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Just a bisexual writer who writes for fun. Enjoy my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/507767/fallout-equestria-lionheart

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Spike only wanted to go to the Casino.

But little did he know, Twilight had other plans.

Chapters (1)

Drama! Romance! Pony Science! All this and more on tonight's episode!

TW: TwiDash content and adult comedy for mature ponies only

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle wants a burger. So does Rainbow Dash. And they were lesbians. Except it was all a story written by Maud. But they're still lesbians.

Trigger Warning: Contains lesbians (don't read if you're homophobic)

Chapters (1)

Rainbow's granddad is coming for a visit, and Rainbow told him she's married to a stallion that looks like an original comic character she dreamed up! Hilarity ensues as these unlikely lovers must work together!

A fluffy crackfic from the mind that brought you Nuts 2 (Except not really lmao I'm not that guy I'm someone else entirely, I just feel like reminding you that Nuts 2 exists)

tw: homophobic grandfather, transformation, tf, tg, genderswapping, cute tooth-rotting lesbian sweetness, subtle adult humor. Disregard downvotes from homophobic trolls

Chapters (1)