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  One sunny afternoon while walking in the park, Scootaloo suddenly decides to hug Sweetie Belle unprompted. As the minutes pass, it becomes clear that she has no immediate desire to let go. This leads the girls into a few awkward chuckles, some light ribbing, a long rambling conversation about everything and nothing... and an unexpected heart-to-heart as two very close friends confide some of their insecurities together, taking solace in the powerful trust and love they share for each other. Shortly followed by some more awkwardness.

A light, experimental, dialogue-only exploration of the social motivations that drive platonic physical affection. In other words: pure undistilled friendshipping fluff.
You have been warned.
Cover uses artwork by Megarexetera and NekoColonThree.
Inspired by Harmony Pie's "How to Hug an Alicorn".

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After months of anticipation and fear, the war with Gryphos has finally reached Ponyville, shattering the fragile peace. Scootaloo and the other Crusaders, now separated from their families in the chaos, have holed up in the Golden Oak Library, hoping to ride out the war until it passes.
But they aren't soldiers; they're just kids, with few survival skills to speak of and who barely know how to defend themselves. With bandits and looters roaming the streets and no end to the fighting in sight, the constant struggle to survive becomes desperate as each day demands ever more from the inexperienced fillies and their dwindling supplies.
What will they do when their food runs out? Will the shells ever stop falling? And what deeds will they be forced to commit if it means they can survive just one more day?

Written for the More Most Dangerous Game contest, prompt #5: "In an Equestria devastated by an apocalyptic war, the few that remain try their best to survive or rebuild—however they can."

Also written in a single day, and it shows. You have been warned.

Artwork: "Out of the Ashes, a New Story To Be Told" by Huussii, and "Cutie Mark Crusaders Adventure" by aruurara.

Loosely inspired by the basic concept of "This War of Mine," a simulation game that depicts civilian life in a warzone. It shares no story, character, setting, or plot details, and is thus not a crossover.

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For years, Sweetie Belle has secretly been turning to video games for relief from her insecurities. Now a talented member of an elite team of gamers from around the world, she has come to rely on her new friends for companionship and support as she bears the rising pressures of her coming-of-age.

But when a sudden gaming cutie mark reveals her secret to everyone she knows, she's forced to contend with her uncertainties over what it means for her future, along with a fresh wave of bullying at school, jealousy from her childhood friends, and mounting expectations from her family.

As she takes her first unsteady steps into adulthood, she may learn she's not the only one hiding a secret, and that her journey to self-discovery isn't one she walks alone.

A story about how kids raised in the age of the Internet have come to rely on online communities to escape from society's expectations for them and achieve the best, most authentic versions of themselves.

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⚜ This story complies only with canon up until the end of Season 2. ⚜

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