling her out of the hug. "We didn't want it to come to this, but it looks like we have no choice..."

"Come to what?" Twilight asked. She saw Cadence slowly fading away.

Twilight opened her eyes, finding Celestia, Luna and Cadence in the room. They stared at Twilight with a grim look on their faces.

"What's going on?" Twilight asked confused.

Luna walked forward to explain.

"The spell Chrysalis put on you, is worse than we thought." she said. "The Spell of Darkness is one of the worst fates a pony could have. We have done all that we can to stop it, but it looks like it's too strong."

"But there is a way to stop it, but there is no way of knowing if you'll... be able to make it..." Celestia finished.

"But desperate times call for desperate measures, but this is your choice, Twilight." Cadence said putting a hoof around Twilight's neck. "It's the only way to save you from this spell."

Twilight stared at her sister, thinking for a moment, a moment that felt like forever. She let out a soft sigh and shut her eyes.

"If it means getting rid of these nightmares, then let's do it."

Celestia, Luna and Cadence stood in a formation by Twilight's bed.

"Are you ready?" Cadence asked, taking hold of her hoof.

Twilight nodded her head with her eyes still shut.

"I need to hear you say it..."

Twilight took a deep breath and opened her eyes. "I'm ready." She knew deep down she wasn't, but she knew what had to be done.

Cadence backed up a few feet allowing Celestia to ignite her horn, along with Luna.

They fired at Twilight. Her coat glowed as she was slowly lifted out of the bed and into the air.

Celestia and Luna's eyes glowed white in response to the level of magic being used.

A dark aura levitated out of Twilight, leaving her screaming in agony. Cadence fired her horn, and as the bolt hit her, Twilight felt a sudden large crack in her back legs. Her screams of agony grew ever louder as the stabbing pain increased.

The princesses stopped, letting Cadence levitate Twilight in the air and softly land her back onto the bed.

Twilight cried, her face wet with tears. She was unable to do anything to help the pain in her legs, and so she just sat on top of the bed.

"I'll get the nurse!" Cadence said running out of the room.

Sweat dripped down Twilight's head as she tried to hold on, but the pain made holding on more and more difficult.

Celestia quickly fired her horn, refusing to let her student fall down the path that would lead her to her death.

"What's... going on?" Twilight grunted out loud. She let out a scream as the pain grew stronger.

"Hang in there, Twilight." Celestia whispered.