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A series of dangerous and deadly accidents begin to befall Ponyville. Normally, something Twilight would chalk up to simple coincidence
Only Twilight is beginning to suspect foul play going on.
What's worse, is she's beginning to suspect Pinkie Pie.
And there is something very wrong with Pinkie Pie

*3 AM Rarity Short*

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by what, dear?

I'm not sure if you are going to finish this '3am story' (I can understand starting something as a pressure release and not always needing to finish it) but I have Favourited it anyway.

Struggles... And pushing oneself.... Aye.

Oh, Pinkie...what did you do?

probably something terrible

AWESOME setup, especially for a horror story! We have a character, and a sense of wrongness, an atmosphere that immediately puts us off that few people can achieve! Very much looking forward to this continuing!

Now... Is Pinkie responsible, or is she why nopony was killed...?

What does it do to a mind to always know when something bad is going to happen?

My bet would be that her pinkie sense tells her about this, and she’s taking it as a responsibility to stop it.

*Added to bookshelf*

I have to wonder, with Pinkies ability to know about things before hand, is she constantly in the alert now? Does she a a responsibility to stop things from happening? Has it become more than wanting to help and changed into a need?

The mind can twist thoughts in strange ways. Poor Pinkie! I hope they can help her before she self destructs.

This is interesting, and yet I dread what will come. Still, I'm eagerly waiting for more.

Eagerly waiting for further developments.

Twilight? Sweetie? I think helping your friend takes precedence over a FUCKING SHOWER!

Nice Billy Joel reference

This is getting intense! I love the way you're building this up and foreshadowing so many events! This is quite terrifying!

Piqued. I want to know.

I'm thinking her pinkie sense is starting to malfunction, and while normally she is the one to prevent them, she is now unable. She feels responsible and is pushing herself to a breaking point to try and prevent them futilely.

That's kind of what I'm thinking. She's seeing things that are too *big* to stop, though she probably *is* responsible for saving some ponies - after all, the ash.

Oh, Pinkie...please be alright...

Poor Pinkie... I just know she didn't do this...did she?!

Can't wait to see it from Pinkie’s perspective.

This is becoming disturbingly scary.

I like it!

"Imagine, for a moment, the unbearable weight of knowing everything. Everything. And not being able to change it."

I imagine such could drive a person insane.

The need to know, it burns.

Hey wait a minute that's not cool

This story has now become my Jones.

I'm very much enjoying this!!


I was thrilled when Twilight finally figured out whatmight be going on.

I was unnerved by Pinkies sudden appearance and terrified when she attacked Twilight and drugged her. And the ominous tone Pinkie spoke with and all the little clues are start to come together.

But...Is Pinkie truly mad enough to hurt anypony?

Precognition. Did not see that coming.

Bravo! Keep it up.

The fear and tension just keep building!

It's terrifying!

Well, that's Pinkies logic...when she's so exhausted, what else would she think to do?

Like she said, no one would listen.

I hope somepony does.

Seems a little dark. But I was worried about something else.

Tis a dark tag for that reason

I was worried it'd delve into self harm such as cutting.

You may want to stop reading this story. :twilightsheepish:

I've gone too far to quit now. I need to know.

i cant see how this will end well.

Neither do I. . . :applecry:

As someone who suffered 20% burns a year ago from a leaky petrol lawnmower, I am very worried for Twilight...

Petrol (gasoline) vapourises. The air explodes.
You don't even need to be near the nasty flammable liquid when something sparks.

You can't have her in there when Pinkie lights it up.
If she can smell it, she will burn.

either twilight or pinkie or both will probably end up looking either a little crispy or a little smoky after all is said and done. and by the looks of it it looks like it going to be twilight ends up with that out come and the will be a very sad grief-stricken pinkamina by the end of all this.

As someone who has played with gas fires, this is true

Sitting on pins and needles.

well this definitely ended much happier than i expected

Thank goodness! Taut story all around.

Way happier than expected, thankfully! Loved the story all the way, though I kinda miss the air of creepiness it had in the beginning. I like the direction you went, but the creepiness kinda lost something with a concrete explanation.

But all in all, wonderful work!

This was such an intense and gut-twisting story, building tension from the very beginning to the dramatic ending!

This was a great and terrifying look at what might happen to Pinkie because of her gift of prediction and you wrote it perfectly, Rarity. Well done!

im so glad i was wrong about what i said in the last chapter.

It was an okay read.
You've done better, but this is still great in its own right.

You covered a lot of little things other peeps miss, can't think of what rights now, but you're a good writer.

Well, not every story is going to be a Home Run, as they say, but I AM glad you enjoyed the tale!:heart:

Are you ok tho? You mentioned this happened to you.

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