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Editing doesn't stop when something is published; that's only the start of getting reader feedback.

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Nyerguds's Fimfiction to Epub converter

Latest version: 1.14.8

Release date: 08-Sep-2016 20:35 (GMT+1, DST)

This tool now requires the .Net framework v4.5!


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(feel free to post comments/requests :)

Latest changes:

-Upgraded the whole program to use the .Net framework v4.5, to support newer HTTPS protocol.

-The settings screen now has a connection timeout setting.

-Added startup check on required components.

[Full change log]

[Dev folder]


Bio? Umm...  I dunno. I like ponies?

What do you mean, that's not enough?

Right. My name is Nyerguds. That's pronounced Knee-Air-Goods, though the knee-air bit is sort of one syllable, and the "air" part is more like the first part of "[err]or", really. Like "Njet!", only with an R at the end. Am I still making sense? I doubt it, but, whatever. IPA should be: 'nʲerɡʊdz

I am Aficionado of the Written Word, Certified Grammar and Spelling Nazi, and have recently found myself shanghaied into prereadership because of that. Together with my regular tracked story updates, this leaves me with little to no time to actually write.

Contrary to what my grasp of the English language might make one expect, I am Belgian, meaning that besides the English (which isn't in any way an official language to me) I am officially trilingual, with Dutch (Flemish, actually) as mother tongue, French as semi-fluent secondary language, and German clinging onto the corners of my brain solely supported by its similarity to Dutch.

For the rest... I'm a huge fan of Fallout: Equestria, and I often hang out on the irc chat of fallout-equestria.com.

Besides ponies, I spend my time digging through the binary bowels of the first Command & Conquer games. At least, when I'm not busy programming to make a living.

My best work

  • Flitter One changeling was already inside Canterlot... and he was as surprised as the ponies were. by Nyerguds 30,843 words · 27,573 views · 2,956 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Fallout Equestria: The Daily Unlife "Live a little, they say. Easier said than done." Lemon Frisk, a 220-year-old Canterlot ghoul, leaves Stable One looking for the Meaning of Unlife. by Nyerguds 137,881 words · 4,660 views · 287 likes · 21 dislikes

Now,  you may think, this is a bit late, no? But this wasn't actually inspired by Groundhog Day, nor by the movie about that day (which I haven't seen, anyway), but by Admiral Biscuit's excellent story Silver Glow's Journal, in which a pegasus exchange student got acquainted with an odd human tradition that went against everything her weatherpony training had taught her.

Unlike the poor pony in the story, I did realize that weather predictions given by a sleepy woodchuck were not to be taken too seriously, and my ponderings on that subject condensed into this poem:

Concerning the Value of Groundhog Day

By Nyerguds

Oh it's just a tradition

Based on old superstition

You won't risk extradition

By finding it dumb,

So just make it your mission

To avoid all derision

Go ahead, make a wish and

Enjoy all the fun.

But in case you are fishin'

For some truth in the vision

Of a groundhog's decision

As it sees the first sun,

Then I'll make the admission

There is not much precision

In the assumed position

Of that old groundhog's bum.

(With salutes to Tom Lehrer, whose style undoubtedly influenced this :yay:)

My Latest Work

  • T Chasing the Darkness

    A bounty hunter with the magical ability to peek into the future is sent to hunt down a bona fide clairvoyant. The kind who doesn't need an 'ability'.  · Nyerguds
    3,052 words · 158 views  ·  13  ·  4
  • T Fallout Equestria: Night of the Loving Dead

    Despite remarrying, Lemon Frisk never really said goodbye to his first wife. He decides to remedy that.  · Nyerguds
    2,227 words · 357 views  ·  24  ·  2
  • E Fallout Equestria: Day of Cabbages and Turnips

    To some, the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows had a different name. Because, when LittlePip destroyed the cloud cover, all those vegetables from the Enclave cloud farms had to come down somewhere.  · Nyerguds
    3,112 words · 505 views  ·  41  ·  2
  • T Fallout Equestria: Deep Imprint

    Fen Runner glanced at the southern edge of his field, and an odd sense of unease came over him. He just hoped this didn't mean he would be the next victim of the Bunker and its curse.  · Nyerguds
    5,136 words · 433 views  ·  41  ·  6
  • E I Want Tomorrow

    Nightmare Moon is defeated. A new dawn has finally come. One stallion looks at the setting moon at the horizon, wondering whether he did the right thing by helping Celestia imprison the mare he loves.  · Nyerguds
    1,300 words · 643 views  ·  51  ·  4
  • T Fallout Equestria: A Second Chance

    Sometimes, a second chance is not a good thing. Especially if it includes a third, fourth and fifth, and doesn't look like it'll stop any time soon.  · Nyerguds
    2,894 words · 722 views  ·  50  ·  9 · gore

Stories I've had a hand (hoof?) in

  • T The Mane Six Discover Human Music

    Twilight has developed a device that can detect strange signals coming from outer space; signals from aliens! She gathers her friends so that they can all listen in. But they may not like what they hear...  · Blissey1
    20,215 words · 27,059 views  ·  2,709  ·  41
  • T A Novel Tale

    Novel Tale, a changeling living in Canterlot as a writer, has his peaceful life shattered when changelings from another hive attack, revealing the existence of changelings to all of ponykind. And his last book had a changeling character in it...  · Blissey1
    53,594 words · 20,990 views  ·  2,753  ·  46
  • T Honey Pie II: The Wrath of Chrysalis

    Pinkie Pie and Sweetcake should be living happily ever after, despite the fact that some ponies in Ponyville aren't entirely pleased to have a changeling around. But it turns out that angry townsponies are going to be the least of their problems  · SPark
    24,324 words · 7,519 views  ·  1,260  ·  19 · sex
  • T The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings

    "I did not pick this, it just happened. It was this or ballet, and I can't dance."  · SaintAbsol
    56,583 words · 7,578 views  ·  1,093  ·  22 · gore
  • E Twilight Sparkle Exports Herself Repeatedly

    Having defeated the scourge of news stories about her banal personal life, Twilight must now face a far greater and more embarrassing threat: News stories about her love life.  · Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch
    12,926 words · 8,932 views  ·  1,100  ·  24
  • T Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes

    Fallout Equestria side story - A young filly begins her adventure looking for her mother.  · mimezinga
    134,575 words · 43,345 views  ·  2,595  ·  67 · gore
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Maybe we argued somewhere. :trollestia:

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It's the patch everyone plays C&C on :raritywink:

And, I dunno. I often comment on topics in the Writer's Group forum, so that could be it? I'm also group admin in the Fallout: Equestria group, but I dunno if you even hang out there.

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Yeah, but that's the patch I play C&C on. You are also the guy who found the unused wheeled vehicle logic in Tiberian Dawn. I was looking for that vid, and when I finally found it, I was like "hey, don't I know this guy from FimFic?" :rainbowlaugh:

On that note, where do I know you from here? Comments on one of my fics, perhaps?

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Yup. There's only one of me. Same username, and if possible, same avatar, absolutely everywhere. :twilightsmile:

I don't have that many C&C vids on youtube though, lol. And the C&C95 patch can handle a lot more than just Win7 :moustache:

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Is it actually possible that you are the same guy who made the patch that lets you play Tiberian Dawn on Windows 7? And also the guy with all the C&C vids on YouTube?

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