Light Breeze is happy because one of their own has passed away. In their village nobody cries when somepony dies, they are happy because that means they joined the great equalizer of life: death. In death, all are equal and everyone is happy together. Although Light Breeze does feel a bit, unhappy. Like he's upset that she died by hanging herself and doesn't understand why. When he goes to the funeral held at Starlight's house, it looks like a typical funeral, but everypony is happy and Starlight, acting as the minister, gives a speech about how she is finally going to be happy forever and that they must all honor her by remembering to be equal and united...

Idea and suggestions are all thanks to this guy - Rated Ponystar
Editing was brought to you by - Basic Information (Don't question it)

Edit: Now with a great reading! By this guy
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Comments ( 14 )

This story is really beautiful, wonderfully written!

5876894 Yo thanks for that comment, I'm glad it came out half way decent.:twilightsmile:

I really, really like this story... The imagery is astounding, mate. <3

Applause for you. If you don't mind, I'd love to make a reading out of your story.

5878913 Erm... What?:rainbowhuh:

Well, I won't stop ya my friend, I'm just a little surprised someone thinks this is worth a reading. Oh and thanks for that, ya made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.:pinkiesmile:

5878940 Of course! You touch on a lot of interesting theme's is all, so that's why I think it would be worth it. ^^

Aww, that ending:raritycry:

Did I ever tell you that i really, ... really, ... REALLY hate you, when you do something like this? :rainbowhuh:
You write such a beautiful story, with an incredible fullfilling romance, almost too much sadness to bear and yet a so heart wrenching ending that it feels just soooooooooooooo right to almost cry. I'm at work, sitting at my desk right now. I just read this beauty and would really love to just sit down in a corner and cry, mainly because of this unbelievable mix of emotions you stirred up inside me.
I'm a man celestia damn it, men aren't supposed to cry because of imaginary, candy colored little horses. :raritycry:

Ok, all fun aside for a moment :twilightsheepish:
This story is so right in so many ways, I simple can't discribe how good it felt.
You did a mangificent job putting this together and I'm terribly sorry that it took me so long to read it. I applaud you, great work :yay:

And now, if you would please excuse me dear sir. I have to restore my inner manlyness by either smashing some furntiture with my bare hands, with a primal roar, or at least by excessive farting and burping, while consuming anhealthy amounts of beer. :eeyup:

5889395 yo, ya comment was funny and enduring all at the same time. But seriously, thanks for that.

I kinda like to think my style of writing caters more to the emotional needs and wants of a reader and I write with scarce dialogue and heavy descriptive elements. However my weakness is my lack of diverse wordplay and my tendencies to completely skip editing...

With all that said, I could stand to see some improvements. But ya words granted me relief none the less.


Got the reading finished. God it's a long one. ^^ Fun though.


Hey, I wrote a review for this story! It can be found here.

What a devastating story. While I think it could do with some additional editing, it is overall a very effective and terribly dark story.

Author Interviewer

I wish this story had been more consistent. The opening scene was phenomenal, but it's like the flashbacks were written by an entirely different person. I can't figure out what Starlight's motivation was, and while I see what you were getting at with this story...

I hate to say "I wouldn't have written it this way", but there are just so many roads you opened up with the death cult stuff that you never explored. :/

6047453 Eh, cults and starlight weren't really any motivation for me... This was written raw in about a total of two straight hours and it's sole purpose was to entail the ideology that some people aren't destined to succeed at life. Everything isn't rainbows and sunshine, cause they say work hard and you'll achieve your goal. But they don't tell you that ya can work hard in the wrong direction and this story was a prime example of that. The ending can be interpreted many different ways... Morbid, bittersweet, or just down right depressing.

The truth is cults and people like starlight exist, but what makes them different is the stories of those who make them what they are. That was the only point of this. Oh and as far as how this was written, I kinda get that alot, since I never edit and tend to put a little spin on story structure I either amaze or turn away most potential readers. But hey, it's a hobby lol.

Thanks for checkin' this thing out, I really appreciate it.:twilightsmile:

This is a really nice idea, and I think it could go very far with a good polishing.

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