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Update 5 - What? Chapters!? · 2:23pm March 25th

Greetings, Stalkers!

I've been updating my story quite a bit, haven't I? Well, thank you for noticing. This is part of an in-action plan that will drive the story forward, despite the flaws in it. After I reach a specific chapter threshold, oh, let's say 15-20-ish chapters. I will be hiring an editor to help me work out the kinks in my story, so that when I introduce it to new readers. They won't immediately vomit at all of the chapters that I wrote.

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Shadow of Equestria

Genre: Mystery, Adventure, and Science fiction.

Description: Years ago, when a nuclear power plant accident in Manehattan occurred and resulted in the evacuation of all Equestrian residents. An 'Exclusion Zone' was established by Lunar authorities. A second explosion occurred and shaped Equestria forever. The explosion brought with it unusual phenomena such as mutated animals, deadly radiation, and strange, anomalous energy.

When an amnesiac unicorn awakes within the exclusion zone, a peculiar clue is found: assassinate Gray Steel. Armed with this clue, subpar gear, and her wits, she embarks on a journey to uncover the secrets of her shadowed past.


GREEN - Active story.
YELLOW - Hiatus.
RED - Writing.
DIAMOND - Completed.

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