• Published 26th Jan 2017
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Cold - Script Singer

Twilight had gone through many adventures. But she never could have made without her friends. Until a terrible accident occurs.

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(8) How Could He...?

Twilight stood in front of her brother, glaring at him.

"Why?" she said. "Why did you do this to me?" Shining Armor wouldn't respond, instead giving her nothing but a look.

"Answer Me!" she demanded. "Why did you take Chrysalis to the Tree of Harmony and did what you did?"

"Twilie, it's not my fault... I was weak, and-" Shining Armor said, trying to put his arm to her chin, but found her pulling away from the gesture.

"Yeah, you were, and didn't care about me or my friends, you did it to save your own flank!"

"Twilight, that's not true-"

"Then why did you help Chrysalis?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Shining shouted.

Twilight stared at her brother with tears in her eyes. "'Wasn't my fault?'" she uttered, "You knew that I loved my friends more than anything, they are part of the reason why I am here now!"

"Twilight, if you would just let me explain!"

"You KNEW how much I loved them! Why did you do this to me?" Twilight sobbed into her hooves. "You're my brother, you shouldn't be doing something like this to me... you should be looking out for me, not betraying me..."

Shining Armor walked closer to his sister.

"I... I don't know how to say it..." Shining Armor did nothing but hung his head. Twilight glared at him more.

"I hate you." she uttered. Sobbing, she ran out of the room, ignoring his calls for her to come back.

"Twilight, please! Let me explain!" he yelled, trying to convince her to come back.

Twilight opened the door to her room and sobbed into her pillow. She didn't hear the hoofsteps of a new visitor, nor did she hear her door open.

Cadence gently patted Twilight on the head in an attempt to provide comfort. Twilight looked up at her sister, tears filling her eyes.

"Why...?" she cried. "Why would he do this...?"

"Maybe if you would just let him explain." Cadence said with a smile.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream coming from where her brother was, grabbing Twilight's attention.

"Twilight, help!" Shining Armor cried.

Twilight could faintly see her brother getting ambushed by changelings, attacking and pouncing on him.

Twilight slowly opened her eyes. She heard a heart monitor beeping as she sat herself up, feeling sore all over. She had casts on two of her legs and wore a neck brace, along with her wing wrapped up.

She saw her brother next to her in another bed, motionless.

"Shining Armor...?" she uttered. He wouldn't respond to her calls.

Twilight noticed his slow breaths and let out a sigh of relief, but before she could find any peace, she heard his monitor beeping rapidly.

She turned back to face him.

"Shining Armor?"

Doctors rushed over to his side.

"It's even worse than the last one..." one pony said.

"Stay with us, Shining Armor." another said.

Tears fell from Twilight's eyes as she watched ponies crowd around her brother. She tried to stop them, but her body was too sore to move.

One of the nurses came to the side of her bed with a wheel chair.

"It's okay, Princess. He'll be fine." she said.

Twilight stared at the nurse with tears falling from her eyes. "He needs me!" Twilight cried. "I'm his sister!"

The nurse ignored her objections and helped her into the wheel chair.

Twilight gave up, the pain in her body was too much. She stared at her brother as the nurse took her out of the room.

The nurse walked her down the hall for an hour and then brought her back into her room, helping her back onto her bed.

Twilight woke up to the sound of Shining Armor's monitor beeping again. The same thing happened again as before.

Ponies rushing into the room, taking Twilight on a walk, coming back an hour later. This lasted for almost a week.

Thoughts would go through her mind about her brother.

One night, Twilight laid in her bed. She kept moving around with all the thoughts clouding her mind.

"No!" Twilight yelled, waking up in shock, panting. Sweat dripped down her head, but she ignored it and shut her eyes.

After a couple of minutes she discovered that she couldn't go back to sleep after that dream she had.

She managed to pull herself out of bed and into a nearby wheel chair and roll over to her brother's bed. She put her hoof on his arm, tears falling from her eyes.

"I'm so sorry..." she whispered. "I never should have gone out alone."

