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Just a bisexual writer who writes for fun. Enjoy my story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/507767/fallout-equestria-lionheart

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Have to say I like what I’m reading so far, the world building and fusion of two different universes seems just seamless
Looking forward to reading more!!!

Are you talking about Fallout and My Little Pony or something else?

This story is a fusion of My Little Pony and Fallout... And something new. When the hero is ready to save his Stable BLOOD WILL FLOW! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

I disabled ratings because I prefer comments.

I put a lesbian in my story. I hope nobody here has a problem with that.

One of many shelters intended to house Equestria's population was subjected to an experiment: Unleashing a potion-based mutagen which transformed every pony it touched into another random animal.

...I'm confused. What would the point of that experiment be?

Most people won't read stories with ratings disabled, which means you won't get comments, either.

To see if a Stable full of non-ponies could function well together. And restore Equestria's supply of non-mutated animals. However, those in charge of the experiment forgot to account for what making large swaths of the population into dumb, panicky animals with but a semblance of the typical pony mind would do to society. Bigger-brained animals had their intelligence improved, but the rest... Not so much. They might live in Stable 69, but they're fucked in a whole new way. No wonder the Nobles were able to take over... I just hope someone else can set things right. Someone like... Sparky, or Twilight.

While I view criticism as a useful thing to help writers improve, I don't think I'd want to know what somebody thinks about my story, if he's going to be turned off by something so silly.

Its a red flag because most people that turn off ratings also tend to not be receptive to criticism, so a lot of people are gonna immediately assume that when they see your story. Also I could pull the same thing on you and say that its silly to disable those since its just a rating system, not a big deal if you get some downvotes or something

What a silly thing to believe about vote scores. Plenty of sites do fine without them.

A lot of people like this website over others because the community surrounding it tends to be more critical and less hugbox-y than other fanfiction websites, so that's just how it is. Anyway its your call to make

"Critical", huh? I didn't notice. Seems like trying to get worthwhile story criticism out of a community used to expressing itself through numbers is like trying to get blood from a stone. I welcome criticism of my story that could help it improve, but "I didn't like your story so there" is not my problem.

Well the sites well past its prime

When I have the chance, I'll give this a look

“Did you know I was hacking Pokemon roms and making basic HTML websites before I turned ten?”

Wow that shit is more popular then I thought. They're literally outporting them to adjacent dimensions.

“No. Now what did you think of the story, professor?” Sparky repeated, wondering where the teacher's maturity was.

He's in a profession where he is literally forbidden from being fired from. Take a guess

“What's a rom? Never mind, none of that shit you just said matters to me. Your story gave me AIDS, son! Cancer and AIDS! And cancer with AIDS!”

Blackjack gets AIDS. She got AIDS loads of times.

Yup, those Alcholol Induced Dizzy Spells sure put her in some interesting spots

Then validate the fuck out of them by making her a bloodthirsty hyper-efficient ultra-tough near-invincible cold-blooded murderer who acts like she's controlled by a completionist tabletop gamer utterly detatched from the potential consequences of his actions whenever there isn't some hot female ass for her to stare at!

Min max the munchkin murder hobo

A little heavy handed here hmm? Not neccesarily bad, but... well...:applejackunsure:

Why do I get a "server error" when I try PMing you?

the hell... you are the second person I've had this happen to. Try it now

Not that I'm complaining, but why is Sparky's character sheet in such a random place in the story?

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