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This folder is for Clopfics and Grimdarks- And I mean HARD-CORE stories. This group is for the best, sickest fanfics ever written. Here's how it works:

-Rated X folder: This folder is for stories that contain strong sexual content and/or very strong descriptions of violence and gore.
-Rated XX folder: This folder is for extremely explicit stories with intense prolonged sexual content and/or disturbing descriptions of extreme violence and gore.
-Rated XXX folder: This is the folder where the sickest of the sickest fanfics go. Only post stories in this folder if they contain explicit detailed descriptions of extremely sexual content and/or detailed descriptions of extreme disturbing violence, such as descriptions of carnage or mass murder.

Those are the rules for the folders of this group. Think your story is sick enough to go in one of these folders? Did you find a story you think is sick enough? Post it here!

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Is it possible to get a more detailed description of what goes into which folder here?
I do have a few stories that I think may go into XX/XXX, but would enjoy some further help on exactly which goes where.

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