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I literally just downloaded all of the previous books. To see this added, make me happy

It will be a bit slow on the release. EQG:SAO is taking up more time than planned. But I am doing my best. I wanted to at least get it released.

I just decided to release the first chapter in Sagas of Shanyisa. That too will be a slow release, but worth it.

Great update. Liking this new story.

Cant wait for the next chapter mindrop. Keep up the good work!

I thought you said the previous story was the last story in this series.

Wait, which one? Book 4? Book 5 finishes the story proper. There is the "Sagas of Shanyisa," but those are not finished yet.

Great job on the last chapter! Cant wait for the next one!

Cant wait for the next chapter! Favorite fic so far!

Amazing chapter! Keep up the good work!

I am almost out of finished material for the book.

Comment posted by MrMcFatFry deleted Oct 7th, 2020

I just discovered a block of chapters I was unaware I had written. It's got some gaps, but I am further along than I realized!

Nice! I cant wait to read them!

It was in one of the earlier books. What's Sagas of Shanyisa?

Sagas of Shanyisa is about the Shadow's time in the Zebra's land. It is sort of on Hiatus right now. Its not necessary to the story. Its a side book.

Nice chapter! Cant wait for more!

Cant wait for the next chapter!

Well you don't have to! I was preparing to release on tonight and just did. Class is over so I could.

Loved the chapter! Gives me something to look forward to every other week!

Great chapter as usual!

Is shaping shadows on haitus or have you been really busy mindrop?

I'm glad that you are still working on it. Thanks for the new chapter.

Great chapter! Keep up the good work mindrop!

Loved the new chapter mindrop! Can't wait for more!

I'm almost out of written chapters...lol. I guess I better get writing to finish them. I just have so much I am doing and writing.

Omg, book 5 and I'm only done with one and into half of book two after these years?!
Geez, you're a great writer and I hope to catch all up with these before the year ends. Here's to 2021! 🍻

Thanks. Its a slow release on 5. Very slow.

Is there going to be a new chapter out this week mindrop?

Done. Last I got written. Sorry. School is taking me a lot more time than expected, cause Grad school! I am loving school though.

That's good. I am glad that you are enjoying school. And the chapter was great.

Thanks. I need to write more. It's got a good ending. It's a good story. EQG SAO has taken over sadly.

It's a very good story. And i still need to check out EQG SAO later.

You will enjoy it. It stays canon to SAO, in writing a full crossover version.

Is there going to be a new chapter this week mindrop?

No. I am behind in writing and crunched for time with projects for the last 9 days of school. You have all that I have written.

Ok. I hope you do well on your projects and I hope you will get the chance to finish writing shaping shadow when you can.

Thanks. And it will get finished. I know the details, I just need to write it.

I hope you have time to work on shaping shadows, Mindrop. I'm excited to see what happens next.

Trying to figure that out while I balance several things. I really want to finish it so it is done and I can check the box. I know the ending.

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