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We are the Cat Nation, A Benevolent Autocracy led by the wonderful King Meow Te-Sung. We are a legit Nation, no matter what the so called "Experts" at the United Nations believe!

HISTORY (copied from our wikipedia page )

The Cat Nation began, under it's formal name, in 1961, as a small group of feline revolutionaries protesting the widespread de-sexing of male cats. This cause is thought by several prominent psychologists to have contributed to the extremely sexist, male-centred culture we see amongst the Nation today.

The leader, known by Paco Tacoyummy, was young radical, himself traumatised by the de-sexing treatment. Many at the time expected that the Paws of Righteous Harmony were merely a somewhat comical spin-off stemming from the widespread counter-cultural tendencies of the time, and would soon peter out. However, it was not to be.

The Paws of Righteous Harmony distinguished themselves by their unique combination of feline sneakiness and violent retribution on perceived enemies. The sheer efficiency of their terrorist operations, especially given the lack of soldiers with opposable thumbs, attracted the attention of Communist spies, and in the early part of 1965, the Paws received disproportionately massive subsidies in Sovbloc money.

Most dear to the young cats’ hearts, however, they allegedly received a shipment of highly illegal (and theoretically impossible) “re-sexing pills” from the People’s Republic of China, eerily foreshadowing the Cat Nation’s unethical use of chemical treatments and gene therapy to further their goals. The side effects, reported to be an horrific product of the pill’s original use in interrogative situations, are thought to be the root of many of the more radical elements of the group. Most provable, however, is that as a demonstration of sheer gratitude, “Fluff” abandoned his slave name, and became “Meow Tse-Tung”, and since this event, Cat Nation citizens traditionally adopt (often nonsensical) surnames in Mandarin Chinese.

It was in the 22nd of September, 1965 that the Paws of Righteous Harmony first declared their independence as a Nation to the United Nations. It was also on this day that they were first to be denied this claim, and, in what has become something of an annual event, it was on this day that Meow Tse-Tung first threatened the capital cities of the world with the "newly built" Moon Cannon.

While certainly not uneventful, the intervening years largely followed a pattern of demands, threats, denials, further demands, petty squabbles, minor terrorism and unprosecutable acts of guerilla warfare.

The only non-violent/legal event of interest occurred on the 22nd of September, 2001, when Meow Tse-Tung halted his annual “Destruction of the Capitals” speech to offer condolences towards the United States for the events of 9/11. However, he promptly retracted that statement and offered sanctuary to any terrorists involved when it became clear that the US would not be offering control of Afghanistan in exchange for his support.

Currently, they are in a "cold war" against fellow kitten kin Kittenolivia and an intergalactic war against the Dog Star, their dreaded enemies the Dog must be destroyed. Those butt-smelling, self-licking, toilet water drinking overgrown rats.

We are dedicated to stamping out the Jews, dogs, and everything against us (Not Cats)

Remeber our Nation al quotes: Under the moon cannon, all are equal! and If you are with us, you are gay.

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