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Swan Song



  One sunny afternoon while walking in the park, Scootaloo suddenly decides to hug Sweetie Belle unprompted. As the minutes pass, it becomes clear that she has no immediate desire to let go. This leads the girls into a few awkward chuckles, some light ribbing, a long rambling conversation about everything and nothing... and an unexpected heart-to-heart as two very close friends confide some of their insecurities together, taking solace in the powerful trust and love they share for each other. Shortly followed by some more awkwardness.

A light, experimental, dialogue-only exploration of the social motivations that drive platonic physical affection. In other words: pure undistilled friendshipping fluff.
You have been warned.
Cover uses artwork by Megarexetera and NekoColonThree.
Inspired by Harmony Pie's "How to Hug an Alicorn".

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Cute little story. Really enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Aw, look at lil' Scoots. She's so confused.


platonic physical affection.

Well, then.

“...No, Scootaloo. I wouldn't buy an Audi.”

You philistine.

7204755 Well, they are talking about romance :T

An interesting premise, to be sure. Though, more interestingly, not a single break in dialogue could be found. It's an interesting choice, to tell a story without background exposition or detail—and I must applaud you for handling it quite nicely. Very cool and cute indeed.

This whole time I was imagining this conversation and seeing them talking and Scoots not letting go of Sweetie Belle! LOVED IT!!!:yay:

Friendshipping. I like it

is fluff
so fluff

You can't blame me for having reservations.
If I found an alcoholic friend drinking and told me it's ok because it's non-alcoholic, I'd still be suspicious.

7204879 This is "alcoholic" in the same way that the beer-basted fish tacos from Del Taco are "alcoholic".

Can't know for sure if I don't try it myself, can I? :duck:

Sneak hugs have +1d6 damage.

“Yeah, okay. That's just the only way to handle you, I guess. Roll with it.”
“Heck yeah. ‘Rollin’ around at the speed of sound—’”

- Oh my god, it found me ! I don't know how but it found me ! RUN FOR IT MARTY !
- What ? What ?
- What do you think ? DAT F*CKING SONG !

Inspired by Harmony Pie's "How to Hug an Alicorn"

:raritystarry:. Aww!

I am so reading this when I get the chance:heart:

Umm, how do you add other people's stories to groups?:twilightblush:Do you know how?

Very cute, very honest and incredibly wonderful. This is true friendship!

A very cute piece of dialogue fluff, which alone earns the like. But the way you made it flow earns it the favorite. :pinkiesmile:

And, ha! Bubbly:derpytongue2:. Thanks for the shout out, Swan Song!:pinkiehappy: *squee* I really liked this story, it was so friendshippy:raritystarry:

7207371 awesome romance fic you got here. i like your style

“Apple Bloom, what are you doing here and why are you dressed up as Sweetie Belle.”

That is genuinely one of my favourite lines from any fic ever. I loved this fic.

Favorited for cuteness overload and mutual love of the Super Hornet, an excellent combat aircraft.

Well good. You should always feel safe around me.”
“Well, except when I fart.”

Excuse me while I go die of laughter

I see. So this is what you do when you aren't helping Blood Rite take over Equestria or mooning over Ranma. Interesting. You really are evil.

This story was awesomely written and super frickin cute.

I thought to myself as Sweetie revealed her crush "well at least it isn't Diamond Tiara". Then I gave myself a wicked self high five.

Anyway great story friend. :ajsmug:

The best part was when they talked about aircraft jets and gold digging.

Aw. This was all lovely. :twilightsmile:

Good job keeping the reader in the know as to who was speaking at any one time, as well. That's a tricky thing to pull off in all-dialogue pieces.

Reading this again, and it's still amazing. My laughter is building up inside of me at 11:30 pm in the dark. :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful, Swan just absolutely beautiful.:raritystarry:

This was cute and fluffy, and for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Regarding the experimental style, I could usually tell who was supposed to be talking at any time. This is a mark in its favor, except that it came at the cost of having realistic dialogue. The main way that the dialogue was kept identifiable was by having them say the other character's name over an over, something that people don't really do in a situation like that. If I'm talking to a friend of mine and no one else is there, there's a good chance that we'll never use each others' names, because we already know them. So if anything, this experiment simply highlighted the necessity of what it's missing.

All the pictures in this story are broken.

Also, she's way older than me, so what the heck.

"Squirt, I'm like two years older than you."
"I know! You're like this unfathomably ancient guru of wisdom and awesomeness."

In any case, I wish I'd read this earlier, but I'm glad I finally got to it. Wonderful friendshipping all around. Thank you for it.

I wanted to give it a thumb up, but I'm giving it a thumb down and I'll tell you why.

The story itself is fine, minor a few lines I didn't enjoy much. The problem is... false advertising. Everything points to a Scootabelle shipping story, the title, the cover, the description, the tags. Everything, but the story has none of it. It's pure friendship, which wouldn't bother me if it weren't for, as I said, the false advertising. You have skill, you really do, but please, don't mislead people :fluttershysad:

I appreciate bucking the stereotypes and making Sweetie Belle sapphic but Scoots not 👍

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