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Due to some of Puck's blundering, the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles find themselves in Ponyville. They try to adapt to their new lives as Elisa Maza negotiates with Twilight. One night, the gargoyle Brooklyn goes out but doesn't come back before sunrise, meaning he has to stay in Ponyville Park in the guise of a stone statue. The next day, Maud Pie just happens to come to town, and see this magnificent creature. She grows a fondness for him, and shenanigans ensue.

A crossover fic with the '90s Disney cartoon Gargoyles. Mainly centers around Maud and Brooklyn.

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GARGOYLES! You get a thumb just for that :pinkiehappy:

FINALLY some one did a gargoyles crossover I grew up with this show this is going to be freaking epic I tip my hat and give a :moustache:

4476391 :) Thanks! I've been contemplating doing a crossover with this for awhile now, glad I finally did it. This show is so underrated.

4476397 Thanks a bunch! Actually I'm not the first one, there's another Gargoyles crossover on this site but the creator of it appears to be inactive. Oh well, at least we got this now. :)

About time someone made a Gargoyles crossover:ajsmug:

4476931 Ikr? It's such a great show, I'm surprised someone hasn't done it before. (And no, I'm not counting that one fic someone started but cancelled.)

Expect more chapters in the coming weeks. :)

I had never even thought of this cross. I haven't even thought of that show in years.

But I was so intrigued that I just couldn't let it sit in my read later lists.

I surely hope that you can update soon/frequently, this is pretty awesome. :twilightsmile:

4476941 All I can say is its nice that some girl/mare is giving Brooklyn some attention ever seance he lost his shot with Maggie:pinkiesad2:

4477052 Oh trust me, I will be updating this a lot. I already have a finished chapter 2 and am working on chapter 3! So you can expect more within the next few days.

4477054 Yep! The poor guy hasn't been successful in the field of romance, but all that's about to change.

Just hope Boulder doesn't get jealous. XD

Normally I'm not into crossovers, but I'm giving this a chance. Also, I can hear their voices when I read it. Awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

I was going to comment that Broadway was gay. But I double-checked and it turns out that was Lexington.

4478412 I've spent the last month or so just rewatching all the episodes from seasons 1 and 2, guess it paid off. :) Thanks!

4478607 Yep. I did my research on this and had one of my fellow Gargoyles fans (who is also my irl best friend) as a fact-checker. Though technically, it wasn't confirmed Lex was gay until the comic spinoff.

I honestly haven't watched the show, nor do I usually get onboard with crossovers, but this seems like it should prove interesting enough to follow. :rainbowkiss: ... Kinda thought the idea of shipping Maud with a stone creature, in this case a Gargoyle, was a bit brilliant. Though, I'm not sure where that whole bit will go, her personality being what it is~♪
I look forward to seeing where this goes. :scootangel:

Really? Oh wow, I never would've guessed. :rainbowderp:

4479552 :) Thanks for following. In case you're wondering I'm planning on keeping Maud completely in-character, though I may elaborate on it a bit. And yeah, I'm sure I'm not the first one to do that--saw a Maud X Discord comic somewhere--but I'm actually trying to portray it in a less comedic light. Though their introduction is more comedic, this will develop as it goes on.

4479987 What, you were expecting it to be? XD I'm not even sure if the Gargoyles have dicks!

4480033 Yep. Didn't rewatch its third season though, that's where it went downhill.


Why do they wear loincloths then

4480273 Okay, you got me there ^^;
But still, I can imagine that a pony having sex with a gargoyle would be kinda... er, painful. If that makes any sense.


No, please do tell me more

4480296 :ajbemused: Seriously? Okay.

If you must know, I just speculate that considering the larger size of gargoyles in comparison to humans, and therefore ponies, and their... erm, junk, follow the same ratio, it would probably be... :rainbowderp: ow..

Should I elaborate further? Or do you get the idea?

Sigh, if you must know, you did suddenly get me wondering about writing a clopfic spinoff of this.

Sigh, if you must know, you did suddenly get me wondering about writing a clopfic spinoff of this.

Good job, parasprite! :rainbowlaugh:

I can see it now, Maud convinces Brooklyn to whip out his tallywhacker and get it up to full attention as daylight draws, then she rides him while he's stone.


I can't read tiny text; please switch it to at least 7em.

4480335 XD I have always wondered if the gargoyles get stuck in an embarrassing pose. That might count, lol.

4480343 I said:

Sigh, if you must know, you did suddenly get me wondering about writing a clopfic spinoff of this.

Highlight it and copy it into notepad or something. :facehoof:

Right. Stupid internet. :ajsleepy:

4480459 Hey, don't feel sad, I fell for it too XD

4480817 Thanks! :)
Expect more in the next few weeks.

And just like that, you've gained my attention. It's been so long since I've seen Gargoyles that I was entirely unaware of Brooklyn's poor romance streak. I look forward to further installments.