Shining Armor would mumble every once in a while, showing response to Twilight. Twilight tried to hug her brother, without hurting her or him in the process.

She cried herself to sleep that night.

The next morning, the nurse found her sleeping there, on top of her brother. She softly tapped her on the shoulder, helping her back into her bed. She fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow.

Twilight sat her bed, thinking of what action to take, whether or not to save her brother. Thoughts ran through her mind, ones of her friends.

Finally, she ran back to help him, firing her horn and shooting the changelings. One by one, they disappeared.

After she took care of the changelings, she saw her brother laying on the ground. She stared at him, all of her mixed feelings for him surrounding her mind.

She wanted to hate him, to be angry for what he did, but she loved him.

"Why did you do this to me, Shining?" she asked with a tear falling from her face.

"Twilight..." Shining Armor let out a grunt, trying to get up to face his sister.

Suddenly Twilight's horn ignited, and without her input, began firing at her brother, throwing him back to the ground.

"No!" she screamed trying to stop it, but was unsuccessful. She watched in horror as her horn kept firing at her brother, and listened as he screamed out in pain.

A magical beam formed around him, engulfing him. It disappeared as her horn slowed down, revealing the spot Shining Armor was before, empty. She sat, tears falling from her eyes. As she cried, an faint voice echoed through her mind.

You can still save me. it said.

Twilight opened her eyes. She found herself in the wheel chair with the nurse a few feet away from the door out of the room. She tried to ignite her horn, teleporting herself to her brother, along with the wheel chair.

She grabbed his hoof, touching his horn with hers and ignited it with her magic. The nurse ran back toward her.

"No!" Twilight yelled. "I can save him!"

Twilight pushed harder fighting against Chrysalis's spell, hoping to be able to help her brother, but she only made him worse...

Shining Armor opened his eyes and stared at his sister, then shut them again.

The heart monitor let out a long beep.

Twilight stopped her horn, and sat there in shock. Tears fell from her eyes. She sobbed into his coat.

A chuckle echoed and filled the room. Twilight looked up, finding herself surrounded by darkness once more.

Queen Chrysalis's face appeared in front of her, chuckling loudly, echoing in Twilight's ears.

Twilight tried to run, but when she put the weight onto her hoof, she felt a sudden pain, causing her to fall toward the ground.

She tried her other hooves, but only had the same attempt end as the first. The darkness quickly grew from the floor as it wrapped its way around her hooves.

Twilight tried to pull it away, but she couldn't move. She slowly sank into the ground, pulled in with the darkness. She tried to reach out her hoof of the hole as she slowly sunk into the ground, hoping for somepony to grab her.

Darkness and cold surrounded Twilight, causing fear to be the most thing to be in her mind. She couldn't cry out for help or do anything to find her own way out of this pit of darkness. She knew it was hopeless to even continue on with her hope, feeling her hoof slowly sink into the darkness.

But suddenly, she felt a something trying to reach her hoof, leaving her attempting to push herself to reach farther, in the hopes of being able to grab the object and hold on tight. Her only thoughts were on trying to get out of this nightmare.

She was slowly rose out of the darkness, it trying to grab her back, but unable to due to the height she was at as she was lifted to a place full of light, slowly landing onto the ground.

Twilight panted, her eyes half open, tired from the event and actions. She looked up, only seeing brightness, watching it grow and surround her as she slowly shut her tired eyes, feeling the warmth and light around her. She slowed her breath, feeling more calm, and for the first time in a long time, felt safe.

Luna grunted, almost falling over. Celestia caught her before she hit the floor.

"Are you alright, sister?" Celestia asked. "Did you save her?"

Luna got up with her sister's help. "Yes..." She said. "Twilight is safe, for now..."

Celestia looked at the sleeping princess. Her coat was dim, but slowly receiving color again.

"It looks like it's worse than we thought." Luna whispered. "Are you sure we can stop it?"

"We have no choice if we wish to save her."

Twilight let out soft mumbles as color returned to her coat.

Author's Note:

Art was done by me