The New Maud Pie Group 27 members · 115 stories

Elloo, I notice that the two of the Maud Pie groups are a bit inactive and most of the admins are gone at this point. So I decided to make a new one, just in case.

Here's the original 2 of the groups if you're curious:
Maud Pie
Maud Pie is Best Pony

Here'es some extra groups that's connected to Maud pie:
Marble Pie
The Pie Sisters
Pie Family
Limestone Pie. Admin is inactive, though the group is still having some stories added
Pinkies Parents
Young Pie Parents
"Blinkie" Limestone Pie, "Inkie" Marble Pie and

1. Be nice to each other
2. Please place stories into their suitable folder.
3. No mature content is allowed outside of its designated folder. Light swearing is acceptable however (Teen)

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