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Author, Historian, Grad Student, Fallout Fan, Fisherman, Texan. If I don't know it, I will find out.

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Time to read all of the books in two, three days

I like the sound of that!

The Curse of being able to read close to a Million words a DAY( or about 14-16 hours)

That is impressive. My rate is pretty slow right now.

With my nations COV-19 lockdown I have nothing better to do than to read and play video games, if you know of any good long stories please tell me

Hmm, nothing that is complete comes to mind. I'll DM you. It's not complete, but you should check out my Dragon War Series and EQG:SAO - Aincrad. EQG:SAO is a fun adventure.

After you finish all of Mindrops stories, I would have to recommend reading the original Fallout Equestria and Project Horizons if you like the Fallout Equestria genre

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