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Rusty was working the twilight dawn guard, the highest rank for a guard of her mixed bloodline, for they worked for both princesses.
But mysterious symptoms began to appear with no real cause....
Could she figure out why before it's too late?

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Ember was a young alien, with a powerful Queen. But after a sudden invasion, she was forced to leave. Her ship damaged, she crashes into a small little town known as Ponyville.....
Thank you Thunderbolt Sentiel for being my editor. :twilightsheepish:

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A war breaks out between Dragons and Wolves. But what will happen when you're both wolf and dragon?
One can only pick one side....
Rated T for violence and multable uses of profanity.

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Morningstar did not expect to fall in love. But after a year in the Royal Guard, he finds himself having feelings for his commander. He knows this is wrong, but can he find a way to tell her how he feels?
And will she love him back?

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Rusty likes to meet new ponies. She doesn't like the thought of others being alone either. But a simple meeting with an Earth pony named Note Sketch turned into something more when she runs into her Ex-stallionfriend Sombra. (And probably I'll continue this without Note....:unsuresweetie:)

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She may look like an ordinary wolf..... but as the tale unfurls, there is more bark to this bite than the eye tells.

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Gale is a Cloudsdale-born Canterlot pony. His mother, a pegasus called Gust, insisted that Gale had to be born in Cloudsdale to "feel the real wind in his wings." Nevertheless, she moved in with Gale’s father, Goldstein, a Canterlot aristocrat. Despite their residence being in the capitol, Gale still frequently visited his family in Cloudsdale, went to Junior Speedsters and lived the life of a normal young Cloudsdale pegasus. However, his father tried to make him more like himself – high-class.
Young Gale didn’t like being tied down with rules like that – like most young pegasi, he yearned for wind in his wings and a vast sky to fly through. This led to some problems with Gale’s father, naturally. Gale’s mother – a free spirit herself – supported her son instead.
As Gale got older, he – like most of his peers – wished to be admitted to the Wonderbolts. While a competent flier, he wasn’t anything extra. Nevertheless, he tried hard, trained and pushed himself to the limit. He even moved back to Cloudsdale so he could devote all his free time to practice.
During the Wonderbolt’s try-outs – a large lap through and around Cloudsdale – everything changed. At first, Gale’s agility and hours of training won him the first spot, but he soon found himself competing against a faster, stronger opponent, Blaze. Gale pushed himself like he never did, almost reaching supersonic speed. However, the track was mainly plotted with agility in mind. In a sharp turn, Gale lost control and crashed to a building.
The young pegasus was hurt during the accident. Not only he broke his wing, but he lost his left eye. His wing healed, but not perfectly. Coupled with the eye injury, Gale was shamed and broken. He knew he could never make it into the Wonderbolts now.
The pegasuse moved back to Canterlot, pondering the meaning of his life. He was rescued from his depression by his old schoolmate, Fleur. The pony shared his dream of joining the Royal Guard and insisted Gale would be a welcome addition as well. Reluctantly, Gale agreed.
The two friends trained together, quickly rekindling the almost-forgotten friendship of their youth. Eventually, they both got admitted, being mistaken for brothers at times.
Even with a promising career in the Guard, Gale sometimes still finds himself thinking what life could have been were it not for his injury.
Could he have been a Wonderbolt?

Would he have won the race?

But more importantly, would Fleur still become his best friend?

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A unicorn in ponyville by the name of Violet has just gotten out of magic school for gifted unicorns. Upon checking out a mysterious book left behind by a stranger she helps escape the Everfree forest.....

I take constructive critism, if you please.

Chapters (2)

It's Villain's Day... a day Celestia and Luna have decided that would be one day where even the villains could feel like actual ponies, and not villains.
(Using two other Oc's as villians as well...)
Dr. Frigit

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