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Aww, Basic you do have a heart.:heart:

I'm curious, I wanna say you were implying some AppleDash their... But I'm not sure.

Good one shot.

7378624 Hey, I'm a good guy when I try hard enough, and as far as the implied ship goes. I'll just leave that one to ya, I have no real interest in disclosing that.:trixieshiftright:

Bad Advice, by Basic Information... Huh. :trollestia:

7378624 I don't think it was AppleDash cause AJ isn't a princess but I might be wrong cause its a fanfic after all.

7379605 oh wow, why did I never notice that... :moustache:

7379640 yea, that's why I said I'm not sure... The princess bit seemed like a dead give away. But floating over Apple aces and sitting under that tree did to...


7380415 its left to interpretation so it could be her or maybe its Twilight and Dashie just likes that tree at the Apple's farm.

I would it was Twilight because of the "princess" thing and when I originally read this I thought it was Twilight. But after taking another look at it, and reading the other comments, I could see how it would be AppleJack too. Great juan deag shot though!

7473591 Thanks for the compliment, and also as far as the ship part of it. I left it open ended because at the time I couldn't decide between three ponies, but by time I finished I had a specific one in mind. Still I decided to leave it as it was, I enjoy allowing readers to gain their own interpretation from my stories.

While my personal OTRDP is SoarinDash, with ScootaDash being my number two pairing, this was still a fun quick read.

I'll go for something different and say that the pony RD asked out was not AJ nor Twilight but instead Spitfire.
Mainly because she said they're still "good friends".
If it was another member of the mane 6, she'd have said something like "great friends" or "she's still my best friend".

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