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I wrote an overly depressing fanfic.

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Message me for my discord information!

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Info Stuff

I mainly make depressing and deep stories that are usually extremely short (1000 word minimum short.) I love all things sci-fi so I usually base my content off of that.
If you need to contact me or have any questions (for whatever reason you would ask me) feel free to shoot me a message.
My door is always open on discord and I am fairly active on it!

About My Political Opinion (I base my stories off of it)

I'm a grad-student studying political theory (with not the best writing skills.) My political opinions conflict with many post-accelerationist ideals (although I do consider myself an accelerationist) because I disagree with the full-automation of America's labor force. I accept that the fall of capitalism will not happen in my lifetime but will occur inevitably. Therefore, in accelerationist medians, I fully support the expansion of capitalism for it just to self-destruct in the end.
Please note, this does not mean I am a right-winger due to my support of capitalism because if you read anything of the above I only support it so it could collapse faster.


My short story Fully-Automated is out! · 11:32pm Last Monday

My new story Fully-Automated is out and ready for reading at your leisure! You can check it out here!

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One more name change and I think I'm done. I find it totally weird as well that I keep on doing this, but it is a habit of mine.

I always do, I just am on a quest to finding a new and good name, I guess. But I think my current one is best.

Eh screw it, I have no idea.

You changed your name again :moustache:

My first story obviously failed, so I deleted it. Thanks to Interloper's writing guide, I hope to recover quickly. Ideas and research have been done so far. Expect to see some more announcements in a week at the longest.

Comment posted by Kyber deleted Nov 8th, 2015
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