4482542 :) Thanks! I was also unaware of it too until I watched all the season 1 and 2 episodes recently. Poor guy, just can't seem to get laid. XD

There was a ton of great fanfic material for gargoyles. I especially liked Timedancer...


4482817 I've heard a bunch about the comic spinoff, but never read any of those. This fanfic is strictly based on the universe of the show--I've already been corrected once about how allegedly Brooklyn finally DID get a gargoyle girl (gargirl? nahh) named Katana, but as I said, having never read the comics I didn't know about that.

I will try to get to reading those as soon as possible, though. :)

Gargoyles, eh?
I know nothing of the show, as I was too young to remember it, but I'll stick around, just for Maud.:pinkiehappy:

4484771 :)
I remember watching reruns of it as a little kid, but I wrote this one after rewatching the entirety of seasons 1 and 2 of it. It's actually a pretty great show, I'd personally recommend checking it out.

Gargoyles? sweet adding to read latter I've 2 many story's im reading now as it is to start a new one but will get to this some day.(probable once I have caught up with the 20 or stories that have new chapters:facehoof:)

4485168 Sweet. :)
Tell me though, am I the only one on FIMFic who has 0 stories in "read later"?

4485272 Wile I cant speak for every one else I get distracted when I log on to the main page if I see a story that looks good I tag it. (mite have a touch of a.d.d. I'm reading like 3 books in real life 2 when I cant be on here :facehoof:) but ya I think you mite be the only zebra in a town of pony's there mate.

4485272 welp I just read your story and must say I'm loving it you have the voices down for each character so far(given their attitudes makes it easy to read in their voices) plus you did not bog us down with a lot of detail about the town I'm sure by now we each have a idea of what it looks like. (least our version of it) given us just enough detail to let our minds paint the back drop with out you having to hold our hands this is something that can be hard for most authors (even the ones that do it for a living) I.E. Steven King wile a great author has the problem of to much detail and so long as you don't bog us down with flash backs if you do any.(wind through the keyhole as Mr. King's worst example of to much detail and flash backs) um this is getting long in the tooth I don't have any thing negative to say about it but maybe a warning do try to make Maud sound female even with her mono tune voice other wise we mite forget and have her sounding like Ben Stein. (hope her pet likes Lex)

4485454 Yeah, probably. I'm also one of the only people who makes Gargoyles/MLP crossovers. Not counting one other FIMFiction user, but we aren't counting that because he went inactive awhile ago.

4485586 Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'm trying hard to make the characters sound like their normal selves. A big problem with things I write is they often wind up all sounding the same. But I will take your feedback.

A big problem for me in writing this is, I have been told to add more detail about the Gargoyles and their backstories/lore because many bronies would not know about them. Thing is, if I did that I think it would feel unbalanced since I'm not explaining everything about MLP lore. So I think so far I have it balanced out well. Though I might do a chapter sometime in the future explaining in further detail how they got there.

4485663 easy fix (least I think so) when Lex and Maud meet im sure he could try to tell her about their past but she cuts him off wanting to more about the hole stone by day thing. (this way you could slip a bit of comedy in given her love of all things rock) or make a non cannon chapter with bullet points about their hole past having it centered abound the cmc staying up one night at their club house then having one of the gargoyles happening by in their patrol and deciding to try and talk with them what adult would believe a kid about something like that. (the youngest one would work with this idea) this way those that want the back story get it those that don't can just skip the chapter. just a idea hope it helps.

4486005 Hey, thanks for the ideas! I might use those! :)

That would be nice to do. I think something else funny is, Brooklyn takes off flying, and lands at Town Hall, but then upon arriving there Maud comes in.
Brooklyn: "D'ahh! How did you get here?"
Maud: (deadpan) "I followed you."

4486033 that would be funny and the sort of thing to inforce that she is pinkish sister.

Lexington X Twilight: Make it happen :raritystarry: Would be nerdlove at its finest

4484771 Look it up, I remember it when it first aired. Amazing cartoon, dated to no end but amazing non the less

4486355 Exactly XD Sorta like in the show:
Dash: "Whoa! How'd you do that?"
Maud: "I threw it."

4486763 Ahh, I totally would except Lexington is gay in canon ^^; Sorry..

Wow this story is already featured, that was fast:pinkiegasp:

4487607 This is featured?
(Checks front page)
(Passes out)


Also, nah, it shouldn't cause too much trouble. XD She'll be alright by the next chapter. That's just what gargoyles do when they wake up.

4486763 Though don't worry, I've considered it and I might have them form a close bond as friends, if not as a couple. :)

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