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Just a bisexual writer who writes for fun. Enjoy my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/507767/fallout-equestria-lionheart


Twilight Sparkle wants a burger. So does Rainbow Dash. And they were lesbians. Except it was all a story written by Maud. But they're still lesbians.

Trigger Warning: Contains lesbians (don't read if you're homophobic)

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Rainbow Dash opened her mouth wide to tell everypony exactly what she thought of Maud's story, and Twilight cringed.

Why is she cringing? That... thing Maud wrote is nothing but pure cringe. Great ending though. Makes the rest of it worth it.

Twilight expects RD to say something offensive.

Hey, that "subjective matter" thing would also explain why a trio of adolescents never grew an inch in nine years.

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