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Scootaloo has never touched the sky
Diamond is losing the ability to fly
They laugh, cry, and wonder why
Those nights on Horlick's Hill

Just a place to stick all my dialog practice between my OC and Scootaloo. No actual story here, just two dumb kids, talking about everything and nothing on a hill in the middle of warm summer nights. Sometimes Funny. Sometimes Sad.

Each night is its own separate little conversation. There's no real thread holding these together, Just a bunch of random conversations that really don't lead anywhere. So, seriously, don't expect much out of this.
Or anything at all.

Something I tend to work on late at night, when I can't sleep. This way I don't keep clogging my blog with these dialogs. They're all 3 am Rarity shorts.
Will be updated periodically.

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 30 )

Yay!! I've been looking forward to seeing these stories!

And now I've got the Feels:rainbowkiss:


Not crying...too much lovely...don't cry...:raritycry:

That was...just...precious!

Pretty poem. Really captures Diamond's feelings for Luna.

SoL sounds interesting. I like Scoots' and Diamond's sisterly dynamic.

Awww!! I've always thought of them as sister, at least in spirit, and now it's true! I know Scoots will most certainly help Diamond find her parents, and the two of them will always have each other, no matter what they go through!

Aw, poor Scoots. Glad Diamond cheered her up.

"She promised she'd make the trip to come see me if I got all A's on my report card this semester, D. She promised. Where is she? Huh?! Where is she?! She's not here! I don't see her! I did it. I worked my tail off but I did it and she isn't here! She couldn't even write me a lousy letter?! What's it supposed to take?! WHAT?! Scootaloo barked into the night.

That promise is disturbing. A parents presence should never be contingent on a child's school performance. Even if a child has been naughty and been sent to the corner or their room the parent should still be available.

But Scoots' parents really are that bad.

Poor Diamond. Scoots is a good friend.

Diamond's a nice mix of vulnerable, but tough.

She could use the star to wish her aunts don't punish her.

That was so heart wrenching! I just ached for both of them. I thought of friends I'd had to leave and remembered how much it hurt.

I hope they don't ever forget their friendship. I hope there is a better ending than mine were.

Well done, Rarity. You made all this seem so real and raw and I could feel their conflict and pain. You really brought out all those emotions!

Will Diamond ever meet her mother? Or...is her mom no longer with us?

This was funny.

Pony Jesus...was he turned to glue for Equestria's sins?

(I'd go to Hell if there were one).

Beautifully written, as always, dear Lady! You made Diamonds' anguish at her loss so very heartbreaking. And her joy at being reunited with her best friend was expressed with all the joy of coming in from a long, cold night into the warm embrace (literally!) of perfect friendship! Well done, Rarity!

Days had passed since Diamond had peered up at the stars. Weeks had passed since she'd made any wishes. A month passed by since she visited the hill. There really wasn't any point. It had started as an excuse for Diamond to steal a break from the evenings demands and feed her obsession with starts, but once Scootaloo had started joining her, it had become an excuse for Diamond to hang out with her best friend. Her only real friend. Now she had no excuse at all to journey towards the hill late at night. She could look at stars anywhere she wanted during the evening. The hill was no longer special and the magic had all been drained away. Still, once again, Diamond found herself trudging along the dirt path towards Horlick's Hill. It was habit, she was certain, almost as certain as the dull ache that throbbed miserably inside of her.

*Obsession with stars?

Awww, this was sweet! Diamond's anguish was painful and I loved the reunion.

Scoots and Diamond are definitely the best of friends. Only best friends can talk to you about any idea you come up with and care enough to talk you out of it. But you know they always have your back!

I'm glad you're writing again and write about my favorite filly, Diamond!

That was nice. Went from insanely hilarious to serious to heartwarming. Loving Scoot's support of Diamond.

I have a good idea what Scoots is planning and I hope so much that Silver likes Diamond, too and isn't mean to her. Diamond deserves someone nice and 'Cause Scoots will probably lose her in the Everfree if she isn't.

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